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#211 : Laisse-le partir

Alors que la situation de Zeke s'aggrave et que sa mort est proche, il doit affronter son passé pendant que Saanvi tente de lui assurer un avenir. Un appel conduit Ben & TJ vers un être proche pendant que Michaela fait face un dilemme puisqu'un appel lui demande de libérer un criminel.


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Unaccompanied Minors

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Laisse-le partir

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Saanvi tente de sauver la vie de Zeke

Saanvi tente de sauver la vie de Zeke

Ben, entourée de sa femme & sa petite Eden

Ben, entourée de sa femme & sa petite Eden

Saanvi aurait-elle des ennuis? (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi aurait-elle des ennuis? (Parveen Kaur)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela & Jared travaillent ensemble (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared travaillent ensemble (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Jared Vasquez (J.R Ramirez)

Jared Vasquez (J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela poursuit un suspect (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela poursuit un suspect (Melissa Roxburgh)

Zeke Landon (Matt Long)

Zeke Landon (Matt Long)


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Ecrit par :  Jeannine Rensha et Marta Gene Camps

Réalisé par : Andy Wolk

Melissa Roxburgh ... Michaela Stone
Josh Dallas ... Ben Stone
Athena Karkanis ... Grace Stone
J.R. Ramirez ... Jared Vasquez
Parveen Kaur ... Saanvi Bahl
Jack Messina ... Cal Stone
Luna Blaise ... Olive Stone
Matt Long ... Zeke Landon
Garrett Wareing ... TJ Morrison
Ellen Tamaki ... Drea Mikami
Maryann Plunkett ... Priscilla Landon
Michael Mederiros ... Gordon Landon
James McMenamin ... Jace Baylor
DazMann Still ... Kory
Devin Harjes ... Pete Baylor
Fernando Betancourt ... Tim
Kedren Spencer ... Luiso
Oliver Gifford ... Oscar






Michaela Stone: Ben, you've gone off the deep end.

Ben Stone: Just hear me out.

Michaela Stone: What, that we're false prophets coming back from the dead? I thought you got off this theory months ago when the calling saved Grace and the baby.

Ben Stone: Yeah, but pretty much every single night since then, Cal's been terrorized by these three looming shadows.

Michaela Stone: Still? You must really be desperate for answers. Science guy looking in the Bible.

Ben Stone: I just found this in Revelation, and it weirdly echoes Adrian's apocalypse theory. "I saw three spirits coming out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, out of the mouth of the false prophet."

Michaela Stone: Okay, that's creepy, but the callings... Think about the good, too.

Ben Stone: Which I keep reminding myself, but, Mick, what Cal's seeing is so dark, I keep coming back to Adrian. I mean, what if this is all "signs and wonders"?

Michaela Stone: So, what, we're doing good but for bad reasons?

Ben Stone: To lull us into obedience for some end-of-the-world scenario.

Michaela Stone: It's a really messed-up theory.

Ben Stone: I'm sorry. I should have asked. How's Zeke?

Michaela Stone: It's hard to tell. He never complains… It's not fair, though. He's at the hospital every single day. The treatment regimen is relentless.

Ben Stone: Saanvi thinks it's helping?

Michaela Stone: It's slowing the frostbite, but, no, Ben, it's not a cure. I am hoping for a freaking miracle 'cause if not, he's running out of time.


Zeke Landon: I can already tell this is gonna be a tough one. I woke up wanting to use so bad it hurt.

Moderator: Why today, do you think?

Zeke Landon: It's... The anniversary of my sister Chloe's death. We all dealt with her death in our own messed-up ways. My dad bailed. My mom withdrew… And I-I-I turned to drugs to numb the pain.

Moderator: So, in a way, this is also the anniversary of your addiction… Good news is, you're in recovery now. How's that going?

Zeke Landon: If I'm being honest, working the steps has been feeling a little pointless lately.

Moderator: Just take it one day at a time.

Zeke Landon: That's the thing. I may not have many days left… Look, I don't want sympathy. I mean, it is what it is but it's hard to work towards something when you know you're dying.

Moderator: It might be about closure now… Making peace with others and yourself. You've been so focused on seeking forgiveness… Who do you need to forgive?


Michaela Stone: Okay, I still don't know who or what you are exactly, other than a voice in my head… But enough is enough. Since the plane came back, you have called on me relentlessly, and I've listened. I've literally done everything that you wanted because I believe that what you're asking us to do is for a purpose. I mean, it has to be… So why, after all that I've done, am I watching the man I love freeze to death? A good, kind man who also listens to you, who has worked so hard to redeem himself… He doesn't deserve this… How am I supposed to know that this is for some greater good if you just let him die? How am I supposed to keep listening? I need to understand. I don't want to lose faith. Don't make me.


Bodega Owner: Hey! Hey! Stop! Thief! Hey! Somebody stop him!

Michaela Stone: NYPD! Stop!

