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#112 : La disparition de Cal

Lorsque Cal est porté disparu, Ben & Grace se lancent dans des recherches dangereuses qui les mènent dans les montagnes reculées du nord de New York. Ils découvrent une piste grâce aux dessins prémonitoires de Cal. Michaela, entre temps, confronte Autumn et la mystérieuse Major fait enfin son apparition.


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Titre VO
Vanishing Point

Titre VF
La disparition de Cal

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Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Steve Stone (Malachy Cleary)

Steve Stone (Malachy Cleary)

Olive & son grand-père

Olive & son grand-père

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Olive Stone (Luna Blaise)

Olive Stone (Luna Blaise)

Michaela, Jared & Autumn (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela, Jared & Autumn (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela agresse Autumn

Michaela agresse Autumn

Ben & Grace Stone cherche leur fils (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Ben & Grace Stone cherche leur fils (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Ben & Grace Stone cherchent leur fils (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Ben & Grace Stone cherchent leur fils (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Ben & Grace Stone (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Ben & Grace Stone (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Ben & Grace Stone (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Ben & Grace Stone (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)


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Plus de détails

Scénaristes : Jeff Rake et Gregory Nelson
Réalisateur : Millicent Shelton
Melissa Roxburgh ... Michaela Stone
Josh Dallas ... Ben Stone
Athena Karkanis ... Grace Stone
J.R. Ramirez ... Jared Vasquez
Parveen Kaur ... Saanvi Bahl
Jack Messina ... Cal Stone
Luna Blaise ... Olive Stone
Matt Long ... Zeke Landon
Elizabeth Marvel ... The Major
Shirley Rumierk ... Autumn Cox
Malachy Cleary ... Steve Stone
Brandon Schraml ... Jansen
Justin A. Davis ... Lieutenant Sandford
Lisa Ferreira ... Détective Jackson

Ben Stone: No, no, no, no. I said no police, damn it.


Officer: Whoa, whoa. Sir, sir.

Ben Stone: No, no, no, no. I-I'm Ben Stone. Thi... This is my house, my family...

Officer: Calm down. Let me see some I.D.


Olive Stone: He's, uh... He's small, and he's been really... He's been really sick. I have a photo.


Jackson: These are just elimination prints.

Grace Stone: Mm-hmm. Thank you.

Jackson: Mrs. Stone, does your son have a history of running away?

Grace Stone: No, no. Uh, well, he did go off once recently.

Jackson: Anything going on at home that might make him want to leave?

Grace Stone: His father moved out two weeks ago.

Jackson: That's Benjamin Stone?

Grace Stone: Yes.

Jackson: Who was with Cal on Flight 828?

Grace Stone: Yes, yes, but they talk every day. They see each other all the time. Cal didn't go off to see Ben. Something must've happened.

Jackson: Any sense of what that might be? Mrs. Stone, are you aware of someone that might want to harm Cal?

Grace Stone: No. But his father thinks...

Ben Stone: Grace. Grace. Oh, my God.

Jackson: Mr. Stone.

Ben Stone: Yes?

Jackson: Your ex-wife was about to...

Grace Stone: No, we're... We're still married.

Jackson: Your wife was about to share a theory of yours about someone who might want to harm your son.

Ben Stone: Well, Cal has been a bit of a celebrity since we came back, a lot of unwanted attention, but... No, nothing specific.

Jackson: Mr. Stone, can you tell me your whereabouts this evening?

Ben Stone: I was with my sister,

Grace Stone: No, this has nothing to do with Ben.

Ben Stone: Detective Michaela Stone.

Grace Stone: I can assure you.


Autumn Cox: Michaela, what are you doing here?

Michaela Stone: Where is he? Where is he?!

Autumn Cox: Who?

Michaela Stone: Don't mess with me, Autumn. Where's Cal?

Autumn Cox: Michaela, I swear to you, I have zero idea what you're talking about!

