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#111 : Un pilote dans l'avion

Prêt à tout pour protéger son fils du Major, Ben suit l'appel de Cal afin de venir en aide au capitaine Daly, le pilote du vol 828, pour ainsi l'innocenter. Leurs recherches permettent de découvrir une conspiration, responsable de leur mystérieuse disparition. Entre temps, Michaela aide Autumn dans sa quête de rédemption, mais est-elle sincère ou reste-t-elle leur ennemie ?


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Un pilote dans l'avion

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1x11 | Promo (VO)


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Cal Stone (Jack Messina)

Cal Stone (Jack Messina)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Michaela & Ben Stone (Melissa Roxburgh & Josh Dallas)

Michaela & Ben Stone (Melissa Roxburgh & Josh Dallas)

Cal & le capitaine Bill Daly (Jack Messina & Franck Deal)

Cal & le capitaine Bill Daly (Jack Messina & Franck Deal)

Automn Cox (Shirley Rumierk)

Automn Cox (Shirley Rumierk)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Michaela & Ben Stone (Melissa Roxburgh & Josh Dallas)

Michaela & Ben Stone (Melissa Roxburgh & Josh Dallas)

Michaela & Ben Stone (Melissa Roxburgh & Josh Dallas)

Michaela & Ben Stone (Melissa Roxburgh & Josh Dallas)

Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh)


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Scénaristes : Marisol Alder
Réalisateur : Matthew Lau et Bobak Esfarjani
Melissa Roxburgh ... Michaela Stone
Josh Dallas ... Ben Stone
Athena Karkanis ... Grace Stone
J.R. Ramirez ... Jared Vasquez
Parveen Kaur ... Saanvi Bahl
Jack Messina ... Cal Stone
Luna Blaise ... Olive Stone
Shirley Rumierk ... Autumn Cox
Frank Deal ... Bill Daly
Francesca Faridany ... Fiona Clarke
Daryl Edwards ... Robert Vance
Bruce MacVittie ... Roger Mencin
H. Foley ... Harris
Brandon Schraml ... Jansen
Joseph Latimore ... Carl
Leajato Amara Robinson ... Co-pilote Amuta

Amuta: Miss anything?

Bill Daly: Oh, about 300 miles of glassy ocean. How's the cargo?

Amuta: Lady in 5-D wants a hypoallergenic blanket.

Bill Daly: Uh, did anybody point out that she's breathing recycled air full of skin cells and flatulence?

Amuta: You would make a horrible flight attendant.

Bill Daly: I'm a cowboy, Amuta. Plane's my horse, and the sky an open desert.

Amuta: What the... Center, this is MA 828. We got a bit of unplanned turbulence up here.

Bill Daly: Where the hell did that come from?

Amuta: It wasn't on any of the charts.


Stewart: It's okay. Every... Please.


Bill Daly: I've never seen anything like this. You?

Amuta: Never.

Bill Daly: Get over it. Up!

Amuta: Up!

Bill Daly: No time. I'm going through it.

Amuta: You're what?

Bill Daly: Accelerating airspeed to 300 knots.

Amuta: Are you sure about this?

Bill Daly: Maintaining a level altitude… Here we go.


Bill Daly: I didn't have a choice.

Robert Vance: The NTSB report tells another story. According to the ground telemetry, you made a series of unconventional maneuvers.

Bill Daly: You don't understand. There is no "conventional maneuver" when a storm appears right on top of you. And this storm was like nothing I've ever seen.

Robert Vance: Daly, people have been going over every aspect of this flight with a microscope for 5 1/2 years, looking into everything from the plane's maintenance reports to the last place each of the passengers had dinner. And the only thing anyone can find that's out of the ordinary is the abrupt moves you made right before you flew into that storm and your plane disappeared.

Bill Daly: I'm the captain. Those people put their lives in my hands. I take that seriously. I did what I had to do.


Cal Stone: Um, excuse me, mister? You're the pilot, right?

Bill Daly: I sure am.

Cal Stone: My dad said sometimes pilots give kids wings. You have any wings I could have?

Bill Daly: Sorry, kiddo. Uh, they just got clipped.

Cal Stone: It's okay. Thanks for bringing us home.