Oscar: Ohh! Ow!

Michaela Stone: Get up. Hands up. Hands up. It's your unlucky day, kid. I'm a cop.

No, no, p-please, ma'am. It was just a candy bar. It was the first time ever, I swear. I'm gonna be in so much trouble. You don't understand. My mom's gonna kill me.

Michaela Stone: Well, you should have thought about that be...

Michaela Stone: Let him go. Let him go.

Michaela Stone: Look, kid, don't be stupid, okay? If I catch you doing this again...

Oscar: Okay.

Michaela Stone: Go.


Bodega Owner: What the hell is this?

Michaela Stone: It's what the kid stole.

Bodega Owner: No, it isn't… This is. 20 boxes, maybe. I was restocking. I turned my back for one second, and, bam. Bodega down the way got hit a couple days ago. Same thing.

Michaela Stone: Cold medicine.

Bodega Owner: Do you know what they use it for?

Michaela Stone: To cook meth.


Michaela Stone: Can I run something by you?

Jared Vasquez: Always.

Michaela Stone: I, um, caught a kid stealing a candy bar, and then I get a calling telling me to let him go. S-So I did.

Jared Vasquez: And... ?

Michaela Stone: Turns out the candy bar was just a decoy, and he had half a case of cold medicine in his backpack.

Jared Vasquez: So you think the candy-bar kid's cooking meth?

Michaela Stone: I don't know. The bodega owner said a place down the street got hit a few days ago. So, yeah, it makes me think it was the same kid.

Jared Vasquez: Or he could be part of a bigger operation.

Michaela Stone: Maybe that's why the calling told me to let him go, so that we could catch the bigger fish.

Jared Vasquez: That's a terrible plan. More helpful would have been to bring him in so we could interrogate him. Mick, why does it feel like you're always trying to justify the callings?

Michaela Stone: Because I gotta believe they're good, Jared.

Jared Vasquez: Well, I should probably help you track this kid down. Unless you want to let her in on your, uh, gift.


Drea Mikami: Hey.

Michaela Stone: Hey. I'm, uh, probably gonna peel off with Vasquez today.

Drea Mikami: Really?

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I witnessed a crime. He thinks it could be related to a bunch of robberies he's tracking.

Drea Mikami: Yeah, you sure he's not just trying to get back in your pants?

Michaela Stone: Um, no, I asked him to help.

Drea Mikami: Okay, alright, well, if you're good, I'm good. It'll give me a chance to catch up on some paperwork. Hey, Vasquez, this is just a loaner, okay?

Jared Vasquez: Yeah.


Ben Stone: Come on, Eden. Give daddy a little smile. Pbht!

Grace Stone: I think your daddy's lost it. She doesn't perform on command... Yet.

Ben Stone: Ohh.

Grace Stone: Come here, you little diva. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Frosty winter into spring
Sunny summer into fall
I will love you through it all

Ben Stone: She likes that one. Where's it from?

Grace Stone: You want to hear something so sweet? Cal was singing it to her.

Ben Stone: Oh.

Grace Stone: You saw something.

Ben Stone: Yeah, it was... Some kind of train… But the Calling, it felt different.

Grace Stone: Different how?

Ben Stone: Like I was gonna die.


Cal Stone: You know what would go really well with this drink? Dim sum. There's a killer place around here.

TJ Morrison: Dim sum? Alright, bud, I gotta get you home. I got class tonight.

Cal Stone: Fine, but we should all go sometime, as a family.

TJ Morrison: Wait… You saying I'm family now?

Cal Stone: Uh, yeah, kinda. Plus, when you order with a big group, you can order all different kinds.

TJ Morrison: Yeah, that's a good point.

Cal Stone: You didn't just see three dark shadows, did you?

TJ Morrison: No. But I did see something.


TJ Morrison: It was, like, all these little pieces of glass that came together and formed this huge bird with talons. A phoenix, I think.

Cal Stone: Which represents life and rebirth. I looked it up.

Grace Stone: Cal said you were pretty spooked.

TJ Morrison: It was weird. I mean, the picture was bright and cheerful, but I felt so... Sad. Huh. Hopeless, almost. It was just different.

Grace Stone: Hmm.

Ben Stone: This bird with talons... Could it have been a... A dragon or some other mythical beast?

TJ Morrison: I mean, it really looked like a phoenix. Why?

Ben Stone: Uh, grasping at straws, maybe, but your picture, my trains, uh, Cal's shadows all... Felt like doom and gloom.

Grace Stone: Hopefully not our doom and gloom. We've been on a pretty good streak since the baby was born.

Ben Stone: True.

Grace Stone: What if they're related in some other way? You said the phoenix looked as though it were made up of tiny little pieces of glass. Could it have been a mosaic?

TJ Morrison: Yeah. I suppose.

Grace Stone: Because some of the subway stations have those big murals.

Ben Stone: That could have been the train I saw.