Michaela Stone: We know that you're the mole, Autumn. We know that you have been working with the Major, whoever the hell that is. So if you don't have Cal here, I'm guessing the Major does. You are gonna tell me exactly where he is.

Autumn Cox: Michaela, you have to believe me.

Michaela Stone: The hell I do. You have been lying to us since the moment you got here. We brought you in, Autumn. We protected you.

Autumn Cox: Michaela, I don't know what you're talking about.


Michaela Stone: Olive, what's up?

Olive Stone: Hey. The cops. They think it's Dad. You need to come.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I'll be right there.


Michaela Stone: You, too. Come on.

Autumn Cox: You've got it all wrong.


Soldier: Police activity at the Ben Stone residence. The call was for a missing child.

Jansen: You've been monitoring the chatter?

Soldier: They've got an ECT team on site. They're canvassing the neighbourhood.

Jansen: They'll focus on the family first. Monitor the situation and report back. I need to keep her apprised.

Soldier: Copy. Go in closer.


Michaela Stone: Hey, can you keep an eye on her?

Officer: Yes, ma'am.


Ben Stone: We never should've called the cops.

Grace Stone: Who doesn't call the cops when their child goes missing?

Ben Stone: I know. It sounds... Bu-But the people who I think are behind this are higher up on the food chain... Way higher. We-We're playing into their hands by having the cops here.

Grace Stone: What does that even mean?

Michaela Stone: Hey. Um, I have Autumn in the car. She's denying everything.

Ben Stone: Of course she is.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

Grace Stone: Who's Autumn? Is she involved in this?

Michaela Stone: We think so. She's a passenger from 828.

Ben Stone: We're all but certain the Major sent her to spy on us.

Grace Stone: The Major?

Ben Stone: I-I'm sorry. She's been secretly investigating Flight 828, the passengers... Us.

Grace Stone: What does she want with our son?

Michaela Stone: Grace, you know that ever since the flight, we have been hearing things, some of us seeing things.

Grace Stone: And this is happening to Cal?

Ben Stone: In a sense. But he seems to be experiencing them more strongly than anyone else.

Grace Stone: Why wouldn't you tell me this?

Ben Stone: I-I'm sorry. I...

Michaela Stone: Ben was trying to protect you, Grace. We thought that they were dangerous to you, to non-passengers.

Ben Stone: When we shared the details, it got people killed.

Michaela Stone: It happened to the friends of this other passenger.

Ben Stone: Harvey Stein.

Michaela Stone: It almost happened to Jared.

Ben Stone: But it didn't, so, now we think... Hope... That it was a... Tragic fluke.

Grace Stone: Okay, the era of you protecting me, that's over. If you know something that will help us find Cal, I want to hear about it. Ben, I would rather die than not do everything in my power to save our son.

Ben Stone: We somehow think the Major knows about Cal.

Grace Stone: Knows what, exactly?

Ben Stone: That he draws things.

Grace Stone: Yeah.

Ben Stone: And sometimes, the things that he draws, they've happened already, but he couldn't have known. Other times, they haven't happened yet, and when they do...

Grace Stone: What... What do you mean he draws them?


Ben Stone: Look. This is Thomas. He was a stowaway on 828. Cal knew... Knew his name, even where he was hiding… And this is a place where we found a group of missing passengers… And this...

Grace Stone: Is that...?

Ben Stone: Us. Right now.

Grace Stone: Now what?


Grace Stone: God, he looks terrified.

Ben Stone: Yeah, but just because he drew it doesn't necessarily mean that...

Grace Stone: You said yourself all these other drawings came true. Why shouldn't we assume the same of this one?

Michaela Stone: Wait, wait, wait. There's more pages, guys.

Grace Stone: Is that the Major?

Ben Stone: Maybe. I don't know.

Michaela Stone: Okay. There's got to be something else in there.

Grace Stone: There's a page missing.

Ben Stone: Maybe he took it with him.