Cal Stone: Best day ever, dad.

Ben Stone: For me, too.

Cal Stone: But next time, can we go out to watch a movie? The screen at your place is a little small.

Ben Stone: Look, buddy, right now, we kinda need to keep a low profile because some people are interested in us because we were on 828, and they may not be very nice.

Cal Stone: You mean the Major.

Ben Stone: How did you know about that?

Cal Stone: I heard you and Auntie Mick talking about her. It's fine, Dad. I know I'm supposed to stay safe.

Grace Stone: There's my Calamander. I missed you.

Ben Stone: Sorry I came in the house. I wanted to make sure...

Grace Stone: Ben, it's... It's fine. It's your house, too. You can come inside.

Cal Stone: Mom, Dad got us TV dinners. It was awesome.

Grace Stone: Was it, now?

Ben Stone: Salisbury steak... Always a favourite.

Grace Stone: I bet. Do you think you can do it again tomorrow? I've got this thing that's come up at work.

Ben Stone: Yeah, sure. Maybe we could try the turkey dinner.

Cal Stone: But Dad can't tomorrow. He's gonna be busy.

Ben Stone: I am?

Cal Stone: The man from the plane? He needs your help.

Grace Stone: Man from the plane?

Ben Stone: Look, I'm sure we can work something out. Worst case scenario, it's Michaela's day off.

Cal Stone: Awesome. Auntie Mick.

Ben Stone: There we go. Love you, kiddo.

Cal Stone: Olive! Guess what. I got to have Hungry Man.


Zeke Landon: Find her. Find her.


Jared Vasquez: Riojas tells me you traded shifts.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I did.

Jared Vasquez: Mick, why are you avoiding me?

Michaela Stone: Come on.


Jared Vasquez: Mick. This is a good thing. You know we're meant to be together.

Michaela Stone: Jared, last night was a mistake. It was cheating.

Jared Vasquez: This is our chance to make it right. All right, look. Tell me what I'm supposed to do here.

Michaela Stone: I don't know. I-I'm... I can't do this. I can't be the other woman.

Jared Vasquez: You want me to tell Lourdes?

Michaela Stone: No, no.

Jared Vasquez: Mick, I want to be with you. Look, I know it's messy, okay, but... We'll get through it together. Lourdes, she's...

Michaela Stone: She's your wife and my best friend… Don't you love her?

Jared Vasquez: Of course I do.

Michaela Stone: So do I. I'm not doing this to her. It doesn't matter what happened to us five years ago. It matters what we do now… I'm sorry.


Michaela Stone: Really? Again? You can't just take one night off?

Ben Stone: What, now that we think Cal's the Major's Holy Grail? No, I can't. Plus, he gave me homework.

Michaela Stone: Cal?

Ben Stone: He told Grace I couldn't watch him tomorrow because I was gonna be too busy helping a man from the plane. I'm trying to figure out what that means. So you may be hanging with Cal tomorrow, if that's cool.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, sounds fun. Plus, it'll keep me out of trouble.

Ben Stone: Why? What's going on?

Michaela Stone: Just trying to dig myself out of a gigantic hole filled with quicksand.

Ben Stone: Colourful. Jared?

Michaela Stone: Mm.

Ben Stone: Want to talk about it?

Michaela Stone: No, not really. Think I just need to take a break from it. So, uh, how are you planning on figuring out what man from the plane you're supposed to help?

Ben Stone: No idea. We just have to trust that any calling Cal has is pointing me to things I should know... Need to know.

Michaela Stone: To what end, Ben? I mean, you really think this is gonna help us figure out 828, why we're back?

Ben Stone: Right now, this is about keeping Cal safe, day by day.

Michaela Stone: You're doing that.

Ben Stone: Am I? Cal's biggest threat is the Major, and I have zero clue who she is.

Michaela Stone: Don't do that. Don't start spiraling. You are doing the best anyone could be expected to do.

Ben Stone: My best might not be enough… Captain Daly.

Michaela Stone: Talk about a man from the plane.


Ben Stone: Hey.

Bill Daly: Ben, can we meet?

Ben Stone: Sure, what's up?

