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#303 : La pièce manquante

Alors qu'elle poursuit des dangereux criminels, Michaela apprend une nouvelle dévastatrice. Ben s'allie à un passager du vol 828 afin d'aider un adolescent, pendant qu'Olive explore un peu plus la mythologie pour élucider le mystère du vol 828.


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La pièce manquante

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Zeke dans le labo de Saanvi (Matt Long)

Zeke dans le labo de Saanvi (Matt Long)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Michaela discute avec Ben (Melissa Roxburgh & Josh Dallas)

Michaela discute avec Ben (Melissa Roxburgh & Josh Dallas)

Jared, Zeke & Michaela (J.R.Ramirez, Matt Long & Melissa Roxburgh)

Jared, Zeke & Michaela (J.R.Ramirez, Matt Long & Melissa Roxburgh)

Angelina Meyer (Holly Taylor)

Angelina Meyer (Holly Taylor)

Grace & Cal Stone (Athena Karkanis & Jack Messina)

Grace & Cal Stone (Athena Karkanis & Jack Messina)

Cal Stone (Jack Messina)

Cal Stone (Jack Messina)

Eagan Tehrani & Ben ont des ennuis (Ali Lopez-Sohaili & Jos Dallas

Eagan Tehrani & Ben ont des ennuis (Ali Lopez-Sohaili & Jos Dallas

Eagan Tehrani & Ben ont des ennuis (Ali Lopez-Sohaili & Josh Dallas

Eagan Tehrani & Ben ont des ennuis (Ali Lopez-Sohaili & Josh Dallas

Levi travaille dans son labo (Will Peltz)

Levi travaille dans son labo (Will Peltz)

Zeke réconforte Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh et Matt Long)

Zeke réconforte Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh et Matt Long)


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Scénaristes : Simran Baidwan & Ezra W. Nachman

Réalisateur : Michael Smith

Casting :
Melissa Roxburgh ... Michaela Stone
Josh Dallas ... Ben Stone
Athena Karkanis ... Grace Stone
J.R. Ramirez ... Jared Vasquez
Parveen Kaur ... Saanvi Bahl
Jack Messina ... Cal Stone
Luna Blaise ... Olive Stone
Matt Long ... Zeke Landon
Holly Taylor ... Angelina Meyer
Daryl Edward ... Robert Vance
Ali Lopez-Sohaili ... Eagan Tehrani
Lauren Norvelle ... Sarah Fitz
Warner Miller ... Tarik
Adriane Lenox ... Beverly
Tim Moriarty ... Tim Powell
Will Peltz ... Levi
DazMann Still ... Kory
Devin Harjes ... Pete Baylor
Andrew Sensenig ... Glen
Patricia Maureci ... Zimmer
Mason Bleu ... Caleb
Delissa Reynolds ... Naomi

Interrogator: How did you find out about the Montego Air Flight 828 tailfin?

Robert Vance: A boy drew me a picture.

Interrogator: This boy sneak you into Cuba, too?

Robert Vance: No, that was my NSA training.

Interrogator: Where were you before that?

Robert Vance: New York mostly.

Interrogator: You went undetected for 18 months in the busiest city in the world?

Robert Vance: I ordered in a lot.

Interrogator: Do you think this is a joke, Mr. Vance? Forget the PR nightmare. The return of a dead division head would wreak on the NSA. The Attorney General is contemplating charging you with faking your own death.

Robert Vance: Technically not a crime. Done yet? Wife's expecting me for supper.

Interrogator: Let me explain to you what is a crime. Fraud. Violating embargoes set forth by the United States government. Treason. You may think you're going home tonight, but I'm questioning whether you ever get to go home.


Jared Vasquez: Kathryn Fitz is the Major?

Ben Stone: And her vanishing could mean that she's coming after 828ers again.

Jared Vasquez: Her daughter showed up to the precinct looking for you. That can't be a coincidence. I'll contact the Department of Defense… Are there any other passengers that know anything?

Ben Stone: Yeah. Saanvi. The Major posed as her therapist. They met together for months.

Michaela Stone: We got to give Saanvi a heads up if the Major's planning something.

Ben Stone: Yeah, I'll go on my way to campus. Saanvi should hear this in person.

Jared Vasquez: No, I'll go. I want to talk to her anyways. I'll keep you guys posted.

Ben Stone: Thanks.

Michaela Stone: You know you don't have to be a hero and take everything on.

Ben Stone: What's that supposed to mean?

Michaela Stone: It means you're really focused on everyone else and you never take care of yourself. Will you show Saanvi your hand?

Ben Stone: Yeah, I have, but the hand is the least of my worries, Mick.

Michaela Stone: Mm.