Cal Stone: There's a bunch of this stuff.

Ben Stone: Any of those look familiar?

TJ Morrison: Yeah, that's the one.

Ben Stone: Let's see it. It's downtown. Bowery.

TJ Morrison: We should check it out.

Ben Stone: Yeah.

Grace Stone: Baby, she's sleeping. She's not gonna smile any time soon. But don't forget we have her four-month check-up later.

Ben Stone: I'll be back to pick you up.


Saanvi Bahl: I'm gonna do a little more debridement of the dead skin later, okay?

Zeke Landon: Oh, joy.

Saanvi Bahl: I know it's painful. We're trying to slow the migration. MRI will tell us if there's been any deterioration since your last scan. I need to, uh, replace your warm fluids with some cold dye. Sorry.

Zeke Landon: You love torturing me, don't you?

Saanvi Bahl: Not even a little. What else is going on with you?

Zeke Landon: At my meeting today, my sponsor said I should be finding closure so I'm ready to move on… Kinda made me mad 'cause I'm not ready.

Saanvi Bahl: There's no reason you should be. It's not fair what's happening to you.

Zeke Landon: More painful than the treatment is how it's affecting Michaela… She really is my soul mate.

Saanvi Bahl: I know how you feel. I mean, it's not the same, but, yeah.

Zeke Landon: Of course. Alex.

Saanvi Bahl: Mm-hmm.

Zeke Landon: Yeah.

Saanvi Bahl: Hey, at least there is hope for you. I have faith in my retrovirus. We just have to keep the frostbite in check until I fine-tune the formula.

Zeke Landon: Wait, you're still experimenting?

Saanvi Bahl: Of course. I mean, a little more carefully since the little Alex fiasco, but yeah.

Zeke Landon: Al-Zuras's journal didn't warn you off? It said the callings were the only way around the Death Date, that everything else was a path to disaster.

Saanvi Bahl: Medicine has come a long way since bleeding and leeches. There's so many illnesses that were a death sentence and now have a cure. Why is this any different?

Zeke Landon: You really believe that?

Saanvi Bahl: Once I figure out how to reverse the DNA anomaly, we can go back to being ordinary. No callings, no more Death Date.

Zeke Landon: I hope so.

Saanvi Bahl: Yeah, me too.


Michaela Stone: We're trying to track down one of your riders.

Dispatcher: Happy to help any way I can.

Michaela Stone: Got on at 156th and Hewitt a little after 9:00.

Dispatcher: You know what? Right on time.

Michaela Stone: Do you mind if we talk to the driver?

Dispatcher: Um, that would be Kory. I'll see if he's here.

Michaela Stone: Thanks.

Jared Vasquez: I had Diaz put together a map of robberies similar to yours.

Michaela Stone: It's all across the boroughs.

Jared Vasquez: If this is all the same operation, then it's huge.

Kory: You're looking for one of my riders?

Michaela Stone: Hey, yeah. Uh, he's about 17, brown hair, backpack, got on a little after 9:00.

Kory: A lot of kids get on my bus around that time.

Jared Vasquez: Guy was shoplifting, probably got on last minute, definitely winded.

Kory: Look, no disrespect, but if I remembered everyone got on my bus, I'd quit and go to Atlantic City.

Michaela Stone: Does your bus have security cameras? We want to see the tapes.

Kory: Sure. Just flash your badges at Sonia. She'll get you what you need.

Michaela Stone: Thanks.

Jared Vasquez: Thank you. I guess your calling's trying to send us on a wild-goose chase.

Michaela Stone: There's always a reason, Jared. Look, you don't have to help if you don't want.

Jared Vasquez: Now I'm curious.


TJ Morrison: So, those shadows Cal sees...

Ben Stone: What about them?

TJ Morrison: What if they're not supposed to make us doubt the callings? What if they're another warning, like the fire?

Ben Stone: About what?

TJ Morrison: Something terrible that's coming. Sir. Excuse me. Uh... Here you go.

Gordon Landon: Thanks, kid. You raised him well, Dad.

Ben Stone: Come on.


TJ Morrison: The phoenix. Over there… So, what now?

Ben Stone: I don't know. Just keep our eyes open.

TJ Morrison: You know that gloomy feeling?

Ben Stone: Yeah, I feel it, too.

Announcer: Approaching express train is not in service. Please stand away from the platform edge.

Ben Stone: Look. Over there. The guy from the stairs.

Announcer: Express train is not in service. Please stand away from the platform.

Ben Stone: No, no, no, no, no! Stop!

TJ Morrison: What the hell?


Zeke Landon: Best thing about being stuck in a hospital is the guilt-free junk food.

Priscilla Landon: You always had a sweet tooth. Should've brought something for you.

Zeke Landon: Ah, I'm just glad you could come today, Mom.

Priscilla Landon: Mm. What happened? You were doing so well, taking care of yourself.

Zeke Landon: I'm not using, Mom. I promise.