Bill Daly: It... It wasn't my fault. Everybody blames me for 828, but it wasn't me, and I think I can prove it, but I need your help. I'll come and get you tomorrow.

Ben Stone: Sure.


Bill Daly: You know the worst thing about being the captain of a plane that disappears for 5 1/2 years is?

Ben Stone: I would say the lost time, like the rest of us.

Bill Daly: No. It's that everyone blames you for what happened.

Ben Stone: How can they? No one even knows what went on that night.

Bill Daly: Oh, it doesn't matter. The people that think we flew to an island and were cryogenically frozen, they think I'm the one who flew us there.

Ben Stone: Bill, you can't take that stuff seriously.

Bill Daly: I mean, hell, even the people who all think it's just an alien invasion think I'm the alien.

Ben Stone: Look, this has been hell for all of us... My wife, my kids... So I can only imagine how difficult it's been for you, being the focus of everything.

Bill Daly: I have a son, electrical engineer, and I had a wife. They didn't talk to me much before we went away. I was no saint. But now they don't even want to see me. And I don't blame 'em after what the news media did to me. For 5 1/2 years, I was the guy who took a plane full of people and killed them. And now I'm the guy who made them all disappear.


Harris: Hey! Captain Future. You gonna fly through the Bermuda Triangle again?

Bill Daly: Gonna try.

Harris: Be careful in there. Don't go getting disappeared on us.


Ben Stone: What's this?

Bill Daly: Every official document for Flight 828 on record. Everything from NTSB, Transportation and Safety Reports, to White House briefings.

Ben Stone: This is amazing.

Bill Daly: No, it's all a lie. Same as always. Thanks, Raf.


Bill Daly: Okay, Raf. Load 'er up… Look familiar?

Ben Stone: Depends. What am I looking at?

Bill Daly: Well, according to the NTSB, the exact flight conditions from the night we disappeared. Hmm. There's only one problem.

Ben Stone: That storm?

Bill Daly: Storm? No, Ben. I fly through stuff like this all the time. This barely qualifies as weather.

Ben Stone: So it's not how you remember it?

Bill Daly: Ben, you were on that flight. You know what kind of turbulence we hit. And I've been flying simulations on this data every day since we came back, and I can't find anything like the storm we flew into on 828.

Ben Stone: It certainly felt big.

Bill Daly: It was enormous. And it came out of nowhere… This is not that storm. This... Is a government cover-up.

Ben Stone: Bill, I don't understand. Why would the government cover up a storm? 'Cause we came back?

Bill Daly: No, no, you're missing the point. Hit that thing. Check the date on that report.

Ben Stone: No, the simulator data... It's from 2013.

Bill Daly: The government didn't start hiding things on the day we came back. It started on the day we disappeared.


Ben Stone: Yeah, I know. Okay. Thanks, Amuta. Yep. Co-pilot completely backs Daly's story.

Michaela Stone: Where is the co-pilot in all this?

Ben Stone: Back in Jamaica.

Michaela Stone: No, thank you.

Ben Stone: He says Daly's the only reason any of us survived that flight.

Michaela Stone: I don't know, Ben. How sure are we this isn't just two men trying to clear their name?

Ben Stone: Of course Daly's trying to clear his name. He's the face of what happened to us, and he'll never be able to escape it. Mick, Cal's the one who told me I was supposed to help him. Daly was flying the plane. If anyone knows what the weather was like that night, it's him.

Michaela Stone: But why would they publish an inaccurate weather report? How do we know Daly isn't exaggerating or misremembering?

Ben Stone: I don't know. But I remember what I felt up there, and I know you do, too. Mostly... I can't get past this.

Michaela Stone: You read all of this, didn't you?

Ben Stone: It's the minutes from the Congressional investigation. On January 4, 2014, a meteorologist was scheduled to testify to the panel about the plane's disappearance. He never showed and then abruptly retired to Massapequa.

Michaela Stone: That's interesting.

Ben Stone: It's more than interesting. This guy was studying coastal erosion in the exact area the plane disappeared… Whatever happened that night, he was in perfect position to see it.

Michaela Stone: He's still there in Massapequa?

Ben Stone: Yeah. Daly's coming to pick me up now.


Ben Stone: Roger Mencin?