Ben Stone: My family is in hiding. The Meth Heads are still out there. Listen, I've got to go to campus with Olive. TJ sent some artifacts from Egypt. Maybe we'll find a mythological clue that can help.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I think that's a long shot, Ben.

Ben Stone: Well, right now I need any shot. Eden's not even gonna remember who I am in three months.

Michaela Stone: Ben, I think you need to be laying lo...

Ben Stone: Listen, I can't just sit still!

Michaela Stone: We are doing everything we can.

Ben Stone: If the Meth Heads are like us, who knows what they're capable of seeing, doing?

Michaela Stone: I will find them, okay? Whatever it takes.


Ben Stone: Eagan Tehrani. I got a busy day, Eagan. Why'd you fall off my board?


Michaela Stone: Pete, you could've run and you didn't. So come on. Talk to me. Give me a name, an address, anything… Okay, look… Forget the fact that I'm a cop. You came out of that lake for a reason. This is your chance at redemption. You and I, we were supposed to find each other again… Do you believe in fate?

Pete Baylor: The girl. From the King Kone.

Michaela Stone: What about her?

Pete Baylor: It's fate. S-She knew where I was, h-how to find me… She just stared at me.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, she was scared.

Pete Baylor: No. She wasn't afraid of me… S-She was brave.

Michaela Stone: Okay, Pete, I'm gonna need you to focus. I need your help finding Jace and Kory. Where are they?

Pete Baylor: Take me back to my cell.


Jared Vasquez: Hey, you make any headway with Pete? Oh, here we go again. A new Calling?

Michaela Stone: Actually, an old one. It's Evie's heart.


Cal Stone: Green and blue and turquoise. The feathers were so long. It felt real. Maybe it was a Calling.

Olive Stone: Angelina had a Calling. It led us to a stained-glass angel holding scales. It also had peacock feathers.

Cal Stone: That has to be connected. This whole thing just hurts my head sometimes.

Olive Stone: Yeah, I know. I miss you guys. Give Mom a big hug for me.

Cal Stone: Bye.


Ben Stone: Eagan? I'm Ben Stone. I was on Flight 828...

Eagan Tehrani: Ben Stone, huh? So you saw it, too.

Ben Stone: So you know about the Callings?

Eagan Tehrani: Don't we all by now? "Callings"... It's kind of a creepy way to explain what's happening to us, don't you think, Professor?

Ben Stone: How'd you know my job?

Eagan Tehrani: I was a courier in my past life, made a lot of deliveries to campus. Ever do that? Think about how your life used to be before?

Ben Stone: All the time. How was your life when you got back?

Eagan Tehrani: My job, my rent-stabilized apartment, my girlfriend... All gone.

Ben Stone: Sorry to hear that.

Eagan Tehrani: Yeah, losing my apartment hurt the most. Now I just play chess for cash, follow the Callings whenever they come poking, live off the grid.

Ben Stone: Explains why I couldn't get in touch with you.

Eagan Tehrani: Don't take it personally. I just didn't feel like bonding over bizarro visions in my head.

Ben Stone: Speaking of, the kid we saw, he looked passed out. He could be in danger.

Eagan Tehrani: What kid? All I saw was a bunch of art stuff crashing to the ground.

Ben Stone: Eagan, could we talk privately? I think this kid's life could be at stake.

Eagan Tehrani: Checkmate… Checkmate… And checkmate… Let's go.


Michaela Stone: Glen? Beverly? Hello? Hey, Beverly, are you okay? Hey, it's me... Michaela. Where's Glen? Glen? Glen?!


Patient: Thanks, Doctor.

Zeke Landon: Next customer?

Saanvi Bahl: Hey, Jared. Are you feeling okay?

Jared Vasquez: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Actually, I came here to talk to you. Do you have a minute?

Saanvi Bahl: Yeah.

Jared Vasquez: Uh... I think you know Major Kathryn Fitz. Apparently she's gone missing. Ben and Mick filled me in on your history with her, so I figured you'd want to hear the news in person.

Saanvi Bahl: Um, uh, missing?

Jared Vasquez: Yeah, I was hoping you can, I don't know, give me some information about your sessions with her. I know it's hard to talk about this. We just want to keep you safe. She ever share any personal information with you?

Saanvi Bahl: Mnh-mnh.

Jared Vasquez: Anything about her friends, family, children?

Saanvi Bahl: I didn't know she had any kids.

Jared Vasquez: Yeah, a daughter. That's actually who came looking for her… It's Mick. I gotta handle this.Look, feel free to call me if you remember anything, okay?

Saanvi Bahl: Okay.


Ben Stone: I don't understand why the Calling would give us some of the same information, but not all of it.