Priscilla Landon: Then why are you so sick?

Zeke Landon: I told you. I'm... I'm recovering from burns and smoke inhalation from that fire.

Priscilla Landon: Yeah, I-I know. I'm sorry. It's just that, um, it's been a long time now. You're all I've got. So I worry.

Zeke Landon: You don't need to apologize. After all the times I lied to you, you have a right to doubt me.

Priscilla Landon: No, I just feel so lucky to have my son back… To see you happy and in love. I really like Michaela.

Zeke Landon: Me too.

Priscilla Landon: Mm… Well, I guess I better get going if I'm gonna make it out there today.

Zeke Landon: I love you.

Priscilla Landon: Mm. I love you so much.

Zeke Landon: I wish you could come with me.

Priscilla Landon: We'll go again when I'm better.

Zeke Landon: Okay.


Zeke Landon: My sister loved Jones Beach. So we go out there every year to remember her.

Saanvi Bahl: That's a beautiful tradition.

Zeke Landon: Unfortunately, my IV doesn't travel further than the vending machine.

Saanvi Bahl: You still haven't told her what's really going on, have you?

Zeke Landon: Why torment her? Thought I'd wait till I was on death's door. Which I might be, judging by the look on your face… How bad is it?

Saanvi Bahl: Yeah, the MRI results aren't exactly what I'd hoped. There's some new damage to your muscles.

Zeke Landon: So I'm still freezing to death.

Saanvi Bahl: We are not gonna lose this fight, okay? You mean too much to all of us.


Michaela Stone: Hey, you find something?

Drea Mikami: Yeah, I'm never sitting on a bus again. People are disgusting.

Jared Vasquez: Thanks for the PSA. Any leads on the shoplifter?

Drea Mikami: Yeah, we have three kids who match your description of the runner.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, that's him.

Drea Mikami: Okay… Alright. He got off at Franklin High.

Jared Vasquez: Alright, forward me a screen shot. I'll call the principal and send it over for an ID.

Drea Mikami: So, how was your little walk down memory lane?

Michaela Stone: It's good to be friends again. Thank you for asking.

Drea Mikami: I don't have many friends who would infiltrate a hate group for me.

Michaela Stone: No, he's a cop. He's just doing his job.

Drea Mikami: Yeah, well, that maybe explains the undercover part, but that awful haircut... That's true love.

Michaela Stone: Okay, let's just forward him the screen shot.

Drea Mikami: Mm-hmm.


Ben Stone: Ah. Hey. How's he doing?

ER Doctor: He's sleeping. Just scrapes and bruises. Nothing serious. He's lucky you two were on the platform today.

Ben Stone: Any ID?

ER Doctor: No ID, no phone. We put him in the database. If someone misses him, they show up.

Ben Stone: Alright. Thank you.

ER Doctor: Mm-hmm.

TJ Morrison: And you're sure he's not a passenger?

Ben Stone: I'm positive.

TJ Morrison: So, that's it? We save his life and have no idea who he is or why the Callings led us to him.

Ben Stone: Maybe we'll get some answers when he wakes up.

TJ Morrison: He was holding that matchbox when he tried to end it all.

Ben Stone: It's a music box… It's Grace's lullaby.

TJ Morrison: What?

Ben Stone: Grace was singing this lullaby today.

TJ Morrison: Where'd she learn it?

Ben Stone: Cal.

TJ Morrison: So the lullaby's got to be a Calling, too, right? A subway, a phoenix mosaic, and a lullaby… That's a weird puzzle.

Ben Stone: The song was about the seasons. I can't... I can't recall the lyrics.

TJ Morrison: Maybe that's the key. Cal knows them. We should talk to him.

Ben Stone: Yeah.

TJ Morrison: He seemed like a nice guy. Sad he tried to end his life.

Ben Stone: Hey. We gave him a second chance. Now we just need to figure out why.


Oscar: It was just a candy bar.

Michaela Stone: Right. Well, uh, that excuse worked this morning when you forgot to tell us about the cold medicine you snatched.

Jared Vasquez: Help me understand something, Oscar. Straight A's, honour student, and cooks meth?

Oscar: Meth? No, no, no. I-I-I don't cook meth. I-I don't do drugs, alright? I'm on the track team.

Michaela Stone: Okay, well, it doesn't look like you have much of a cold, either. So do you want to help us out here?

Oscar: Please, you gotta believe me. I had no idea those were to make meth.

Jared Vasquez: Mm-hmm. Then you work for somebody that does.

Oscar: Hm.

Jared Vasquez: Come on, man. Don't make us bring you in on this.

Oscar: I don't know him. Alright, it was a JoJo.

Jared Vasquez: A what?

Oscar: JoJo's Delivery Service? Like a... Like a dark Net TaskRabbit.

Michaela Stone: As if you were explaining it to your mother...

Oscar: So, you get a snap of what to steal and where to drop it off, and then they Venmo you.