Roger Mencin: No Bibles, no votes, don't rent out the dock. You can move on.

Ben Stone: No, we're not here about any of that. We have a few questions about 828.

Roger Mencin: You're the captain.

Bill Daly: William Daly.

Ben Stone: Dr. Mencin, we're trying to figure out what happened to that plane. We believe you can help.

Roger Mencin: What makes you think I know anything about that flight?

Bill Daly: Because there was a storm that night, and you had the most sophisticated instrumentation in the area. You know the truth.

Ben Stone: Did the NTSB get it wrong? What were you gonna tell Congress?

Bill Daly: Please. We flew through something giant. It was different.

Roger Mencin: I can't talk about this. They made me swear under oath.

Bill Daly: Who is "they"?

Ben Stone: Please. He's just trying to clear his name. The whole world thinks he's responsible for what happened… You know he's not.


Michaela Stone: Okay. We're gonna do some homework like your mom said, and then we can get back to some more awesomeness.

Cal Stone: Did you like doing homework when you were in school, Auntie Mick?

Michaela Stone: No, of course not. There's only one Stone sibling that was a big enough nerd to like homework.

Cal Stone: Can I play some Xbox first to warm up my brain?

Michaela Stone: Does that normally work on your dad?

Cal Stone: No.

Michaela Stone: Gimme some credit, buddy.


Autumn Cox: Sorry. I-I know it's weird to just show up like this. I need your help.

Michaela Stone: What's up, Autumn?

Autumn Cox: It's kind of hard to explain. Can we go for coffee or something?

Michaela Stone: Um, I can't leave the little guy, but I can put a pot on in here. Hey, Cal, you're good if my friend Autumn comes and hangs with us for a little bit?

Cal Stone: You play video games?

Michaela Stone: No. After your homework. Oh, my goodness. Listen to me. Come on in.


Roger Mencin: You ever hear of dark lightning? It's a high-energy atmospheric discharge, and it releases lots of ionizing radiation. For years, no one even knew it existed because you have to be very close to detect it.

Bill Daly: But you saw it?

Roger Mencin: I discovered it on my instruments. But the DOD, they don't like what they don't understand, and the idea of some magic lightning taking down an airplane, well... Then when they found out that I was gonna testify, they suggested that I take early retirement.

Ben Stone: Suggested or threatened?

Roger Mencin: I figured everyone on the plane was dead. My testifying wasn't gonna bring them back.

Ben Stone: But we are back. And we need your help.

Roger Mencin: Look, there's nothing I can do. They made me, you know, destroy every copy, delete every file.

Ben Stone: But you didn't, did you? No, you find information that ends your career, you hold on to it. Roger, lives were changed forever because of that flight, and we had no say in the matter. We deserve to know what really happened.

Bill Daly: They've taken my reputation, my career, and my family. All I want is the truth.

Roger Mencin: You know, when that plane came back, I knew it was just a matter of time before someone came looking… Guess I should have moved.


Autumn Cox: I know how it sounds. And I also know criminals always say they're innocent, but I promise. I went legit. That's why I was in Jamaica... To get away.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, that's why I went, too.

Autumn Cox: But when the plane disappeared, my "friends" did to me the things that we'd done to other people. Stole my identity, pinned years of theft and fraud on me, but I didn't do any of it. By the time I came back... I just want to be free to embrace this new chance I have.

Michaela Stone: I'm not sure what I can do to help. I can't just make a warrant disappear.

Autumn Cox: I don't need you to. I just need your help to find the person who did this. Her name is Clarissa Ford. If I can find her, I can prove I'm innocent.

Michaela Stone: Okay. Okay, I'll see what I can do.


Bill Daly: Okay, Raf. One more time.

Raf: Okay, new data entered. You are good to go.

Ben Stone: With the actual data...

Bill Daly: Not the lies that the government published... I'll finally be able to prove it wasn't my fault. Please let this be it… Finally. Hello, mama.

Ben Stone: My God. That came out of nowhere.

Bill Daly: What do you think I've been saying? I've been over it 100 times. I made the airspeed 300 knots. Maintaining a level altitude.

Ben Stone: You flew threw it?

Bill Daly: You're damn right I did… Here comes the turbulence… We flew into the storm. And then we...