Eagan Tehrani: Maybe we're supposed to put our clues together to solve the puzzle. Chocolate and peanut butter.

Ben Stone: Yeah, but this one happened so fast. There's no way to remember everything.

Eagan Tehrani: I remember everything, all day long. How do you think I know 1,327 opening chess moves?

Ben Stone: You have a photographic memory.

Eagan Tehrani: Tell me what you do remember.

Ben Stone: Uh... Painting of a boat on the sea. A rumbling. Radiator, a gold frog.

Eagan Tehrani: It's a toad… Bronze unicorn. Light shimmering through a window. An urn. Cowboy statue. Marble monkey… What are you doing?

Ben Stone: Re-creating the calling. Gum wrapper unicorn, bottle cap urn, paperclip...

Eagan Tehrani: Monkey.

Ben Stone: Monkey… Keep going. I'll be back…


Ben Stone: Hey, what's up?

Michaela Stone: The Calling took me to Beverly's house. Glen's dead. Massive heart attack, ME said... This morning.

Ben Stone: Oh. Mick, I'm so sorry.

Michaela Stone: I don't understand why the universe would do this.

Ben Stone: Yeah. I've been asking myself the same question.


Jared Vasquez: Michaela? Mick?

Michaela Stone: Hey, I gotta go. I'll call you later… Zeke, what...

Jared Vasquez: I was at the clinic when I got your message. Figured you'd want him here.

Zeke Landon: Hey.

Jared Vasquez: Hey… I'm so sorry for your loss.

Beverly: Jared. You look so grown and handsome in a suit. Evie won't believe it when she sees you.

Michaela Stone: I'm really sorry that I didn't call you first. It just... When I saw Glen's body, everything happened...

Zeke Landon: Hey, hey, hey, there's nothing to apologize for. I'm here to help. I saw my mom struggle with my grandad's dementia. Let me know what I can do and I'll do it.

Michaela Stone: Just you being here is enough.


Reporter: Amid renewed interest in the passengers of Flight 828, many wonder what happened to the returnees. Today we have an exclusive interview...

Tarik: Disappointed they didn't ask you?

Grace Stone: Hardly. Can't wait for the media to find something new to fixate on so I can have my family back. Hey, boyo. Did you have fun exploring the woods?

Cal Stone: Yeah, I saw a peacock.

Tarik: Like a lawn ornament? That's flamingo, kiddo.

Cal Stone: I know what a peacock looks like.

Tarik: Do you? 'Cause I've lived here my whole life... Never seen a peacock.

Grace Stone: You know what, sweetie? Why don't you go get washed up? You want to cut him some slack? This transition hasn't been easy for him.

Tarik: He's 12, Grace. White lies at his age aren't cute anymore.

Grace Stone: My son is not a liar. And I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk about my family like that.

Tarik: Your family? That's the second time you said that. What does that make me, Grace? Never mind, I already know.

Grace Stone: Oh, come on, Tarik, that's not fair.

Tarik: No, what's not fair is you leaving me alone with Dad. Do you know what it's like to watch someone you love get sick and die? 'Cause while you were doing whatever you were doing for 11 years, I was here! Every day, I'd carry that man to the bathroom and watch him cough up blood, then give him a TV tray, then head down to the restaurant to try to save it from drowning in debt. It was hell, but I did it because that's what family does. We look out for each other.


Angelina Meyer: Is this where your boyfriend works?

Olive Stone: When he's not studying in Cairo. Anyone special back home?

Angelina Meyer: Promise not to laugh. I'm almost 30 years old, at least according to my birth certificate, and I've never even kissed anyone. Which is probably why I'm weirdly obsessed with this guy in jail I don't even know.


Olive Stone: Everyone's destined to meet their soul mate, and who knows? Stranger things...

Levi: Shh, shh, shh! High-pitched sound waves can disrupt the restoration process. Obviously.

Olive Stone: Come on, this is what TJ was talking...

Levi: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up, okay?

Olive Stone: Sorry. I'm Olive, and this is Angelina.

Levi: And these are priceless.

Olive Stone: Okay, well, my father said that we could come in here and check out some of the Egyptian artifacts.

Levi: Of course. Nepotism and inexperience. What could go wrong? Sit. Don't touch.


Eagan Tehrani: We've alphabetized, done anagrams. None of this makes sense together.

Ben Stone: The urn… It had numbers reflected on it... 601. What... What if it wasn't a design, but a designation, like "room 601"?

Eagan Tehrani: I didn't see any numbers. But part of my Calling was obscured by this blinding light.

Ben Stone: That's why you didn't see the kid.

Eagan Tehrani: The light was... Shimmering, like it was reflecting off of water.

Ben Stone: This was a building, so more likely the reflection of water off another building.