Michaela Stone: Or someone stole it. Autumn, sh-she was at the apartment with Cal. She... Was looking at his sketches. So if she's got the page, I'll get it back.

Ben Stone: Wait. All these... trees, lake, rocks. I think he left us a map.

Michaela Stone: It looks like upstate, but where?

Grace Stone: Wait. Go back. I recognize this. Last summer, I was in Tannersville in the Catskills, the Town Square. This flagpole, the statue under the steeple of the church... It looked just like this.

Ben Stone: You're positive?

Grace Stone: No, it's a crayon drawing. I'm not positive, but it could be.

Ben Stone: Then we should get up there. I mean, if you're right, the other drawings could be landmarks that'll show up.

Grace Stone: What about the 19 cops in our house?

Ben Stone: No, they can't know any of this. We have to assume the Major has eyes and ears up and down law enforcement. We have to get rid of them.

Grace Stone: How?

Michaela Stone: Let me make a call.


Jared Vasquez: Grace. Ben. Hey, Cal's fine. He's fine. He's with Steve.

Grace Stone: Oh, my God. Did you talk to him?

Jared Vasquez: Yeah, I just saw him. He's fast asleep. Steve had his phone off. He had no idea we'd be calling.

Grace Stone: Oh, God. Thank you.

Jared Vasquez: Yeah. Hey, Chris.

Jackson: Hey.

Jared Vasquez: I didn't know you were working this case. I'm friends with the family, so I thought I'd help out.

Jackson: False alarm?

Jared Vasquez: Yeah, kid's with his grandfather. You know, the whole family, they've been a bit edgy since the plane came back. I think they just jumped to the worst-case scenario.

Jackson: You sure about this? That picture was taken today?

Jared Vasquez: Yeah, 10 minutes ago.

Jackson: Okay, well, good news, then.

Jared Vasquez: Great news.

Jackson: Mm. All right, guys, wrap it up. False alarm.

Ben Stone: Thanks so much.

Grace Stone: I'm so sorry.

Jackson: I'm just glad your son is safe.

Grace Stone: Thank you.


Michaela Stone: Thank you.

Jared Vasquez: Yeah, no biggie. Just my career.

Michaela Stone: We have a suspect in the car. We think that she knows where Cal went. We can take her in and work that angle.

Jared Vasquez: You want to take a kidnapping suspect into the precinct after I just told half the NYPD there's no missing kid?

Michaela Stone: She has tons of open warrants from before 828. Once we get her in the box, we can ask her whatever we want.

Olive Stone: Uh, no, we're sending the cops away why?

Ben Stone: Because we know more than they do. Trust me. All right, Grace and I are gonna start the drive up to Tannersville. We'll look for Cal's clues along the way.

Michaela Stone: Hey, borrow a car. Anything registered to you is gonna tip off the Major by the time you hit the first tollbooth.

Ben Stone: All right. What is it?

Grace Stone: Uh... Danny has a truck.

Ben Stone: Then let's go get it.

Grace Stone: I'll text him.

Olive Stone: I want to help.

Ben Stone: You're home base. Grandpa's on his way. Lock the door. Open for him but nobody else. If either one of you sees anything or hears anything, you call us ASAP. Hey, we're gonna find him, all right? This is gonna be okay… Lock the door.


Ben Stone: So, this is his other vehicle?

Grace Stone: He's outdoorsy. He has a lot of gear.

Radio: Expect low, frigid temperatures for the next four days. An hours-long high-speed chase throughout the boroughs ended in tragedy early this morning. The driver, the primary suspect in a brazen double homicide and theft of an armoured car, plunged the stolen vehicle into the East River.

Ben Stone: Well, at least for once, it's not about Flight 828... We should keep it on. We might hear something helpful.

Grace Stone: If there's news, Michaela will have it first… I need to think.


