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#115 : Le grand méchant loup

Lorsque Michaela rencontre James Griffin lors d'une enquête de police, les passagers apprennent ce qui se passe quand leurs appels tombent entre de mauvaises mains. Entre temps, Jared rencontre Zeke, ce qui fera douter Michaela sur la nature de ses appels.


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Titre VO
Hard Landing

Titre VF
Le grand méchant loup

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1x15 | Promo VO


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Cal & Olive Stone (Luna Blaise & Jack Messina)

Cal & Olive Stone (Luna Blaise & Jack Messina)

Olive, Ben & Grace Stone font des recherches

Olive, Ben & Grace Stone font des recherches

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Olive, Ben & Grace Stone font des recherches

Olive, Ben & Grace Stone font des recherches

Ben & Zeke (Josh Dallas & Matt Long)

Ben & Zeke (Josh Dallas & Matt Long)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Olive & Ben Stone (Luna Blaise & Josh Dallas)

Olive & Ben Stone (Luna Blaise & Josh Dallas)

Zeke Landon (Matt Long)

Zeke Landon (Matt Long)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Griffin à l'hopital (Marc Menchaca)

Griffin à l'hopital (Marc Menchaca)

Michaela & Saanvi au chevet de Griffin

Michaela & Saanvi au chevet de Griffin

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Ben, Zeke & Jared arrivent à l'hopital

Ben, Zeke & Jared arrivent à l'hopital


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Scénaristes : Gregory Nelson et Bobak Esfarjani
Réalisateur : Claudia Yarmy
Melissa Roxburgh ... Michaela Stone
Josh Dallas ... Ben Stone
Athena Karkanis ... Grace Stone
J.R. Ramirez ... Jared Vasquez
Parveen Kaur ... Saanvi Bahl
Jack Messina ... Cal Stone
Luna Blaise ... Olive Stone
Matt Long ... Zeke Landon
Marc Menchaca ... James Griffin
Alfredo Narciso ... Capitaine Riojas
Patrick Murney ... Cody Webber
Rey Lucas ... Dr. Matthews
Jade Wu ... Angela Graham
Julee Cerda ... Hanna Dayton
Grace Rex ... Alice Ciccone

Man: Stay down! Stay down! Stay down!


Michaela Stone: Hey. Where are you taking him?

Paramedic: Mercy. I've got no room. We got a uni riding with him already.

Michaela Stone: I can follow behind. But he can't go to Mercy. He's got to go to Ed Koch. What?

Paramedic: Nah. Mercy's closer. No, no, trust me.

Michaela Stone: Koch has hyperbaric oxygen chambers. For how long he's been underwater, he's gonna need one.

Paramedic: We're gonna reroute to Koch. Come on. Let's go.


Journalist: The getaway car disappeared three days ago. Authorities are speculating that sediment at the river bottom obscured its location. Now, incredibly, the driver's been pulled from the vehicle, alive. This is Michelle Park...

Grace Stone: A van disappears in a river for days, then suddenly reappears, and the driver's okay?

Ben Stone: I know.

Grace Stone: Do you think...?

Ben Stone: Why not? Zeke came back. I mean, the question is, why no one for an entire six weeks since the plane returned... And then two in one week?

Zeke Landon: Nobody knows about me. Who's to say there aren't more?

Ben Stone: It's Michaela. Did you get a good look at him?

Michaela Stone: I just sent you a picture. Ben, the guy was underwater for over 80 hours. He should be a bloated corpse right now. He should be dead.

Ben Stone: Maybe he wasn't underwater the whole time. Maybe it's some kind of scam we're just not seeing yet.

Michaela Stone: No, you wouldn't be saying that if you saw the way he just jumped out of his skin. He jumped at me.

Ben Stone: Which is exactly what Cal drew. The wolf. You think this guy's one of us?

Michaela Stone: Meet me at Koch in 20 minutes.

Ben Stone: Mick's headed to this hospital with this guys. I've...

Grace Stone: Yeah, yeah. Go. The kids are asleep. I want answers, too.