Eagan Tehrani: There are hundreds of waterside buildings.

Ben Stone: The objects… A-Alone, they're just an assortment of items, but together, they make up a collection, like a museum.

Eagan Tehrani: Museum. I made drops to... To all the museums back when I was a courier. Museums by the water. Uh, Museum of Jewish Heritage. The Whitney.How the hell are we supposed to know what's hanging inside all these places?

Ben Stone: The art. None of it was hung up or displayed… It was being stored.

Eagan Tehrani: I think I know where to go.


Robert Vance: We've been at this for days. What more do you want from me?

Interrogator: The truth, Mr. Vance.

Robert Vance: You and I are done… I've given 33 years of my life to this country... Five tours, two wars, no questions asked. You assigned me to find out the truth about 828. I got shot at, shot down, still never wavered. So you wanna lock me up, say it to my face.


Zimmer: Are you buying all of this?

Tim Powell: I believe him. It's your call, Director.


Ben Stone: So, what is this place?

Eagan Tehrani: Fancy name for self-storage. It's where the not exactly 1% hide their stuff from the IRS and their ex-wives.

Ben Stone: How do you suppose we get in?

Eagan Tehrani: Now, that I don't know.

Ben Stone: Come on.


Ben Stone: The teenager from the Calling... Think he was homeless?

Eagan Tehrani: Snuck in to avoid the cold? You're not suggesting we crawl in there?

Ben Stone: This kid's in danger. He needs our help.

Eagan Tehrani: Just so you know, the average weight of a city rat is one pound.

Ben Stone: Duly noted.


Beverly: You and Michaela are such a sweet couple. You better marry her… Where is that girl, anyway?

Michaela Stone: Which girl?

Beverly: Oh.

Michaela Stone: There you go, Beverly.

Beverly: That is such a beautiful diamond.

Michaela Stone: Actually, it's a white sapphire.

Beverly: Jared has good taste.

Jared Vasquez: Not awkward. Alright, I'm gonna get going. I have a few things to wrap up at the precinct.

Michaela Stone: Thank you.

Jared Vasquez: Of course. Zeke.

Beverly: Thank you, young man.

Zeke Landon: Mm-hmm.

Michaela Stone: Beverly, this is Zeke. T-This is actually my husband.

Zeke Landon: Heartbeats again?

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I-I don't... I don't understand. They're getting stronger right now. I think they're coming from the...

Zeke Landon: The DVDs?


Evie: You are so funny. How do you like mine, Miss Michaela?

Michaela Stone: I love it. What do you think of mine, Miss Evie?

Evie: Very nice.

Michaela Stone: I have an idea. Let's switch.


Beverly: Oh, this is sweet. Yeah.


Evie: Switch. Alright. You're lucky we're best friends.

Both: Best friends forever.


Beverly: Oh, look at the two of you.

Olive Stone: This is gonna take forever.

Levi: You can't time-lapse restoration, okay? It's not Instagram.

Olive Stone: Defensive much? You have two sets of free hands here. We're not doing anything.

Levi: Took me 4 years, 10 courses, and a thesis on Medieval Egyptian artisans to be let in here.

Olive Stone: Technically, yeah, I'm still in high school, but I could write a dissertation on AlZuras.

Levi: You know about Al-Zuras?

Olive Stone: 15th century European merchant, known for his lithographs.

Levi: 16th century.

Olive Stone: Surprised I know about more than just Instagram?

Levi: I stand corrected.

Olive Stone: So, let's start over. I'm Olive. This is Angelina, and we'd really love to help.

Levi: Some ground rules. One... Gloves at all times. Two... No cellphones. Three... Don't expect credit when I publish.

Olive Stone: Okay.

Angelina Meyer: Olive… Isn't this a... Peacock feather.


Olive Stone: Did you ever figure out if that peacock you saw was real?

Cal Stone: Kind of a sore subject right now.

Olive Stone: What do you mean?

Cal Stone: Mom and Tarik got in a huge fight.

Olive Stone: Over a peacock?

Cal Stone: At first, but then they just started screaming at each other. Like us when you flushed Yurtle down the toilet.

Olive Stone: I thought I was freeing him.

Cal Stone: Well, it was that bad.

Olive Stone: Well, no matter the fight, we always worked it out. We're going on a treasure hunt. A very important treasure hunt.

Cal Stone: "X" marks the spot, a circle with a dot.

Both: Spiders crawling up your back.

Cal Stone: Hey, Ol. I miss you.

Olive Stone: I miss you, too, bud.


Ben Stone: 601. 601. Where's 601?

Eagan Tehrani: There!

Ben Stone: Damn it… Hello? Someone in there?

Eagan Tehrani: You got a credit card, ID?