Michaela Stone: When you supposedly escaped, why'd you go to Ben, of all people? Okay, how about this one, then? You and I have not hung out once since you've shown up. Then, all of a sudden, you're knocking on my door when Cal just so happens to be there. And now Cal is in danger... I think because of you. I also think that you took a page out of Cal's sketchbook. You know, for a con artist, your poker face sucks hard. I need the page, Autumn. You're gonna tell me where it is. A boy's life is on the line.

Autumn Cox: Even if I knew something, I could never tell you. She'd find out. She would know.

Michaela Stone: What does she have on you, Autumn? It can't just be about a few old identity-theft warrants.

Autumn Cox: It's not just about me.

Michaela Stone: What does that mean? Autumn, who else is it about?


Soldier: NYPD left the Stone residence, but so have Grace and Ben Stone. We're tracking their vehicle, but it's been stationary for a while. They may have swapped cars.

Jansen: Get some bodies in the field. Generate a list of potential vehicles... Family members, colleagues, friends.

Soldier: That's not all. Autumn Cox is in police custody.

Jansen: It's Jansen. I need to speak to the Major. It's urgent.


Grace Stone: This is it... Tannersville.

Ben Stone: The statue, the steeple, the flagpole... It all matches.

Grace Stone: This is incredible. He drew every last detail.

Ben Stone: Let's park back there, show his picture around.


Michaela Stone: How many years ago was that? Can you spell that last name? Yeah, and... And do they have an address? Great. Thank you. You've been a lot of help.

Jared Vasquez: How are you cold? They just jacked the heat up in here.

Michaela Stone: I don't know, but listen. That was Social Services. Autumn had a kid, a daughter. She's 8 years old, which means she was a toddler when the plane disappeared.

Jared Vasquez: Really?

Michaela Stone: She already lost custody due to a prison stint back in 2011, but the woman that she asked me to track down, Clarissa Ford? It turns out that that's the kid's foster mom.

Jared Vasquez: Does she still have the kid?

Michaela Stone: No, she was adopted out four years ago, but that's who she's talking about, Jared. "It's not just about me." She's talking about her kid. The... The Major must've tracked her down.

Jared Vasquez: That's her leverage.

Michaela Stone: So Autumn spies on the passengers, and in return, the Major reunites her with her daughter. That's why she's so scared. She doesn't want to do anything that might jeopardi...

Jared Vasquez: Yeah?

Michaela Stone: We've tracked down the kid, too, so we can make a deal with Autumn.

Jared Vasquez: Well, we better move fast. The Feds just voided her warrants.

Michaela Stone: What are you talking about?

Jared Vasquez: Whoever this Major is, she's pulling strings. It's only a matter of time before we have to cut Autumn loose.


Grace Stone: Excuse me.

Ben Stone: Hi.

Grace Stone: Hi, there. Hi. We're looking for our son. Did you see him?

Ben Stone: Excuse me, sir, his name is Cal. Excuse, me, sir, hi. No?

Grace Stone: My son is lost. Did you maybe see... no?

Ben Stone: Sir, have you seen this little boy?

Grace Stone: Please, I-I-I'm looking for this boy. His name is Cal.


Autumn Cox: You have no idea what it's like, knowing your child is this close and not being able to see her, begging this woman...

Michaela Stone: The Major.

Autumn Cox: I told her that Cal was special, that somehow he knew things he shouldn't have known.

Michaela Stone: Cal's sketchbook... You tore a page out of it, a picture of where he was going. You sold out another child to get your own.

Autumn Cox: I didn't give her the drawing. I swear to you.

Michaela Stone: Autumn, you can make this right still. I can help you see your child.

Autumn Cox: Do you know where she is?

Michaela Stone: I know exactly where she is, but you have to help us find Cal first.

Autumn Cox: I can't take the risk. If the Major finds out, I don't know what she'll do.

Jared Vasquez: We're out of time, Mick. Captain wants to kick her. You know we cannot keep her without federal warrants.

Michaela Stone: Give me one more minute… Flight 828... It happened for a reason. I believe that it brought us together so that we could help each other, trust each other. Autumn, look at me… Do you really think you can trust the Major?