Zeke Landon: So do I. This guy wasn't on the plane? If he's like me, I'm going with you.


Paramedic: 30-something male recovered from the East River. Breathing is shallow. He's barely conscious. We started him on O2 and saline. Heart rate is steady, BP 135 over 70.

Doctor: You've got to wait out here, Detective. We'll find you later.

Jared Vasquez: Michaela! Hey. What's going on? How's this guy still alive?

Michaela Stone: I don't know.

Jared Vasquez: What is it?

Michaela Stone: Cal knew he'd be alive. Or it seems like it at least. Listen, Jared...

Jared Vasquez: Wait. Whoa, whoa. You're saying he came back, like the plane? Like you and Ben?

Michaela Stone: Yeah, it's possible. He wouldn't be the first. Somebody else came back.

Jared Vasquez: What?

Michaela Stone: His name is Zeke. He walked out of a cave upstate... One year after he disappeared.

Jared Vasquez: That's why you were up there? Why didn't you tell me?

Michaela Stone: I should have, but I'm still processing a lot of this. And there's a lot going on between you and me. I-I just...

Jared Vasquez: Mick, you don't shut me out, either, Mick. Not with something as big as this.

Michaela Stone: Somebody just came back, though. Something is happening right now.

Security Guard: Detectives. Detectives, I could really use your help over here.

Jared Vasquez: I'll take care of it.


Saanvi Bahl: Hey. Ambulance driver fell for the oxygen-chamber excuse?

Michaela Stone: Yeah. Good call by you.

Saanvi Bahl: Okay, let's see how close we can get to him.

Michaela Stone: Hey. This doesn't look very good.

Saanvi Bahl: It could've been a lot worse.


Jared Vasquez: Excuse me. Let them through, they're with me.

Ben Stone: So, what do we know? Has he said anything? Done anything?

Jared Vasquez: He's in the E.R. right now. Mick and Saanvi are on it. I don't think we've met.

Ben Stone: Uh, uh, this is...

Jared Vasquez: Zeke. From the cave.

Zeke Landon: Word gets around.

Jared Vasquez: I got to take care of that out there. So why don't you guys wait in this room?

Ben Stone: Yeah. Sure.

Jared Vasquez: You know what? Do me a favour. Don't leave before we get a chance to talk.

Zeke Landon: What was that about? Does he got some kind of problem with me?

Ben Stone: Jared and Michaela were a couple. He proposed. Then the plane disappeared. Since we've been back, it's been... Complicated.


Michaela Stone: I just got the incident report. It says that the car went into the water Wednesday 11:06 a.m. 3 1/2 days ago.

Saanvi Bahl: And he got out tonight at what time?

Michaela Stone: 9:14 p.m.

Saanvi Bahl: Michaela, that's 82 hours and 8 minutes. 828.

Alice Ciccone: ... To help...

Michaela Stone: Hey. You okay?

Saanvi Bahl: I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm just... I'm overwhelmed I think.

Doctor: Three days submerged and no sign of fluid in his lungs?

Nurse: No respiratory impairment, no cardiac arrest, no hypoxia. It's like he was never underwater.

James Griffin: Get them away! Get them away!

Doctor: Calm down!

James Griffin: No! No! No! No! Get them away from there! They're gonna die! I can see it!

Saanvi Bahl: Does that look familiar to you?

Michaela Stone: It's a calling. Griffin, Griffin, what are you seeing right now?

James Griffin: There's an explosion! There's a fire! There's fire! I see smoke! There's planes!

Michaela Stone: An explosion? Can you tell me exactly where it is?

Doctor: He's delusional.

Michaela Stone: No, he's not.

Doctor: Can you step out of my E.R., please?

James Griffin: People are dying! There's children! People are screaming!

Doctor: Heart rate's spiking. Push 10 milligrams of midazolam.

Saanvi Bahl: No, no, no! W-Wait! Wait! Do not sedate him!

Nurse: Hey! You two, out of here!

Michaela Stone: No! Griffin, what are you seeing?

Nurse 2: Gotta go.