Ben Stone: Yeah.

Eagan Tehrani: Multi-talented.

Ben Stone: Where is he? Where's the kid? Must've got something wrong.

Eagan Tehrani: I'm never wrong about Callings.

Ben Stone: Well, the Callings are never wrong either… What if the reflections threw us off? I saw 601, but the upsidedown image is... 109.

Eagan Tehrani: Look at you, Professor… The rumblings! I think this time it's for real.

Ben Stone: We got to find that kid, now!


Michaela Stone: Where did you get this?

Zeke Landon: Right under there… Callings don't get more specific than that.

Beverly: Oh, there you are.

Glen: Michaela, you are watching this because I'm gone. I hope it was painless. I've made arrangements for Beverly to go live in an assisted-living facility. As for you, Michaela, getting you back was like getting part of Evie back, too. It was priceless. As a small token, we would... Like you to have the house. We love you, Michaela. Godspeed.

Zeke Landon: Sorry, did he just give you a house?

Michaela Stone: He just gave us a house.


Ben Stone: 109.

Eagan Tehrani: What's that smell?

Ben Stone: It's gas. Cover your mouth… Pipe must've burst.

Eagan Tehrani: Yeah, I'd say this is turning into a 911 situation.

Ben Stone: No service.

Eagan Tehrani: Over here!

Ben Stone: Oh, God, the gas leak. He's out. Shallow breath. He's alive. Come on, we gotta move him before the room collapses.

Caleb: Leave me alone.

Ben Stone: Alright, my name's Ben. What's yours?

Caleb: Caleb.

Ben Stone: Caleb... We got to haul ass or we're gonna die in here.

Eagan Tehrani: Can you handle the kid on your own?

Ben Stone: W-Why?

Eagan Tehrani: Gas valves are in the basement. You take him, I'll shut them off.

Ben Stone: Are you crazy? You could die.

Eagan Tehrani: You said it yourself, the Calling sent us here together. For all we know, there's other people.

Ben Stone: Alright, go. Go! Come on!


Zeke Landon: Spoke to the facility coordinator. They'll pick up Beverly tonight. They think it's best to move her right away.

Michaela Stone: There's no way I can accept this house. It just... It doesn't feel right.

Zeke Landon: Then we sell it. Give the money to charity... MADD, Alzheimer's research. You don't have to decide right now.

Michaela Stone: No, right now, I have to move Beverly out of the only home she's known for 40 years.

Beverly: Why are my... My pictures in this bag? Who put my things in here?

Michaela Stone: Beverly, um... I-I put them in there… You're moving today, okay?

Beverly: I-I-I don't want to go anywhere. Glen will be home soon.

Michaela Stone: Glen's not coming home, Beverly.

Beverly: I don't like it when you fib, young lady. You stop your lying.

Zeke Landon: She's not lying, Beverly.

Beverly: I-I'm not talking to you. Who are you, anyway?! Evie! Glen!

Michaela Stone: No, hey...

Beverly: Evie!

Michaela Stone: Beverly, Beverly, hey...

Beverly: Glen!

Michaela Stone: They're not... Beverly, no, they're not... They're not coming home, okay?

Beverly: Where are they? Where are they?!

Michaela Stone: No, right now...

Beverly: When are they coming home?! No! No! No, no! No, you... You're trying to hurt me! You... You stop it. You stop it! You stop it!

Zeke Landon: Beverly… I know how you're feeling. You're confused. Your heart is racing. It's scary. When I feel like that, I like to smell the flowers and blow out the candles. Smell the flowers... Blow out the candles. That's it. Smell the flowers, blow out the candles. That's great. Yeah, that's it. There you go. Smell the flowers. That's it, keep going. Keep it up… You know what else helps me? Finding something that gives me comfort. Do you have anything like that? This help?

Beverly: Oh.

Michaela Stone: How did... How did you do that?

Zeke Landon: Don't know. Just had a feeling.

Beverly: My Evie made this for me.


Pete Baylor: She was brave.


Zeke Landon: You okay?

Michaela Stone: Uh, yeah. Um, I'll be right back.


Angelina Meyer: This looks just like Archangel Michael.

Levi: Couple of centuries and a few thousand miles off. This is Ma'at, Egyptian goddess of justice and the afterlife. She'd place the deceased's heart on a scale of justice and the feather of truth on the other. If the heart was lighter than the feather, then they passed on to the blissful Field of Reeds.

Olive Stone: A metaphorical weighing of souls.

Levi: Yeah, exactly. But... But this depiction, it's unusual. In every representation I've come across, Ma'at takes a heart and weighs it against an ostrich feather. But this is too colourful to be an ostrich. It's almost like...

Both: A peacock.