Steve Stone: Sweetheart, why don't you come downstairs? I made us some soup.

Olive Stone: This can't be happening again. This is exactly how I felt the last time.

Steve Stone: Hey, come here. Huh? Your parents are on this. They're not gonna stop until they find him. Mm?

Olive Stone: And neither am I. I can feel him, just like the last time. I think he's in danger and he's terrified and it's like he's trying to send me, like... Oh, my God.

Steve Stone: What is it?

Olive Stone: There's this secret place, a ledge. When... When we were little, we used to leave messages for each other… Grandpa.

Steve Stone: Son of a gun.

Olive Stone: Cal didn't want Mom and Dad to know he took off. Oh, my God. He wanted me to find this.

Steve Stone: Well, they need to know now. We need to send this to your parents.


Grace Stone: I just can't help but think that if we'd been living under the same roof, then Cal wouldn't be missing right now.

Ben Stone: You're right, but that doesn't mean you should start blaming yourself.

Grace Stone: Actually, I wasn't, but it kind of sounds like you're blaming me.

Ben Stone: No, no, no. I'm agreeing with you. I'm blaming us.

Grace Stone: Do you think that I want to be separated?

Ben Stone: Grace, you kicked me out.

Grace Stone: And you went with zero objection because you knew that you had put your need to save every other passenger on that plane ahead of the needs of your family.

Ben Stone: Grace, everything I've done has been for you and the kids.

Grace Stone: I get that, Ben, but you went too far. Where are the other 190 passengers sacrificing their families? Oh, my God.

Ben Stone: Thank you, Olive.

Grace Stone: "I left"?

Ben Stone: It's definitely his writing.

Grace Stone: So he wasn't taken? Could he have travelled here all by himself?

Ben Stone: It's possible. When he showed up to Red Hook, he took the subway by himself, and then he transferred to a city bus. It's like a-an instinct. He's following something.

Grace Stone: You're talking about the callings.

Ben Stone: He could've gone to the bus station, bought a ticket.

Grace Stone: Ben… Do you think they're looking for Cal?

Ben Stone: If they are, it's a good sign. Means they don't have him. At least, not yet.


Jansen: The Catskills, really?

Soldier: The boy was seen at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. He boarded a Greyhound for...

Jansen: For Tannersville, New York?

Soldier: We're looking for him there.

Jansen: Well, something's happened. A 10-year-old boy doesn't just leave home in the middle of the night. His parents don't just lie to the police. Have we heard from Autumn Cox?

Soldier: Not yet, but she's been released by the NYPD, per your order.

Jansen: She's a smart woman. She'll call. Keep looking for the parents, but our focus is the boy. Whatever it takes.

Woman: Director, we've located the boy.


Grace Stone: I mean, it looks rustic. There's a stone fireplace, a lantern.

Ben Stone: So, we're looking for a cabin in the woods.

Grace Stone: We need the drawing that was torn out of the book, the exterior.

Ben Stone: Grace... Behind us.

Grace Stone: Are they following us?

Ben Stone: Hang on.

Grace Stone: How are we supposed to find Cal? We're just gonna lead them right to him.


Jansen: About time. Where are you?

Autumn Cox: I know where Cal Stone is.


Ben Stone: Grace.

Grace Stone: They're leaving. Where are they going?

Ben Stone: Maybe they found him.


Agent 1: No one.

Agent 2: He's not here.


Michaela Stone: Thanks for throwing them off the scent. You did the right thing, Autumn.

Autumn Cox: I hope so.

Jared Vasquez: Autumn, you need to be careful. She could easily be sending someone after you.

Autumn Cox: So I... I guess I should get going.

Michaela Stone: Your daughter. The name and address of your daughter's adoptive family… I know what it's like to come back and feel like you've lost everything, but bottoming out, it's a good thing. The only place you can go now is up. Autumn, do you have something for me?