Michaela Stone: Griffin, where is this happening?

Nurse 2: Come on.

Michaela Stone: Griffin! Griffin!

Nurse 2: Out, out.


Ben Stone: And you're sure it was a calling?

Michaela Stone: Yes I'm sure. He was having a vision, Ben. It was... It was an explosion of some kind.

Saanvi Bahl: He kept saying, "People are dying."

Ben Stone: Which means will be. And soon. The callings have always been urgent.

Zeke Landon: How long will he be out for?

Saanvi Bahl: A couple of hours at least.

Ben Stone: Hopefully we're not too late.

Saanvi Bahl: What do we know about this guy?

Michaela Stone: His name is James Griffin. He's known for aggravated assault, armed robbery, and, now, a double homicide.

Ben Stone: Why does this guy get to come back?

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I don't understand. I thought the callings were all about a bigger purpose, but how does this guy fit into that?

Ben Stone: And why now? Why two non-passengers returning back-to-back?

Zeke Landon: Really? You're gonna lump me and Natural Born Killer in together?

Ben Stone: No, no. I'm just saying, there has to be a logic to his return, a reason. Even if it's not for doing good.

Zeke Landon: Whatever it is, Michaela is somehow in the middle of it. Cal's calling led you to me. His next calling led you to Griffin. Assuming Griffin's the wolf... He's got to be.

Michaela Stone: He jumped out of the van at me, and... I mean, it tracks. The calling wanted me to help you understand it. Maybe I'm supposed to help Griffin, too.

Saanvi Bahl: Even though he's a terrible person?

Ben Stone: A terrible person with information that could avert a disaster.

Saanvi Bahl: Fine. I need to test Griffin's blood. See if he has the same marker as Zeke.

Michaela Stone: Hey, you should keep an eye on her. She went through massive trauma. She's not doing okay.


Jared Vasquez: Hey. Griffin's under guard. I put a couple guys on him.

Michaela Stone: I want to talk to him as soon as he's conscious.

Jared Vasquez: Yeah, well, we've got some time. Why don't you and I go for breakfast?

Zeke Landon: Um... Sorry to stick my nose in, but you gotta be wiped. Why don't you find a couch while you wait?

Jared Vasquez: Name's Zeke, right?

Zeke Landon: Yeah.

Jared Vasquez: Mm. Zeke what?

Michaela Stone: Jared.

Jared Vasquez: So you were upstate when you returned? Is that right? Is that where you're from?

Michaela Stone: Can we not do this right now?

Jared Vasquez: Just want some answers. That's all.

Zeke Landon: Y-You got a murderer in the next room, maybe you ought to bethinking about that.

Michaela Stone: All right. This was special. Um, Zeke is my friend. Jared is my partner.

Jared Vasquez: "Partner"? Wow.

Michaela Stone: Why don't you go back to the apartment?

Zeke Landon: Uh, you know, I got something I gotta take care of. Pleasure to meet you.

Jared Vasquez: Are you serious right now? You have a random stranger staying in your apartment. Y-You gonna put up Griffin next?

Michaela Stone: Zeke and I have been having the same calling for about a week now. I have been led to him. We're trying to figure out why. That is all this is… Jared, come on. Please try and understand.


Michaela Stone: Griffin. Can you hear me? I'm Detective Stone. I was on site when you were pulled out of the water.

James Griffin: I'm... I'm in the hospital?

Michaela Stone: Yes. But somehow you're fine… Do you remember what happened before? You were talking about an explosion. You saw something. Can you tell me about that?

James Griffin: That happened? The bombing happened?

Michaela Stone: Bombing? We think that's it's going to happen, but we think that we can stop it. Griffin, look at me. You need to focus right now, okay? Do you recognize me?  I was on Flight 828. I was supposed to die on that plane, but I came back. And ever since I have, I have been hearing things and seeing things, just like you did. We refer to them as callings. You have... You've just had a calling… Was it day or night in your vision?

James Griffin: It was dark.