Simulator: Pull up. Pull up. Pull up. System shutdown.

Bill Daly: Damn it! Hit the reset, Raf. We're going again.


Bill Daly: Six times! How the hell? We made it through that storm.

Ben Stone: Yeah, but to five years in the future.

Bill Daly: We're missing something.

Ben Stone: Bill, the simulator isn't gonna transport us through time. I mean, how could it re-create what we went through? But at least this proves you weren't at fault.

Bill Daly: No, the only thing this proves is that we're on the right track.

Ben Stone: And that dark lightning may be the source of what happened to us. This is huge.

Bill Daly: Ben, I lost everything because of 828. Until I can prove this was the cause, this means nothing. And this storm didn't just throw us through time. It also triggered whatever mind-meld thing Fiona Clarke's been going on about. And how is that possible? She studies mind-melds, and all our minds get melded. She's the missing link.

Ben Stone: Bill, she's one of us. She seems to be as in the dark…

Bill Daly: No.

Ben Stone: As we are.

Bill Daly: I refuse to believe that. Someone powerful's behind this cover-up. The... T-The plane, the voices, all of it. It makes perfect sense that they'd keep a passenger who's an expert in this stuff involved from the start.

Ben Stone: I tell you what. You stay here. Keep trying. I'll go talk to Fiona.

Bill Daly: Maybe we should go together.

Ben Stone: Look, she may be more open with me alone, seeing as how I haven't been calling her a government plant to her face for the last week.


Michaela Stone: Hey, how's Massapequa? Yeah, no, he's fine. Uh, Grace is gonna come get him in an hour.

Ben Stone: Mick, Daly was right.

Michaela Stone: One sec… Um, hey, buddy, why don't you teach Autumn how to play this game?

Autumn Cox: I'm in.

Michaela Stone: He was right about what?

Ben Stone: Everything. Grab that blue binder. I need you to look something up.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, hold on.

Cal Stone: So, who do you want to be?

Autumn Cox: Uh, why don't you choose for me?

Michaela Stone: Okay. I got it. What do you need?


Grace Stone: Hey.

Michaela Stone: Hey, he is all in one piece. I promise.

Grace Stone: I wasn't worried. Hey!

Cal Stone: Mom, watch this.

Grace Stone: Whoa! Awesome! A lot of blood.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, you should see him and Ben get into it. I can't tell who the kid is.

Cal Stone: I let Dad win sometimes.

Grace Stone: Oh, that's my boy. Thank you so much for watching him. He loves spending time with you.

Michaela Stone: Not at all. Ditto. How you holding up?

Grace Stone: Uh... You know. It's not exactly what I had pictured for myself at this point in my life.

Michaela Stone: Yeah. You and me both.

Grace Stone: I take it things with Jared haven't gotten any less complicated.

Michaela Stone: No.

Grace Stone: You'll get through it. You're amazing, Mick. You two will find your way.

Michaela Stone: So will you. Look, I know Ben is my family, but you are the best thing that has ever happened to him. I'm serious. I am rooting for you guys... For both of you.

Grace Stone: Thank you. Rooting for us, too.

Michaela Stone: He loves you.

Grace Stone: I know. And I love him… I just hope it'll be enough.


Jansen: We shouldn't have to track you down.

Autumn Cox: I just turned the phone off for a bit.

Jansen: It's never to be turned off. We're overdue for a chat.


Fiona Clarke: Dark lightning?

Ben Stone: Daly and I tracked down a meteorologist who thinks we may have flown through some, that it could have affected our plane.

Fiona Clarke: I don't know. I'll admit, it's not impossible, but whatever happened to us up there, it doesn't feel accidental. Frankly, I believe we took a step in our evolution.

Ben Stone: Daly's convinced himself otherwise, and frankly, he makes a strong case.

Fiona Clarke: Well, I understand Daly wanting to prove he's not responsible. I thought it was my fault when you told me the government was experimenting on people using my research. The truth is, Daly's no more to blame for what happened on that flight than I am.

Ben Stone: I don't think that's gonna bring him much comfort, seeing as how he thinks you're behind this whole thing.