Jared Vasquez: Who are "they"?

Oscar: Uh, I just know the handle's Try3.

Michaela Stone: Okay, so, you took the bus to the drop-off.

Oscar: No, the bus is the drop-off.


Cal Stone: Ah-ha-ha!

Zeke Landon: Aha! Oh!

Cal Stone: Checkmate!

Zeke Landon: No mercy for a sick patient, huh?

Grace Stone: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Cal Stone: You should have seen the tournaments we had in the cancer ward. Rematch?

Zeke Landon: I'm a glutton for punishment. Set up the board.

Ben Stone: Hey.

Grace Stone: Hey.

Ben Stone: How you doing?

Zeke Landon: Getting my butt kicked.

Ben Stone: We think your lullaby might be a calling.

Cal Stone: What lullaby?

Grace Stone: You know, the one you sing to Eden.

Frosty winter into spring
Sunny summer into fall

Grace Stone & Zeke Landon:

I will love you through them all

Zeke Landon: How do you know that? My dad wrote that.

Grace Stone: Was he a songwriter?

Zeke Landon: No. He just... He would sing me and my sister to sleep. He had a little music box he used to make up songs to… No one else would know them.

Ben Stone: Zeke, when's the last time you saw your dad?

Zeke Landon: He left a few months after my sister died. Haven't seen him since. He's dead for all I know.

Ben Stone: Actually... I think he might be downstairs.


Michaela Stone: Told you the Callings had a plan. "Let him go". If I hadn't, then we wouldn't be onto this bus drop-off or any of this.

Jared Vasquez: If the callings really wanted to help, they'd lead us directly to the lab.

Michaela Stone: Oh, where's the fun in that?

Jared Vasquez: Fun's gonna be an ice-cold beer once we put these criminals away.

Drea Mikami: Hey, so, we got access to Try3's payment list, and it matches most of the bodega thefts in the five boroughs.

Jared Vasquez: They steal the items, drop them off on the bus, and then someone comes and picks them up.

Drea Mikami: And most of the payments were made within two hours of the theft.

Jared Vasquez: Never making any direct contact. So the kids can't ID the dealers. It's crafty.

Michaela Stone: Do we know who Try3 is?

Drea Mikami: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Jace Baylor. History of violence, stint upstate for possession and sale of meth. He was busted for buying fertilizer in bulk.

Michaela Stone: Well, it looks like he found a smarter way to get his supplies.

Drea Mikami: Didn't take him long. He was released four months ago.

Jared Vasquez: Just when the robberies started.

Drea Mikami: Might be tricky to find him. He was evicted from his last-known address and hasn't checked in with his parole officer.

Jared Vasquez: I have a guy in narcotics who owes me a favour. I'll see what he knows.

Michaela Stone: I'm gonna go check in on Zeke.

Jared Vasquez: I'll text you if I get an address.


Cal Stone: What are we waiting for? Let's go find your dad.

Zeke Landon: I'm not sure that's such a good idea, bud.

Cal Stone: Don't you want to see him?

Zeke Landon: Let's just say I didn't get as lucky as you in the dad department.

Grace Stone: Hey, Calamander, what do you say you come with me and your sister? Get us checked in. We'll wait for you.

Ben Stone: Thank you. Thanks, buddy.

Zeke Landon: Bye, guys.

Grace Stone: See you later.

Ben Stone: There has to be a reason the calling brought us to your father.

Zeke Landon: Calling wasted your time. My dad made it very clear he wanted nothing to do with me years ago.

Ben Stone: I think he maybe changed. I get the feeling he's got a lot of regrets.

Zeke Landon: Good. He should.

Ben Stone: You're angry. I get it… But he's your dad. Does he not get a second chance?

Zeke Landon: He's not like you, Ben. Your kid gets hurt, you pick him up, you tell him it's gonna be okay. My dad dumped all the blame on me and bailed.

Ben Stone: After your sister died? There's no excuse for that… But... As someone that has a brand-new baby girl, I can't imagine what I would do if something happened to her. You know, grief can make us do crazy things.

Zeke Landon: You don't have to tell me about grief. I fell apart. Where was he? He moved on. No note. Nothing. I never saw him again.

Ben Stone: And he's a broken man because of it. Zeke, he was about to take his own life.

Zeke Landon: That's not my responsibility.

Ben Stone: What if this is your chance to let go of all of that hurt and anger?

Zeke Landon: I'm not gonna spend the little time I have left on that man.

Ben Stone: But you're not doing this for him. You're doing this for you… Maybe it's time that you forgive so you can find some closure.


Gordon Landon: You're... You and your dad were at the subway.

TJ Morrison: Not my dad, but, uh, yeah. How you feeling?

Gordon Landon: You shouldn't have saved me.

TJ Morrison: Don't say that.

Gordon Landon: It's the truth.