Michaela Stone: Okay. Were you in a city? Were there any landmarks? Anything that might help us identify the location of this bombing?

James Griffin: I'm a little lost here.

Michaela Stone: I get it, but there's not a lot of time, okay?

James Griffin: What did you call it?

Michaela Stone: A calling. You've just had a vision of the future.

James Griffin: I don't understand. How is that possible?


Olive Stone: Dad, I put Griffin on my board. Do you think he's the wolf that Cal drew?

Ben Stone: He might be. But the police have him now, so don't worry, all right? Mom and Cal okay?

Olive Stone: Yep. Cal's making a pretty cool art project for school.

Cal Stone: Popsicle stick Art the Dragon.

Ben Stone: Cool.

Olive Stone: Here's Mom.

Grace Stone: Hey. So what do you think? Is Griffin just like you and the other passengers?

Ben Stone: He might be. He had a calling. Something about an explosion.

Grace Stone: Where?

Ben Stone: We don't know. They sedated him, so we have to wait for it to wear off.

Grace Stone: Okay. Is there anything I can do?

Ben Stone: Nothing yet. I'll be home soon. I love you.

Grace Stone: I love you, too. Ben?

Ben Stone: Yeah?

Grace Stone: I'm so glad we're a family again.

Ben Stone: Me too.


James Griffin: So all you passengers. You've all been having visions?

Michaela Stone: Some of us. Sometimes it's a phrase or a command. But whatever form it does take, it's telling us something important. Vital. And it has to be followed. Always.

James Griffin: And what you see or hear... It always comes true?

Michaela Stone: Yeah, pretty much.

James Griffin: That's incredible.

Michaela Stone: In this case, Griffin, it could stop a bombing and save lives. Which is why you need to tell me exactly what you saw, every detail.

James Griffin: So if I'm saying that a bomb's gonna go off... If I'm the only one who knows where...

Michaela Stone: Do you know where, Griffin?

James Griffin: Then I'm the only one who can save the day. Son-of-a-gun.

Officer: Let's go. On your feet.

Michaela Stone: I'm in the middle of an interrogation right now.

Officer: Got to finish in the box. He's got a green light for transpo, so we transpo.

James Griffin: I'm glad we talked, Detective. I'll be honest, I thought I was going crazy. But it's true. A lot of people are about to tragically die.

Michaela Stone: Griffin, you work with me, it'll only help your cause. A double-homicide charge? That's tough to beat.

James Griffin: I don't think those charges are gonna stick. Once the D.A. hears I know how to stop a mass murder. And if this "calling" really is what you say it is, I'll be sleeping in my own bed tonight. Looks like I got myself a get-out-of-jail-free card.


Captain Riojas: He claims there's gonna be an attack tonight, in Midtown.

Michaela Stone: That's all he said? Midtown?

Captain Riojas: He'll provide the precise location in return for full immunity on the murders. Agent Dayton is FBI.

Agent Dayton: We have to take this seriously. His claims line up with an alert that went out this morning. The NSA's been picking up chatter about a terrorist attack.

Captain Riojas: We got that, too.

Agent Dayton: I have to run this up the chain. Talk to the U.S. Attorney. Full immunity's no joke. If he says anything more...

Captain Riojas: Of course. Vasquez.


Captain Riojas: Perp steals $75 million, kills 2 guards, now claims to have information on a terrorist threat?

Jared Vasquez: He does?

Captain Riojas: Yeah. I need you two over at the bank. They've got an eyewitness. Take a photo array, we need an I.D.

Michaela Stone: I think Griffin is credible. I think he might actually know something.

Jared Vasquez: The same way you know things sometimes?

Michaela Stone: Yeah. Look, Captain, we can't let this happen. This immunity. He's literally gonna get away with murder.

Captain Riojas: It's out of our hands. The FBI and the U.S. Attorney...

Michaela Stone: Look, let me talk to him one-on-one, okay? Try and get under his skin. Make a connection.

Jared Vasquez: Cap, I'll handle the bank. If she really thinks this guy's legit, then let's let her do what she needs to do.