Autumn Cox: Cal drew my daughter. That's why I ripped it out. I told no one, but somehow Cal knew my daughter existed. He even drew her crazy red hair… I'm so sorry... For everything.

Michaela Stone: Good luck… That's it. That's the key to finding Cal.


Ben Stone: That's Mick. Hey, Mick.

Michaela Stone: Hey, did you get the photo?

Grace Stone: Oh, thank God.

Ben Stone: Yeah, we're looking at it right now.

Grace Stone: I mean, it's a cabin in the woods. There's no mailbox, no street number.

Ben Stone: There's got to be something.

Michaela Stone: Okay, focus on the details. The trees... Maybe they're visible from the road.

Grace Stone: Wait, what's that in the distance behind the cabin?

Michaela Stone: On the top of the hill?

Grace Stone: Yeah, it's a structure of some kind.

Michaela Stone: I think it's a radio tower.

Ben Stone: Radio tower.

Grace Stone: Ben, I think we saw one. Yeah, we passed it earlier.

Michaela Stone: Hey, you guys, I'm coming up there. Wait for me, all right? If you find the cabin, do not go in there. Wait for me, all right? Just because we threw them off the trail doesn't mean they won't find him.

Ben Stone: We'll call if we can.


Michaela Stone: Hey, I need you to stay at the precinct.

Jared Vasquez: What? Why?

Michaela Stone: Because I might need you to research something or coordinate. I just...

Jared Vasquez: And I think I should be with you, Mick. You're looking for a missing kid. The more cops, the better. And like you said, it could be dangerous… You okay? Hey, Mick.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jared Vasquez: Was that a calling?

Michaela Stone: I'm not sure. Jared, I need to go up there on my own. You've been so helpful, and I am so grateful. Trust me. I can't explain why. I just do. I know. I'm sorry. I need you to stay.


Grace Stone: I'm pretty sure it was around here.

Ben Stone: So which way, right or left?

Grace Stone: I don't know. I'm sorry.

Ben Stone: It's okay.

Grace Stone: I want to say left, but if I'm wrong, then we're gonna waste time driving through these hills.

Ben Stone: Well, let's look at the drawing again. Maybe...

Grace Stone: What? What is it?

Ben Stone: Right or left? "I left."

Grace Stone: What?

Ben Stone: It's not an "I." I-I-It's a map. Look. Look, look. Look at this. That's the corner behind us, and now we're facing this junction. "Left" means "turn left." Cal's telling us how to find him.


Grace Stone: Oh, my God. Ben, this is it.

Ben Stone: Looks deserted.

Grace Stone: Stump, truck, and there's the radio tower… We're not waiting for Michaela.

Ben Stone: No kidding. Let's go. Cal?

Grace Stone: Cal. He's here. Cal! Cal. Cal. Cal, oh, my God. Oh, we were so worried.

Ben Stone: Are you okay? You're alone?

Cal Stone: Yeah.

Ben Stone: Is there anyone else here? Okay.

Grace Stone: Sweetie, how... How did you get here?

Cal Stone: I took a bus to Tannersville, got a ride with Max from the gas station, then I walked up from the road.

Grace Stone: I don't understand. Why? Why did you do this?

Cal Stone: This is where I'm supposed to be.

Ben Stone: It's okay. It's okay.

Grace Stone: Cal, sweetie, we're gonna take you home now, okay? We're gonna go home.

Cal Stone: I can't leave, he's coming.

Grace Stone: Cal.

Cal Stone: He's almost here.

Grace Stone: Who is? Who's almost here? What are you talking about?

Ben Stone: Did you get a calling, buddy, that told you to come here? Okay.

Grace Stone: Ben.

Ben Stone: To the back room.

Cal Stone: Dad! No, Dad, wait! It's him! It's him! Don't hurt him!


Grace Stone: Stay there… He's freezing cold. We got to get these wet clothes off and get a fire going.

Ben Stone: Cal, see if you can find a blanket or something. We got to keep him warm.