TJ Morrison: There was a mural of a phoenix in the subway. Does that mean anything to you? It's a symbol of rebirth and renewal… Maybe you got a chance to try again.

Gordon Landon: What makes you think I deserve one?

TJ Morrison: Everyone does.

Gordon Landon: What is it to you, anyway?

TJ Morrison: A lot, actually… My mother killed herself… And I would do anything to be able to see her again.

Gordon Landon: I'm sorry.

TJ Morrison: I'm sure someone feels the same way about you. Don't you have a family?

Gordon Landon: They've forgotten about me by now.

TJ Morrison: I doubt that. How do you know they're not out there looking for you right now?

Gordon Landon: 'Cause what I did was unforgivable. I abandoned them when they needed me.

Zeke Landon: Hey, Dad.

Gordon Landon: Zeke?


TJ Morrison: I can't believe it.

Ben Stone: I can. Zeke needed this.


Zeke Landon: Just what the doctor ordered.

Michaela Stone: Hey!

Zeke Landon: Hey.

Michaela Stone: I didn't expect to see you up and around so soon. Mm. Mm. Mm. Are treatments getting easier?

Zeke Landon: No, I just had to... My dad's downstairs.

Michaela Stone: How is that possible? I thought you guys lost touch.

Zeke Landon: A Calling… I don't know how or why, but it... It led your brother and TJ to him. They brought him here.

Michaela Stone: Wow.

Zeke Landon: Yeah.

Michaela Stone: How... How was it seeing him?

Zeke Landon: I've carried so much anger and hurt… But just now he seemed small. Just a sad old man.

Michaela Stone: Are you gonna see him again?

Zeke Landon: We're gonna take a train out to Chloe's beach. Give us a chance to at least talk.

Michaela Stone: Wait. Right now? What... What about your treatment?

Zeke Landon: I'm done… I'm stopping the treatment.

Michaela Stone: Uh, what do you mean, you're done? If you don't keep going, then...

Zeke Landon: Michaela. I've been staying alive, but I haven't been living. I don't want to spend my last days hooked up to tubes, getting my skin scraped off, trapped inside this place. I want to spend it with you, in your arms.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, but I don't understand. You... You went and saw your dad, and now you're just gonna give up?

Zeke Landon: No, no, it just... Gave me some clarity. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is cause you pain. It's why I've been fighting so hard.

Michaela Stone: We're gonna find you a cure, Zeke.

Zeke Landon: And I hope to God I'm there to take it… But right now, I need to live every day like it's my last… Hey. I know… I'm lucky. I've... I've been able to make peace with everyone I needed to… I feel closure… I'm ready… I just need you to be. Let me go.


Saanvi Bahl: Oh, great. Tim, my badge isn't working. Can you let me in?

Tim: I'm sorry, Dr. Bahl, but I'm afraid we have to ask you to leave.

Saanvi Bahl: What? Is this some kind of drill?

Luisa: Your hospital privileges have been revoked.

Saanvi Bahl: That's, uh... That's not possible. My research is, uh, in there. How am I supposed to do my job?

Tim: Please, if you'll come with us...

Saanvi Bahl: Hey. Hey, you don't understand. People's lives are at stake here.

Luisa: Please, Dr. Bahl.

Saanvi Bahl: Tim, who authorized this? Who authorized this?!


Jared Vasquez: You've been awfully quiet. Are you okay?

Michaela Stone: Yeah. You sure this is the right place?

Jared Vasquez: Yeah. My boy in narcotics says Jace has been crashing here with a brother. You hungry? Got you a pastrami and rye from that hole-in-the-wall place we used to love to go to.

Michaela Stone: What is this?

Jared Vasquez: A sandwich.

Michaela Stone: Thank you. Um, it's my favourite sandwich. And you've gotten on this case with me, and...

Jared Vasquez: You asked for help.

Michaela Stone: Look, J, I... I'm beyond grateful for the risks that you took to protect me and for saving Zeke's life… But I'm with him now, and... I love him.

Jared Vasquez: Mick, you're way off base here.

Michaela Stone: Am I?

Jared Vasquez: I know you're with Zeke… And I'm happy for you… Maybe that's an overstatement, but I've accepted it. And, yeah, you're right. I did want to work this case with you, but not 'cause I want to get back with you… It's 'cause I miss having you in my life. I can handle not being with you anymore. I can't handle not having you as a friend.

Michaela Stone: Me too.

Jared Vasquez: I mean, who knows? Maybe after all this, Zeke and I will be friends… What? He hates me, doesn't he? Of course he does.

Michaela Stone: No… It's just that he might not be around for much longer.

Jared Vasquez: What do you mean?

Michaela Stone: He's not being treated for burns, Jared. He's dying. Being back has a cost, and, uh, however long we were gone is... That's how long we have left to live.

Jared Vasquez: Wait, you have this, too?

Michaela Stone: Yeah. The callings made that pretty clear.