Michaela Stone: Hey, it's me. I really screwed up.

Ben Stone: Why? What happened?

Michaela Stone: I told Griffin about the callings. And I assumed that he wouldn't be receiving them unless he was gonna do the right thing. But now he's gonna exploit them. He's not gonna tell us what he saw unless he gets to walk on the murder charges.

Ben Stone: Oh, my God. Look, Mick, there's no way you could've known that. We've been so focused on following the callings, we never even contemplated somebody abusing them.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, surprise.

Ben Stone: And in the meantime, the media is starting to ask questions.

Grace Stone: Ben?

Ben Stone: Yeah?

Grace Stone: Come look at this. Reddit's on fire. Believers, Cody's people... Everybody's linking it to 828.

Ben Stone: Listen to this, from Reddit... "And now a violent criminal" has joined the ranks of the passengers. He's no different than they are."

Michaela Stone: Look, I could really use your help right now.

Ben Stone: Name it.

Michaela Stone: I don't have time to do research. The U.S. Attorney is gonna make a deal with this guy any second, and then we'll be out of time.

Ben Stone: Okay. You think his calling has the kind of specific information they need?

Michaela Stone: Yeah. He saw an explosion... And I think he saw where.

Ben Stone: Okay, what kind of research do I need to do?

Michaela Stone: I'm gonna send you Griffin's police record. He's been in and out of jail since he was 15 years old. But I-I need more than his rap sheet. I need something to work with. I need something human, something personal.

Ben Stone: Right, something that'll make him think twice about exploiting the callings. All right. Got it.


Grace Stone: Ben.

Ben Stone: Great. Cody.

Cody Webber: Okay, this whole thing has just been taken up a notch. James Griffin is the proof. These people are dangerous. And don't forget Ben Stone, okay, came to my place of business and physically assaulted me. And now one of them's a murderer? We need to take care of them before they take care of us. You need to get on your Twitter, get on your Facebook, get on your Insta...

Ben Stone: All right. I got to move fast. See what Griffin knows. If he gets free, it'll just rile up people like Cody. Then they'll come after all of us. And not just with bricks.

Grace Stone: Let us help you. It's just research that you need, right? You have a whole team right here.

Ben Stone: Grace, are you sure we want to expose Olive to... To this?

Grace Stone: Olive is already exposed to this. And besides, who can work the Internet better than a teenager?

Ben Stone: Fair point. All right. Let's do this.


James Griffin: I had the thing again. The calling.

Michaela Stone: Oh, yeah. That's not gonna leave you alone.

James Griffin: I'm not gonna talk about my deal...

Michaela Stone: No, you played me. Good work. Your natural instinct kicked in, and you took advantage of somebody who was trying to look out for you.

James Griffin: Just gotta be me.

Michaela Stone: Do you? Can you be someone else? I mean, you just got a second chance at life. You can be anyone you want.

James Griffin: Sure, Detective. Tell me who I can grow up to be one day.

Michaela Stone: You know, I keep thinking... You never really had a chance. No parents, so you went into foster system at five years old. In and out of juvie after that. First arrest... 15, first prison stint... 19… There's nothing in here about your parents. Did they die? Or were you taken from them? I mean, drugs and alcohol? Abuse? Am I close?

James Griffin: Have you got my first kiss in there, too?

Michaela Stone: I mean, it's a pretty typical situation, actually. No family to speak of, so you fall into the wrong crowd.

James Griffin: There's all kinds of families, Detective. Mine was every bit as real and strong as yours.


Nurse: Clear the hall. Move. Head back up. Excuse us, please.


Grace Stone: Well, here's something. He was constantly on the move. Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens. He must've been moving from foster home to foster home.

Ben Stone: Huh.

Olive Stone: He had a brother. Look at this. I went to the Wayback Machine. It's a site that archives old websites that no longer exist. There was this thing called Myspace, it's hilarious. Griffin had an account. Look at this. Long conversations with his "brother." Some guy named Devon Carrick.

Ben Stone: Not his biological brother. Must've been an older friend? A mentor?