Fiona Clarke: Captain Daly is so convinced of things, he's grasping at any straw to try and make his case. He's lost sight of the horizon… Don't you do the same.


Jared Vasquez: Hey. What are you working on?

Michaela Stone: I'm just helping out a friend.

Jared Vasquez: Need help?

Michaela Stone: No, I'm okay. Thanks.

Jared Vasquez: Are you sure? No lines you need crossed, favours that might bite me in the ass later on?

Michaela Stone: Think I gotta do it all on my own now.

Jared Vasquez: Mick, I'm here for you if you ever need me. No matter what.

Michaela Stone: Jared, we can't...

Jared Vasquez: What is it?

Michaela Stone: I gotta make a call.


Ben Stone: Hey, what's up?

Michaela Stone: Your meteorologist, Roger Mencin... He's dead.

Ben Stone: What? How?

Michaela Stone: Boating accident. Just came across our system. Ben, somebody knows that you're looking into this.

Ben Stone: We gotta warn Daly.

Michaela Stone: Okay. I'll meet you there.


Carl: Yo, Captain, you in there? What'd he do, talk someone to death?

Ben Stone: We're worried Captain Daly might be in some danger.

Carl: What, from those religious freaks that have been following him around? Whole thing's a complete cluster.

Michaela Stone: Oh. Thank you. We've got it from here.

Ben Stone: Thanks.


Michaela Stone: Daly, you in here?

Ben Stone: Wow… I didn't know it was this bad.

Michaela Stone: No sign of him… Hey, Earth to Ben.

Ben Stone: Is this what Grace sees when she looks at me?

Michaela Stone: Ben, you're just thorough. You're trying to protect your family. You're trying to protect all of us. Daly, this is...

Ben Stone: Desperate… He's going looking for dark lightning, for real, no simulator.

Michaela Stone: What do you mean?

Ben Stone: Look at this. Today's weather report, navigational charts… There's a storm off the coast. He's so desperate to prove 828 wasn't his fault, he's gonna fly right into it.

Michaela Stone: Can he actually do that?

Ben Stone: I doubt it, but it could definitely get him killed.


Fiona Clarke: Captain. I'm glad you came. I just put the kettle on. We need to set some things straight.

Bill Daly: I was thinking the same thing.


Grace Stone: Hey, kiddo. How was your day with Auntie Mick?

Cal Stone: Fun.

Grace Stone: Yeah? She say anything about how your dad's doing? Eating a lot of TV dinners?

Cal Stone: Dad's okay. He's out helping people.

Grace Stone: Yeah, that's your dad.

Cal Stone: I want to be like him. I want to help people, too.


Ben Stone: Please, this is urgent. I was just here with Captain Daly. Remember Bermuda Triangle, the whole thing? You were here.

Harris: Sorry. You need new authorization for each visit.

Michaela Stone: NYPD.

Harris: A little out of your jurisdiction, aren't you?

Michaela Stone: Harris, is it? We have reason to believe William Daly's about to steal an airplane.

Harris: What, the cargo loaders put you up to this?

Michaela Stone: We're dead serious.

Harris: Come on! He's in the simulator, like he's been every day for the past three weeks. It's a little sad, if you ask me.

Ben Stone: Aren't the simulators over there? Then what's he doing over there?

Harris: Joe. It's Harris. We got a problem.


Ground Control: All aircraft, this is ground control. We have a runaway incursion. Ordering a full ground stop.


Michaela Stone: Hey, why are you stopping? We need to get him!

Harris: I need to explain to you what a full ground stop means?

Ben Stone: Can I talk to him on that?

Harris: The emergency frequency should get you through to the cockpit radio.


Ben Stone: Daly, it's Ben. Please don't do this.

Bill Daly: Sorry, Ben. I have no choice.

Ground Control: Unidentified aircraft, please identify yourself.

Bill Daly: This is Captain William Daly requesting takeoff clearance on runway two-niner left.

Ground Control: That request is denied. Power down your engines immediately.

Ben Stone: Bill, I know it's not your fault. I can help you prove it.  But if you steal that plane, none of this is gonna matter.

Bill Daly: You don't get it, Ben. I need to see this all the way through. You can't help me anymore… But she can. She's my missing link.