Jared Vasquez: How... How can you even be sure that...

Michaela Stone: We are, Jared. It happened to Griffin. It's happening to Zeke.

Jared Vasquez: How is this even possible, Mick?

Michaela Stone: How is any of this possible, Jared?! How is it possible that... Zeke's telling me to let him go?

Jared Vasquez: Hold on. Wait, wait, wait. So the Calling was about Zeke?

Michaela Stone: I don't know. I don't... I don't... I don't know. I'm... More confused than I've ever been. I'm just... Praying that we m-make this meth-ring bust so that I know that that's what the Callings meant.

Jared Vasquez: Mick, I...

Michaela Stone: Hey. Hold on. Look.

Jared Vasquez: That's the bus driver.

Michaela Stone: He's the courier. He's making a drop is my guess.

Jared Vasquez: 1-29. 85 in progress at 272 Barnell. Requesting backup.

Michaela Stone: We got to get in there before he bails.


Jared Vasquez: Gas company! You have a leak! Clear! Police! Don't move!

Michaela Stone: Police! Hands where I can see them! Down on the ground! Down on the ground! Get over. Over here right now! Pole.

Jace Baylor: You don't want to do this.

Michaela Stone: Jace, shut up. Yeah, I know exactly who you are. In fact, I came especially to see you.

Jace Baylor: Ah. Well, now we've been introduced, you best walk away.

Michaela Stone: Let him go.

Jace Baylor: You know there'll be hell to pay, don't you, pretty lady? The pain I'll bring down on you, a holy vengeance like nothing you've ever seen before.

Michaela Stone: Shut up. You threatening me is only gonna make it worse for you, okay?

Jace Baylor: This is bigger than both of us.

Michaela Stone: Let him go. Let him go! Let him go!

Michaela Stone: No! Jace Baylor, you are under arrest for possession of an illegal substance with intent to sell. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand these rights?


Ben Stone: Scoop of chocolate on the bottom, mint on top, with... Sprinkles.

Grace Stone: I mean, I know a nursing mother needs her calcium. But sprinkles? What is the occasion?

Ben Stone: Second chances… You know, today reminded me that I haven't... Exactly been making the most of mine. So, starting now... Watch out.

Grace Stone: Well, I like the sound of that but what have you done with my husband?

Ben Stone: I've just been trying so hard to make sense of everything, and I've gotten nowhere. Meanwhile, the callings keep... Keep doing these amazing things.

Grace Stone: Yeah, they do. So now what?

Ben Stone: Do what the callings have wanted us to do all along... Just listen. Follow and listen. That's where we're gonna find our answers.

Grace Stone: So... Does that mean no more late nights in the garage?

Ben Stone: Yeah, I better lock it up before my skeptical mind rebels.

Grace Stone: We're gonna get you back, then.

Ben Stone: Are you kidding? Come on. I am not missing another milestone with my kids. Hi!

Grace Stone: Hi!

Ben Stone: Hi! Hey, baby girl.

Grace Stone: There's your smile.

Ben Stone: That's my girl. Hey.


Jared Vasquez: So, uh, this thing Zeke has... A-and you… There's no cure?

Michaela Stone: Not for lack of trying.

Jared Vasquez: Something else wrong?

Michaela Stone: At the bust, I got a calling that told me to "let him go". And I didn't.

Jared Vasquez: Why would it ask you something like that?

Michaela Stone: Who knows. Maybe it's talking about Zeke again. But I'm gonna lose my mind.

Jared Vasquez: Please don't. That'd be terrible timing now that we're finally friends again… So what happens now?

Michaela Stone: I don't know… I've never defied a calling before.

Jared Vasquez: I think you made the right choice.


Michaela Stone: Hey.

Zeke Landon: I wasn't expecting you'd be home yet.

Michaela Stone: Mm-hmm. Ooh. You're freezing.

Zeke Landon: It was cold at the beach.

Michaela Stone: How'd it go with your dad?

Zeke Landon: It was tough, but we muddled through. I don't know... I don't know what... What comes of it, but... Maybe now neither of us will die with regrets… Mick, the puppy-dog eyes are not changing my mind.

Michaela Stone: I know… But I don't have to agree with you or the Callings or any of it.

Zeke Landon: I didn't expect you to. Pretty much my entire life has been about regret and sadness but I don't want to end it like that. I want to go out on my terms... With the love of my life, making one more memory I can take with me.

Michaela Stone: What are you doing?

Zeke Landon: Will you marry me, Michaela?

Michaela Stone: Yes. Yes, I will.

Zeke Landon: I love you so much.

Michaela Stone: I love you, too.


Ben Stone: There we go.

Cal Stone: Did Zeke and his dad make up yet?

Ben Stone: They're working on it. And how about you, bud? Have you seen any of those scary shadows lately?

Cal Stone: No. Why do you think?

Ben Stone: I don't know. But I bet we're gonna figure it out. As your wise grandma always said... All things work together for good… Sleep tight… Love you.