Grace Stone: Or a foster brother.

Olive Stone: And then right here... "Brothers forever. Rest in peace."

Grace Stone: May 3, 2004. Does it say how he died?

Olive Stone: No.

Ben Stone: But if he had someone he loved pass away, that could be the connection to Zeke.

Olive Stone: And what connects both of them to Michaela.

Ben Stone: Evie. Michaela's still trying to forgive herself.

Grace Stone: Here it is. Obituary. Okay. "Always in our hearts." Here we go. "Fatally wounded at the Rochester Correctional Facility."

Ben Stone: Survived by his "family," in quotes. James Griffin, Angela Graham.

Grace Stone: Can you...

Olive Stone: Already on it.

Grace Stone: I mean, there must be like 100 Angela Grahams. It's such a common name.

Olive Stone: Yeah, but only one Angela Graham plus foster care. Look at this. She has a LinkedIn page. All of her foster-care stuff is on here. Stopped in 1999.

Ben Stone: Huh.

Grace Stone: Wait. Griffin was in Newark until '98.

Ben Stone: Now she's in Harlem. She runs a food bank. She might know something helpful. Something Mick could use to break through Griffin's shell. Convince him not to make this deal. I'm gonna go see her. She's more likely to talk in person.

Grace Stone: Wait, it should be me.

Ben Stone: Grace.

Grace Stone: She might recognize you, and she'll have her guard up because of the news. We need to stay under the radar. And besides, I'll be able to connect with her. Mother to mother.

Ben Stone: I can't deny that. Okay. Do it. I'll text Mick.


Michaela Stone: Why don't you tell me about Devon Carrick?

James Griffin: Where did you get that name?

Michaela Stone: Was he in your family?

James Griffin: I'm not talking about this.

Michaela Stone: I'm just trying to figure out how we're all connected, Griffin… Tell me about Devon. Where is he now?

James Griffin: I said I'm not talking about it!


Officer: Sir, let me see your hands… Come on down.


Dr. Matthews: Dr. Bahl?

Saanvi Bahl: Hi. Uh, how can I help you, Doctor...?

Dr. Matthews: Matthews. I was actually wondering if I could do something for you… I saw you earlier, in the hall.

Saanvi Bahl: Oh, I-I'm fine. I just had allergies.

Dr. Matthews: I-I know I'm being intrusive, but what I saw wasn't allergies. There's nothing wrong with talking to somebody. I'm more than happy to make a referral.

Saanvi Bahl: I'm fine. Thank you.

Dr. Matthews: Okay. If you say so. Sorry to intrude.

Saanvi Bahl: No, it's fine.


Michaela Stone: What's going on?

Jared Vasquez: Look what the cat dragged in. Caught in an attempted break-in. Residence in Forest Hills.

Michaela Stone: What?

Zeke Landon: It's not like that, okay? You got the wrong idea.

Jared Vasquez: Of course we do.

Michaela Stone: Excuse me. Do you mind if we...

Jared Vasquez: Sit.

Zeke Landon: Okay.


Michaela Stone: No, you can't book him.

Jared Vasquez: Michaela, I know guys like Zeke, okay? I got my badge doing 18 months of buys and busts. I can practically smell the junkie on this guy.

Michaela Stone: That is such a leap, Jay. You don't know that.

Jared Vasquez: He's refusing to identify himself. He won't even give us his last name. Come on, Michaela. I'm trying to protect you.

Michaela Stone: I know you are, Jared. But this is not how you do it. Zeke was brought into my life for a reason.

Jared Vasquez: Come on, Mick. Listen to yourself. You don't think that about Griffin. So you're just gonna sweat out one criminal, while potentially giving another one a free pass?

Michaela Stone: Zeke is not like Griffin.

Jared Vasquez: Okay. I know you want to believe that that's true. I do. But, Mick, these callings you're having, they're blinding you. You know next to nothing about this guy.

Michaela Stone: You know what? I don't... I don't have time for this, okay? Please, just whatever you do, do not book him until I free up.


Zeke Landon: Michaela, I can explain.