Levi: What is this missing section? Wonder if anyone's written about this before. I'm gonna go check the database… Don't touch anything.

Angelina Meyer: So, the scales, afterlife... You think it's all about the Death Date?

Olive Stone: I think it's a sign that when you come back, you're being judged.

Angelina Meyer: Like getting a second chance.

Levi: Really?

Olive Stone: I'm sorry. Sorry. Hi. Hey.

Michaela Stone: Hey. Are you with Angelina?


Announcer: The pivot. Fires inside and that one good for two.<

Grace Stone: Goin' on a treasure hunt, a very important treasure hunt, "X" marks the spot, circle with a dot. Spiders crawling up your back...

Tarik: Can't believe you remember that stupid rhyme.

Grace Stone: Actually, I didn't till I overheard Cal and Olive reciting it… Brought me back.

Tarik: You taught it to them?

Grace Stone: Just like your dad taught it to us… I really loved him. He was always there for me when I needed him. And I should've been there for... I should've been there for both of you when you needed me… I wasn't just busy… Um, Cal had leukemia. He had just turned 6. He was... He was so sick. And just so little.

Tarik: God. I-I-Is... Is he better?

Grace Stone: Yeah, he's been in remission for over a year now.

Tarik: I'm glad he's okay.

Grace Stone: Me too.

Tarik: I wish... I'd been there for you.

Grace Stone: But at least we have each other now.


Angelina Meyer: How did you know?

Michaela Stone: Know what?

Angelina Meyer: That I needed to see Pete.

Michaela Stone: Long story short, I, uh, had a Calling that took me on a journey that I thought had nothing to do with you, and in fact, it had everything to do with you… Hey. You're safe, okay? We're... We're right here watching… You have a visitor.

Angelina Meyer: I keep looking at this picture thinking it's... Some wild coincidence, but I-I think it's more. I think it's a sign… Michaela saved me. I-I think I'm supposed to save you.

Pete Baylor: I-I heard this... Voice in my head. It said, "Go to her". I-I think I'm supposed to be with you, too.


Ben Stone: Eagan! Where are you?! Eagan! Come on. Alright.


Eagan Tehrani: Close call. Nice work, Professor.

Ben Stone: W-When the room collapsed, I thought...

Eagan Tehrani: That gas got so intense I had to turn around and head out… That's my cue. Nice working with you.

Ben Stone: Ooh. Wait, that's it?

Eagan Tehrani: Kid's alive. We're in one piece. Calling stopped. Win-win-win. And I, for one, don't have to explain all this to New York's finest.

Ben Stone: Hey, hey, you okay?

Caleb: My head hurts. I wanna go home.

Ben Stone: Alright, we'll get you checked out first, and then I'll drive you home.

Caleb: Thanks.

Ben Stone: Okay.

Caleb: Where's the other guy?

Ben Stone: He's...


Sarah Fitz: Hey. You found something?

Jared Vasquez: Please.

Sarah Fitz: Is she alive?

Jared Vasquez: That I don't know. But what I found is, um... It's complicated. Honestly, I'm not sure you'll want to hear this.

Sarah Fitz: I'm her daughter. It's not a choice for me.

Jared Vasquez: Sarah, your mother is a high-level government operative tasked with studying Flight 828. She often engaged in... Extra-legal activities.

Sarah Fitz: English, please.

Jared Vasquez: Torture, abduction. It could have something to do with her disappearance.

Sarah Fitz: So, where is she now?

Jared Vasquez: I wish I knew.

Sarah Fitz: Whatever she did, she's still my mom. Help me find her. Please.


Zimmer: In light of your actions, we've decided not to pursue charges. Effective immediately, you are hereby reinstated.

Tim Powell: Welcome back to the NSA, sir.

Robert Vance: Save it. I'm not coming back.

Tim Powell: Excuse me?

Robert Vance: You must be out your damn minds. Want to talk about treason? Every move I made working for the NSA was shadowed by your operative, Kathryn Fitz. She tried to kill me, almost did. I'm not about to get in her crosshairs again.

Zimmer: Major Fitz was found dead in New Orleans months ago. Her covert op was shut down. You come back, 828 is yours. Just tell me what you need.

Robert Vance: I don't need anything… It's you who needs me. But like I said, I'm out.

Tim Powell: Bob, I know you said nothing would change your mind... But what if I show you something I know will?


Caleb: Hey, Mom.

Naomi: Caleb!

Caleb: I'm sorry I ran away. It was stupid. And I didn't know if you'd want me to come back home.

Naomi: I will always love you, no matter what.

Caleb: This is Ben. He saved my life.

Naomi: Thank you.

Ben Stone: I'm glad he's safe. Take care, Caleb.