Cal Stone: Love you, too.

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Sevnol  (15.03.2021 à 22:28)

C'est cool de voir le Jared "normal" et non l'infiltré, je le préfère bien mieux comme ça. Bon même si j'ai envie qu'il retourne avec Michaela, mais bon avec la demande en mariage d'Ezekiel ça va devenir compliqué de les revoir ensemble je pense... 

Les ombres sont donc les dealers ? Je ne l'avais pas vu venir ça, je me demande comment ils vont être intégré à tout cette histoire, quelle est leur implication dans tout ça en fait ? Cependant, je sens que Michaela aurait dû suivre les appels cette fois-ci.

Ben qui lâche sa quête, ça aussi c'est surprenant, lui qui est à fond depuis son retour presque. Bon en même temps, il a un membre de plus dans sa famille, il va être occupé pendant un certain temps mais je suis sûre, il ne va pas tenir et recommencer sa quête au bon d'un moment ^^

D'ailleurs, j'étais étonnée, mais entre l'épisode précédent et celui-ci, 4 mois se sont écoulés, ils vont vite je trouve, mais bon, si ça permet de pas avoir d'épisode bateau, pourquoi pas.

On va reparler du Major dans pas longtemps je pense, Saanvi qui n'a plus son accès à l'hôpital, c'est un coup du Major, c'est obligé.

labelette  (04.12.2020 à 17:28)

Tout comme vous, je ne suis pas emballée par la demande en mariage d'Ezekiel / la réponse de Michaela. C'est tellement rapide !

Mais a priori le temps est passé vite puisque la petite Eden (née dans le dernier épisode) a déjà 4 mois !

Michaela n'a pas répondu à l'appel. Que va-t-il se passer car elle n'a pas laissé partir le fabricant de meth ? En tout cas, on sait maintenant qui sont les ombres...

Et tout est lié, on l'a bien vu avec l'homme que Ben et TJ ont sauvé, qui s'est avéré être le père de Zeke.

sanct08  (26.03.2020 à 13:10)

Bon comme tout le monde apparemment, je trouve que la demande en mariage de Zeke prouve qu'il est au comble du désespoir. Je pense aussi que Michaela accepte un peu vite. Elle devrait se méfier car ses dernières fiançailles ont mal finies...

Je suis ravie de voir Jared et Michaela renouer. Je reste sur ce que je disais sur l'épisode précédent : Michaela ne sait pas vraiment où elle en est avec lui et je pense qu'il est dans le même cas. A mon avis, elle va vite avoir besoin de lui à ses côtés...

Michaela qui dit non à une intuition et Ben qui décide de laisser tomber son obsession?! Dans le même épisode?! Ca je ne l'avais pas vu venir !!! Vivement la suite!

J'ai bien aimé l'histoire autour de la berceuse que j'ai trouvé très mignonne.

Et puis ces ombres sont celles des dealers? Hein? J'ai hâte d'avoir une explication, d'autant que le dealer menace tout de même Michaela de représailles divines...

ptitebones  (25.03.2020 à 15:04)

J'avoue que Zeke et sa demande en mariage c'était sortie de nul part, pis Michaela accepte super vite, c'est clairement du désespoir tout ça...

Les ombres me faisaient super peur mdr, je me demande bien qui sont ces dealers... Les callings indiquent à Michaela de les laisser, mais en même temps elles tourmentes Cal. C'est bizarre

J'ai bien aimé Jared cet épisode

Effectivement c'est cool de voir TJ intégré dans le quotidien des Stones, et considéré comme un membre de la famille

SeySey  (25.03.2020 à 09:31)

Moi je pensais aux cavaliers de l'Apocalypse ^^

Mais j'avoue que les dieux des enfers, c'est pas mal mdr

Emmalyne  (24.03.2020 à 21:39)

Le cliché absolu ! Zeke qui demande Michaela en mariage juste avant de mourir. Je suis pour le laisser geler à mort. Non, je n'aime pas Zeke.

J'ai bien aimé cet épisode. C'était trop mignon l'intégration de TJ dans des événements banals du quotidien dans la famille Stone.

Bon on sait qui sont ces trois ombres, je trouve assez agréable que le rythme de la série aille rapidement, on ne reste pas bloqué pendant 10 épisodes sur la même question.

Qu'est ce que tu voyais Sey ? Je me suis demandé un moment si ce n'était pas les 3 dieux des enfers grecs, vu toute la mythologie grecques à laquelle on a eu le droit depuis le début de la série.

Plus que 2 épisodes, j'espère vraiment que la série sera renouvelée ?

SeySey  (24.03.2020 à 11:47)

Alors là, je ne l'ai pas vu venir celle demande en mariage!!!

Je suis trop contente mais Zeke a intérêt de vivre sinon...

Donc les 3 ombres sont les dealers...dommage, je voyais autre chose ^^


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