Michaela Stone: I can't deal with this right now. Whatever the hell is going on, please just explain it later.


Michaela Stone: I know what you're going through... I was responsible for the death of my best friend. She was practically my sister.

James Griffin: What are you talking about?

Michaela Stone: Devon's file. It's all right here… It was supposed to be simple, right? You and Devon were gonna pop in, grab some cash… What happened?

James Griffin: You know what happened. You have the report.

Michaela Stone: The victim was another customer. Just some guy… Do you remember what he was buying?

James Griffin: Powdered doughnuts.

Michaela Stone: So he turns around and sees two men in ski masks walk into the store. Decides he's gonna be a hero, whips out his gun. Two shots right in the chest.

James Griffin: I know how the story ends.

Michaela Stone: Right, so Devon goes to jail. Murder one. Because he's the shooter. And we know he's the shooter because... That's what you told the police. I guess my question here is... Is that what really happened, Griffin? It says you cut a deal. The first perp to turn gets to frame the narrative, so...

James Griffin: I don't want to do this anymore.

Michaela Stone: No, of course you don't. 'Cause you sent Devon to prison, and that's where he died. You were the shooter, weren't you?

James Griffin: I'm done talking about this!

Michaela Stone: And you've carried that shame with you for 15 years… I know because I have carried the same shame… Griffin, we are all connected. That is why you came back, I'm sure of it. You're not the only one. We have all been given a chance to start over. This is yours.

Captain Riojas: Detective?


Captain Riojas: The U.S. Attorney signed off.

Michaela Stone: W-We're making the deal?

Agent Dayton: Our terrorist unit has corroboration from an asset. Some event in Midtown, they think within the next couple hours.

Captain Riojas: AUSA's on his way. So whatever you're doing, you need to wrap it up.

Michaela Stone: If he's still on his way, then we have time. Look, I'm getting close, Captain. Please, don't tell him that we've taken the deal. Just let me keep pushing, okay?

Captain Riojas: Okay.


Angela Graham: Quick as you can, guys. We have a lot of mouths to feed.

Grace Stone: E-Excuse me. Angela Graham? Hi. My name is Grace Stone. Do you have a minute?

Angela Graham: There's a donation box inside.

Grace Stone: Oh, no. I need to talk to you about James Griffin. You were his foster mother?

Angela Graham: I told the Post, I'm not...

Grace Stone: No, I'm not a reporter.

Angela Graham: I'm a little busy here.

Grace Stone: James Griffin is a threat to my family. To my children. It's a long story, but I need to know what I'm dealing with.

Angela Graham: We can talk over here.


Angela Graham: Truth is, James Griffin was just awful. Griffin had one friend in the world, and he lost him.

Grace Stone: Devon Carrick?

Angela Graham: Devon treated him like his little brother… This was taken the summer I took the kids canoeing. Griffin lied, said he could swim. His canoe tipped over, Devon dove in, and pulled him right out. He saved his life. A month later, they were both in juvie. Two years. They never came back home again. I honestly thought Griffin was long dead... Until I saw the news. I know it's inappropriate... But I'm not sure I want Griffin to go free. Maybe not everyone deserves to be saved.


Ben Stone: Saanvi? Hey. What's going on?

Saanvi Bahl: I just don't feel like myself. I'm jumpy. I keep having these episodes. And I know what it is, intellectually...

Ben Stone: PTSD.

Saanvi Bahl: The symptoms are classic, I know that, and I know I should talk to someone, and I will.

Ben Stone: Hey, hey. It has only been one day. You know... Don't be so hard on yourself… You'll get through this, and in the meantime, we're all here for you. Whatever you need.

Saanvi Bahl: Griffin's blood work, it just came back… He's got the same blood marker… Just like us, just like Zeke.

Ben Stone: Damn… Well, there's our proof.

Saanvi Bahl: All this time, I thought we were on the cusp of some earth-shattering discovery about us that'll... I don't even know what. But that it would be good… I don't think that anymore. I can't help but think that we're on verge of discovering something awful.