Fiona Clarke: My God. What have you done? Help!

Ben Stone: He's got Fiona.

Harris: I'll call it in.

Fiona Clarke: This is madness. I had nothing to do with 828. We weren't brought back to be turning on each other. Let me go!

Ground Control: Unauthorized aircraft, this is your last warning. Power down your engines, or we will notify the Air National Guard.


Michaela Stone: Bill, stop! Please, stop!

Bill Daly: I'm sorry. This is the only way to prove I did nothing wrong.

Fiona Clarke: No. Let me out!


Ben Stone: No, no, no, no, no!

Michaela Stone: No! No!

Ben Stone: No! Daly, don't do this!


Fiona Clarke: What are you doing? Where are you taking me?

Ben Stone: I know the truth. I can help you prove it, but not if you do this. If you keep going, the whole world is gonna think you were behind Flight 828.

Bill Daly: No. This will make me a hero. The guy who uncovered what really happened.

Ben Stone: Damn it!

Harris: What does he think he's gonna do?

Michaela Stone: He thinks he can fly through time.

Harris: Wait. Can he?

Bill Daly: This is the only way, Ben. It's the only way to give my life some meaning. Proving this is all I have left. I can do it again. Fiona can show me how.

Fiona Clarke: Captain, I don't know what happened on that plane any more than you do.

Ben Stone: Bill, Fiona can't help you. She's innocent in all this.

Bill Daly: Of course she's part of it. Who do you think told the Major about the meteorologist?

Fiona Clarke: What? I did no such thing.

Michaela Stone: Did you tell her?

Ben Stone: Daly, if you don't turn around, those planes will shoot you down.

Bill Daly: Not if I'm in the future.

Viper One-One: Captain Daly, this is the Air National Guard. Your flight plan is unauthorized. What say we turn that bird around and get your feet on the ground?

Bill Daly: Negative. A.N.G., be advised. I am not a threat. I have no intention of harm.

Ben Stone: Bill, please. If you turn that plane toward the city, it's over… Bill, you're more than a pilot. You're a father. You have a family.

Bill Daly: They don't need me.

Ben Stone: No, I need you! You're the only one that can help me figure this out. You're the captain.

Bill Daly: No. You're the captain now. The passengers are your responsibility. You're their leader…


Bill Daly: Per protocol, climbing to penetration altitude.

Fiona Clarke: Captain, you think you were the only one who suffered because of Flight 828? My entire life's work was proven true, and yet I was kept out of the loop.

Bill Daly: Making airspeed 300 knots.

Fiona Clarke: If I were really behind all this, why would I not have included myself? I've heard no voices, experienced no collective consciousness.

Bill Daly: Last chance, Doctor. Tell me what I gotta do to make the dark lightning happen?

Fiona Clarke: Daly, damn it! I already told you. I don't know!

Bill Daly: Then I'll do the same as before. Let's see if lightning strikes twice.


Harris: Come on. Get there.

Viper One-One: Command, this is Viper One-One. Target is unresponsive. Heading toward land.

A.N.G.: Viper One-One. You are cleared to engage.

Ben Stone: Bill!


Bill Daly: Per protocol, adjusting flight path to storm center.

Fiona Clarke: I'm not ready to die, Bill. Please.

Bill Daly: Who said anything about dying? I'll see you in 2024.


Ben Stone: No. No.

Viper One-One: Command, this is Viper One-One. Threat has been neutralized.


Journalist: The search continues for Captain William Daly and Professor Fiona Clarke. Hours after their plane was reportedly shot from the sky, the plane's remains as well as...

Ben Stone: Hey, it's me. I have some stuff I need to drop off for Cal. I was hoping I could come by and say good night.

Journalist: Large numbers, electric with the hope that yet another miracle may have saved the 828 returnees. One person I spoke with was adamant that Daly was able to transport into time, just like he did with Flight 828. Another felt the disappearance was a part of a conspiracy against the passengers. Overall, the theories are as numerous as the mourners, but there is one truth that seems to be making itself clear... The 828 passengers have a growing fan base...

Ben Stone: 20 feet. Daly was sitting just 20 feet from us, and the whole world blamed him for what happened. Lost his family, his son, and I couldn't help him.