Naomi: The Lord has blessed me twice over. Look who's here. It's safe. It's just a man dropping off your brother.

Kory: What's up?


Zeke Landon: Everything okay with Angelina?

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I'm just concerned about Beverly.

Administrator: You have nothing to worry about. We've logged Beverly's preferred meals into our system, so she's set for dinner tonight. She's going to feel right at home with us.

Michaela Stone: Okay, when can we visit her?

Administrator: First thing tomorrow.

Michaela Stone: Okay.

Beverly: Oh, don't be scared, baby. I'll be home for supper.

Michaela Stone: Okay.

Beverly: Here, you be a brave girl now.

Michaela Stone: Thank you.

Beverly: Wait. Where are you taking my suitcase?

Administrator: Oh, come outside, dear. I'll show you.

Beverly: No, Glen and Evie will be home for supper soon. I-I can't leave. I can't go anywhere. Where are you taking me?

Michaela Stone: Stop, stop, stop! This is Beverly's home. This is all she's ever known. Zeke and I will take care of her.

Zeke Landon: Mick, Beverly needs 24/7 care.

Michaela Stone: Okay, great, so we'll move in here. We'll... We'll hire someone to help us. We'll get an aid. We'll learn to do this ourselves.

Zeke Landon: You sure you can live here?

Michaela Stone: Yeah, this is what Evie would want. This is what I want. And what the Calling wants.

Administrator: But you've already paid for the first month.

Zeke Landon: Consider it a donation… Thank you.

Administrator: Mm-hmm.

Beverly: So, what are we having for supper?

Michaela Stone: Whatever you ask for, I will make… Zeke will make. I'm not that good. He's much better than me.


Ben Stone: Sorry I'm late. Can't find my campus ID, my work bag.

Olive Stone: It's all good. Just one of those days, huh?

Ben Stone: Could be worse. Another passenger and I helped a kid… This guy, Eagan... He's better at the Callings than us. And I don't trust him, which... Scares the hell out of me… Anyway, are these the fragments TJ sent over?

Olive Stone: Yeah, most of them, but, uh, I don't know what they mean.

Ben Stone: You've been here all day. Give yourself a break.

Olive Stone: But this... This is important. You know, I thought the papyrus was gonna give me a clue about the Death Date, but without this missing piece, it's...


Pawn Owner: Uh, why do I need a gold frog?

Eagan Tehrani: Toad, and it's worth 2 G alone.

Pawn Owner: An urn? Somebody's ashes in here?

Eagan Tehrani: Check out the bronze. It's gotta be Greek, Roman, or something.

Pawn Owner: Stuff's hot. I can smell the smoke… $500 for everything.

Eagan Tehrani: You're a thief.

Pawn Owner: Takes one to know one. I need some ID… Hey, Ben Stone, you left some trash in the urn.


Cal Stone: Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! Eden, let's make a video for Olive… We're going on a treasure hunt, a very important treasure hunt. "X" marks the spot, circle with a dot…


Cal Stone: We're going on a treasure hunt, a very important treasure hunt. "X" marks the spot, a circle with a dot. Spiders crawling up your back, blood gushing down. We're going on a treasure hunt, a very important treasure hunt. "X" marks the spot, a circle with a dot. Spiders crawling up your back, blood gushing down.


Robert Vance: Glad to see they kept you around.

Tim Powell: I'm glad to see you in the flesh… I know you thought we went all-in on 828 two years ago…Well, that was then… This is now.

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Sevnol  (06.04.2022 à 23:45)

Vance de retour à la NSA, et surtout qu'est-ce qu'il voit à la fin de l'épisode qui le laisse sans voix ? Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais j'ai pensé à d'autres débris de l'avion peut-être ou même carrément l'avion entier ?

Le joueur d'échec (je ne sais plus son nom) n'est pas vraiment très fiable. Il a volé la carte et le sac de Ben, et essaie de récupérer de l'argent en vendant des oeuvres. Mais bon, je le sens mal pour Ben, je sens que ça va se retourner contre lui vu qu'il a utilisé son nom. Et le bout de parchemin qu'aimerait avoir Olive se retrouve dans la poubelle avec le sac et le badge de Ben... Bon, je pense que ça va réapparaître à un moment, mais quand ^^ ?