James Griffin: I didn't have a choice...

Michaela Stone: Or maybe you betrayed your friend to save yourself. You cut a deal, you got away with murder, and Devon paid the price.

James Griffin: We're done here. I don't give a damn about Devon Carrick, never have. Talk to my lawyer.

Michaela Stone: Seems to me like you did care about Devon.

James Griffin: How did you get that?

Michaela Stone: Griffin, you made a deal that ruined your life. You are about to do it again. Tell me what you saw in that calling. Tell me what is going to happen. You did not come back from the dead to get away with murder. That is not what this is about.

Captain Riojas: That's enough, Detective.

Michaela Stone: You have the chance to put this right. People's lives are at stake. Please.

Captain Riojas: Detective, let's go.

James Griffin: It was nice chatting with you, Detective.


Zeke Landon: Thank you.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, well, I'm ready for that explanation now. You want to tell me why you broke into that house?

Zeke Landon: It's my mom's house.

Michaela Stone: Oh. I mean, I'm glad that you went to see her, but... Most of the time when people go see their mom, they just knock on the door or ring the doorbell.

Zeke Landon: I couldn't just show up. There's too much history. I wanted to make sure she's, I don't know, in a good place, you know, t-that she's strong enough to see me again. I thought if I could get inside, maybe I could... maybe I could tell.

Michaela Stone: Zeke, she's your mother.

Zeke Landon: I caused her a lot of pain. I broke her heart. More than once. Knocking on that door is just gonna break her heart all over again. I want to tell you everything, and I will.

Michaela Stone: One step at a time.

Zeke Landon: I'm not like that guy you've got holed up, Michaela. I need you to believe in me. I-I-I think I came back here for a reason, too. I-I'm just trying to figure out what that is.

Michaela Stone: Let's go.

Zeke Landon: You're releasing me? What about your Boy Scout? He's not gonna be happy.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, damn right he's not. So prove to me that I made the right choice. Look, you came back to make things better. So start with yourself. Go see your mom… Come on. Can you walk him out?


Jared Vasquez: You released him?

Michaela Stone: He doesn't belong in there, Jared. I trust him.

Jared Vasquez: Because he had a calling? Mick, what if another person comes back? And then another? And another? Are you just gonna trust them all?

Michaela Stone: I don't think that's what you're really upset about. Look, you have every reason, but... Come on. Leave Zeke out of it.


Grace Stone: What is it?

Ben Stone: Griffin just used a calling to literally get away with murder.

Grace Stone: What more could we have done to reach him?

Ben Stone: Maybe he couldn't be reached… Grace, what if we're wrong?

Grace Stone: About what?

Ben Stone: Everything... Zeke, the callings... Everything I've been doing is based on the notion that there is some kind of benevolent power behind them. But what if there isn't? What then? What are we a part of?

Grace Stone: What if it's not about the callings themselves? What if it's about how people choose to use them?

Ben Stone: The wolf. Griffin. Once a predator, always a predator.

Grace Stone: But then, why... Why would a calling be given to someone like that? Someone irredeemable?

Ben Stone: To show us we can use the calling for evil just as easily as we can for good.

Grace Stone: And get away with it?


James Griffin: Oh, good. I was worried I wouldn't get a chance to say goodbye.

Michaela Stone: Griffin, I've seen what happens when the callings are exploited, or abused.

James Griffin: Detective... Your thinking has been far too narrow. These callings are capable of so much more. I'm gonna take them to a whole new level.

Agent: Mr. Griffin, you're a very lucky man. Assuming your information bears out, we have a deal. So tell us, where's the bomb hidden?

James Griffin: I hope you don't get yourself in a twist.


Officers: Everybody, move back!


Bomb-disposal expert: Clear. We're clear.


Jared Vasquez: Hey. Hey, you okay? Mick, they diffused the bomb. We're good.

Michaela Stone: No. We're not.

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Griffin est une belle pourriture ! Et l'histoire du loup n'est pas encore terminée de ce fait.

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Quelle ordure ce James Griffin !


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