Michaela Stone: Ben, look at me. This is not your fault. Daly went off the rails. He couldn't let go of things, even things that were out of his control. Look, I know that there is a lot going on around us right now, but I am worried that you are doing the same thing.

Ben Stone: He was right about so many things... The... The buried weather reports, the meteorologist. I mean, maybe Fiona really was working for the Major.

Michaela Stone: Fiona helped save those passengers. She... She took care of them. How can you honestly question whose side she was on?

Ben Stone: Then how did they find the meteorologist? Someone had to tell them.

Michaela Stone: Maybe I did.


Michaela Stone: Hey, how's Massapequa?


Ben Stone: What?

Michaela Stone: Autumn was here when you called. I-I asked you about Massapequa in front of her… What if Autumn is the mole? T-The Major, she's looking for the Holy Grail... The passenger most affected by the calling.

Ben Stone: Cal.

Michaela Stone: What if she told them about his drawings, about how he helps us?

Ben Stone: She was with him all day.


Grace Stone: Hey, Cal! Your dad's coming over to say good night… Kiddo, did you hear me? Cal? Cal. Cal! Cal!

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Sevnol  (01.07.2019 à 22:38)

Sympa comme épisode centré sur le pilote, je pense aussi qu'il était temps qu'on se concentre sur lui ^^ Avec les reconstitutions du vol et tout ça, ça m'a fait un peu penser au film Sully avec Tom Hanks puisque lui aussi a été accusé de tout et n'importe quoi malgré le fait que tous les passagers soient encore en vie.

En tout cas, je ne pense pas que l'avion a été abattu, je crois qu'on le reverra plus tard, surtout que les débris ne sont pas retrouvés.

Pour le moment, je pense que c'est l'un des meilleurs épisodes de cette saison ^^

cartegold  (07.06.2019 à 08:43)

L'épisode est prenant, je vous rejoins sur l'intérêt de vor enfin le pilote, il est quand-même le prinicpal intéressé.

Mais je ne crois pas du tout au fait qu'ils aient été abattus. A mon avis, on va le revoir !

labelette  (06.06.2019 à 22:09)
Merci CelineAlba de nous rappeler la lueur qu'a vue Caleb, j'avais zappé ! On saura peut-être dans 5 ans si le pilote a bien fait de tenter l'expérience... ou pas. En tout cas, il a disparu des radars et les débris n'ont pas (encore ?) été retrouvés.
pretty31  (22.01.2019 à 10:31)

Je viens enfin de rattraper mon retard ! Comme CelineAlba l'a dit dans son commentaire, j'étais moi aussi étonnée de ne pas entendre parler davantage du pilote et du copilote... C'est chose faite et on s'enfonce encore plus loin dans le complot... Hâte de voir la suite. 

CelineAlba  (15.01.2019 à 11:52)

J'attendais ce genre d'épisode depuis le début. Où l'on plonge dans ce qui s'est passé, avec des données visuelles pouvant étayer tout un tas de théories. 

Autant dire que je suis restée collée à mon siège de passagère du vol pendant plus de 45 minutes. Sans décrocher un seul instant. J'ai même arrêté de respirer quand l'expérience a été renouvelée pour un résultat...peut-être analogue. L'avenir nous le dira. Ou pas. 

La dimension mystérieuse de cette série prend, pour moi en tout cas, le pas sur les considérations privées de chaque personnage ou héros. 

Il y eut des épisodes que je regardais avec un oeil sur autre chose. On n'avançait pas des masses mais c'est la loi des séries. 

Là, sur cet épisode en particulier, on a fait un bond en avant considérable. Merci Capitaine. Je m'étonnais depuis le début qu'on ne mette jamais en avant le pilote et son co-pilote qui étaient aux premières loges. Et maintenant que c'est fait...j'attends la suite avec impatience. Vraiment. Cal était le seul à avoir vu la lueur et le seul réellement impacté depuis le début, à tous les niveaux. Ce qui pose de nombreuses questions sur le pourquoi lui. 

Pour les théories, je vais passer dans le quartier adéquat. 


Merci aux 8 rédacteurs qui ont contribué à la rédaction de cette fiche épisode

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