Cal Stone: I have a sleeping bag in my backpack.

Ben Stone: You brought all this from home?

Cal Stone: There's bandages, too.

Grace Stone: You somehow knew he would need all of this?

Cal Stone: I knew I had to help.

Ben Stone: Well, you did. You saved his life. Any idea who he is?

Grace Stone: Oh, honey, look at you. You're half-asleep already. Come on. Come lay down, sweetie.

Ben Stone: All right, hang in there.


Jansen: We had the parents, but we lost them. Our asset gave us false information.

The Major: Autumn? Did she? I'm surprised.

Jansen: We'll track her down.

The Major: Leave her be. We'll find her when we need her. And we don't know why the boy went upstate?

Jansen: No, ma'am. We can widen the search. We assume the parents found him.

The Major: They'll come back home before long. If I've learned anything running point for 22 years, there's no need to chase the enigma when it lives right in our backyard. We bide our time.

Jansen: Yes, Major.


The Major: I do like the view.

Imo Agent: It's spectacular. Anything that's happening in this city, you'll know about it. So, are you relocating, then, to New York?

The Major: It looks like I'll be spending some time here, yes.


Ben Stone: Hey, I talked to Olive. She sends Cal her love and a punch on the arm.

Grace Stone: I don't even know where to start.

Ben Stone: Like, who is this guy?

Grace Stone: O-Okay, sure. Let's start there.

Ben Stone: Your guess is as good as mine.

Grace Stone: He wasn't on the plane?

Ben Stone: No.

Grace Stone: Well, how can you be certain? There were over 190 passengers.

Ben Stone: Because I know the name and face of every single one of them. He's not on the manifest. He's somehow connected. Otherwise, Cal wouldn't have made those drawings or come all the way up here.

Grace Stone: Connected how? You have no idea?

Ben Stone: Zero. I don't know what he wants, if we can trust him… The callings are incredibly, frustratingly vague. You know, the best we can do is guess what they mean, what they want us to do.

Grace Stone: That's not exactly reassuring.

Ben Stone: Yeah, believe me.

Grace Stone: Okay, so what now?

Ben Stone: We watch, listen, because whatever the reason Cal came up here, whoever this guy is...

Grace Stone: It's important.

Ben Stone: The question is, are we supposed to help him or stop him? I know. I'm sorry. This is what it's been like.

Grace Stone: I'm sorry. You were trying to take care of us, all of us, all this time. I didn't see it.

Ben Stone: I didn't let you see it.

Grace Stone: I just wish you'd told me, Ben, everything from the beginning. It should never have even been a question.

Ben Stone: Even if it put you at risk?

Grace Stone: Even then. From now on... Everything.

Ben Stone: Everything.


Michaela Stone: Where's Cal?

Ben Stone: He's sleeping. Finally.

Michaela Stone: I, uh, took the scenic route after I saw government SUVs heading back to the city. Guess the Major called off the dogs.

Grace Stone: He's out of it. He collapsed as soon as he arrived.

Ben Stone: And no I.D. We don't know who he is or why Cal came to meet him.

Michaela Stone: Is this what he was wearing?

Ben Stone: Yeah.

Michaela Stone: The visions that I've been having.

Ben Stone: The blizzard?

Michaela Stone: It's the same jacket. Ben, it's... It's him.


Ben Stone: You think we're okay here? I mean, how long before we're back in the Major's sights?

Michaela Stone: I think we've got some time. The Major has to regroup, but we should keep watch… Ben, we're taking a risk. We should get him checked.

Ben Stone: No, I am not rushing him off to some hospital. The calling, or whatever the hell it is, has gone to some pretty extreme lengths to put us back in a room with him. I want to know why. Why is he in your visions? Why is my son coming all this way?

Michaela Stone: Okay, calm down.

Ben Stone: I'm texting with Saanvi. He's hypothermic. We're treating it. He's gonna pull through. If he becomes agitated or unresponsive, we're to call 911.