Beverley me fait de la peine avec sa maladie... Mais heureusement que Michaela, Ezekiel sont présents. Ça va être compliqué pour eux je pense de gérer ses crises, mais j'aime bien leur bienveillance. Et c'est gentil en plus, surtout après que Glen leur ait offert la maison, Beverley pourra toujours y vivre aussi ^^

Sabufield  (24.12.2021 à 01:01)
Message édité : 24.12.2021 à 01:03

@ShanInXYZ : TJ est parti étudier en Egypte, grâce a une subvention et en profiter pour en savoir plus sur le livre d'Al-Zuras et peut-être trouver un indice sur la date de la mort. (cf script VO 2x12 : deuxième discussion d'Olive et TJ.) C'est brièvement rappelé que TJ est en Egypte, au Caire. (cf script VO 3x03 : première discussion Olive et Angelina + script VO 3x05 : première discussion d'Olive et Lévi.) ;) 


C'est TJ Morrison qui a envoyé à Levi le papyrus vieux de plus de 2000 ans, qu'il restaure. (cf script VO 3x05 : première discussion d'Olive et Levi)

TJ et Olive sont toujours ensemble dans cet épisode. Je sais pas, si ce sera encore le cas a la fin de la saison. J'ai des doutes.

Pour le coup du dernier morceau de papyrus jetté a la poubelle, quelques chose me dis que cela va plus attirer d'ennui à un ou plusieurs passagers, qu'autre chose. Du genre ne pas leur permettre d'arriver à temps pour un appel et donc éventuellement concidérer les passagers impliqué comme n'ayant pas répondu à l'appel, avec les conséquences qui vont avec. 

ShanInXYZ  (22.12.2021 à 22:09)
Message édité : 23.12.2021 à 16:49

Olive continue d'enquêter avec Angelina même si je sais plus où est passé son copain, on dirait qu'elle va en trouver un autre tout aussi intéressé par les mystères du parchemin. Par contre le joueur d'échecs, il a l'air bien filou. Le bout de parchemin ou papyrus manquant fini dans la sacoche de Ben, à la poubelle, est-ce qu'il va la récupérer ou avoir des ennuis à cause de l'autre qui utilise son nom pour fourguer ses vols. Sinon du côté de Michaela c'était très touchant, je me doutais qu'elle pourrait pas virer la dame de chez elle pour y vivre, après ce sera peut-être pas évident mais son mari, a l'air de savoir s'y prendre. Les moments frères et soeurs Olive et Cal et leur mère avec Tarik aussi. Et la main de Ben qui brille c'est pas bizarre ça ?

mapema  (19.04.2021 à 18:26)

"D'ailleurs qu'il y avait-il sur ce bout de parchemin ?"

C'est sûrement le morceau manquant de celui qu'Olive et Angelina on essaye de reconstruire, et je pense que ce qu'il contient est important pour vraiment comprendre le parchemin en entier. Le but de l'appel n'était peut être pas que pour sauver le garçon mais pour retrouver ce morceau. 

Après ce qu'il y a dessus, une nouvelle énigme je pense ;)

sanct08  (19.04.2021 à 16:47)

Waouh, quel superbe cadeau que font Glen et Beverley à Michaela ! J'aimerais bien qu'on m'offre une maison, moi ^^ Reste à voir si Zeke et elle auront des nerfs suffisamment forts pour gérer leurs vies pros, persos et Beverley.

Les 3 camés seraient revenus à la vie car ils auraient droit à une deuxième chance?! Un peu sceptique là-dessus mais après tout pourquoi pas... Je pense cependant que tous, le chef notamment, ne saisiront pas cette chance. Mais on ne sait toujours pas pourquoi ils entendent la voix de Cal et pourquoi ils ne l'entendent qu'en certaines circonstances... Et quel est le lien unissant celui qui est en tôle (son nom m'échappe) avec Angelina? 

Retour à la NSA pour Vance? Est-ce que ce que lui montre son ancien collègue sera susceptible de le décider à reprendre son ancien poste? Ou est-ce qu'il le reprendra uniquement pour obtenir les réponses qu'il cherche, aider ses amis et couvrir Saanvi? 

Autre info notable : la NSA sait que le Major est mort depuis des mois mais n'en a pas averti sa fille?! Pourquoi? Et que sait-elle vraiment des circonstances de son décès? Est-ce que la réintégration de Vance et le pardon qu'on lui accorde n'auraient pas pour but de déterminer le rôle qu'il a joué dans la dissimulation de ce fait et le forcer à démasquer son meurtrier?

Contente d'avoir entendu à nouveau parler de TJ mais j'aimerais bien qu'on le revoit. Cela dit, les recherches progressent un peu et c'est bien.

Ben a fait confiance à la mauvaise personne pourtant je n'avais pas vraiment vu venir qu'il était louche jusqu'au moment où Ben le retrouve à l'extérieur de l'entrepôt en flammes... J'espère que le vol des oeuvres d'art et la découverte du bout de parchemin qu'Eaghan a trouvé ne retomberont pas sur Ben... D'ailleurs qu'il y avait-il sur ce bout de parchemin?



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