Michaela Stone: So, Cal?

Ben Stone: It's just like when he appeared at the warehouse. He couldn't tell us anything. He just somehow knew to come here and apparently bring all the necessary supplies.

Michaela Stone: The Major knows about Cal, about his abilities. Autumn told her.

Zeke Landon: You… You're her… Michaela?


Zeke Landon: I was hiking, and there was... There was a blizzard… I fell in some sort of, like, a... Like, some kind of cave. I didn't have much. I was burning literally everything I had trying to stay warm… And I had this magazine. And on the final page, it was like you were giving me your strength, willing me to live… How is it possible you're here?

Ben Stone: Uh... What's your name?

Zeke Landon: Zeke.

Ben Stone: Okay, Zeke, so you waited it out, the blizzard?

Zeke Landon: I got snowed in, packed. I couldn't feel my hands or my feet, but I just... I just kept picturing your face. And, I mean, it doesn't make sense. You were... You were dead. But I just kept repeating over and over, right out loud...

Michaela Stone: "Find her."

Zeke Landon: How did you...?

Michaela Stone: I had a vision of you. I heard you. I-I saw you.

Zeke Landon: I don't understand what's happening. You were on that plane. You died. How can you be here?

Michaela Stone: We came back. It was all over the news. You would've had to...

Ben Stone: Zeke, how long have you been out here?

Zeke Landon: About two weeks. I left at the beginning of December.

Michaela Stone: What year?

Zeke Landon: What?

Michaela Stone: What year did you leave?

Zeke Landon: What d... This year.

Ben Stone: Can I see that? Zeke, what year?

Zeke Landon: 2017. Guys, what the hell?

Michaela Stone: Zeke, it's 2018.

Ben Stone: You went on your hike one year ago.

Zeke Landon: That's impossible… It's been two weeks.

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Sevnol  (07.07.2019 à 00:03)

Top comme épisode, j'ai beaucoup aimé. Finalement, c'est peut-être bien celui-ci le meilleur épisode de la saison et non le précédent, à voir avec la suite désormais ^^ 

Les dessins de Caleb peuvent vraiment être déroutants et ça ferait presque peur même. 

Par contre, Grace, je la supporte définitivement plus. J'avais envie de la gifler quand elle dit à Ben "Mais pourquoi tu ne me l'as pas dit ?". Mais il n'a pas cessé de vouloir le faire, sauf que c'est elle qui ne voulait pas en entendre parler. Bref, j'ai trouvé ça vraiment abusé de sa part.

Maintenant, on sait que les passagers ne sont pas les seules personnes à avoir fait une sorte de bond dans le temps, le randonneur l'a aussi fait. Très étrange et ça donne envie de voir la suite !

Sas1608  (07.06.2019 à 21:50)

SeySey, alors comme tu dis pour la fin !!! Comprends pas Lol ! Hâte de voir la suite pour être plus éclairée.

SeySey  (07.06.2019 à 13:33)

Un de mes épisodes favori! La fin est juste....what the hell? ^^

Zeke est....bon continuez le visionnage aha

labelette  (07.06.2019 à 12:11)

L'intrigue s'épaissit, c'est tout à fait ça ! Les pssagers du vol 628 ne sont plus un cas isolé...

cartegold  (07.06.2019 à 08:45)

Cet épisode donne envue de voir la suite ! Ce randonneur m'intrigue. Est-il envoyé par le gouvernement et simule-t-il son bond dans le temps ? Ou alors a-t-il été pris dans une espèce de faille spatio tempoprelle au même titre que les passagers ?

L'intrigue s'épaissit !

labelette  (06.06.2019 à 22:57)
Un très bon épisode ! Les dessins de Caleb sont impressionnants (notamment celui avec ses parents et sa tante) et on comprend pourquoi Autumn a arraché la page. La fin de l'épisode est... pfiou ! Alors comme ça ils ne sont pas seuls ?


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