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#108 : Châtiment divin

Ben forme un partenariat improbable avec Vance afin de localiser les passagers disparus. Entre temps, Michaela aide un passager suicidaire qui pense être l'Ange de la Mort alors que Cal retourne à l'école, il s'aperçoit qu'il doit gérer sa nouvelle célébrité et que malheureusement pour lui, ses anciens amis sont à présent âgés de 16 ans.


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Titre VO
Point Of No Return

Titre VF
Châtiment divin

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1x08 | Promo (VO)


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Michaela Stone perplexe (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone perplexe (Melissa Roxburgh)

Harvey (Rick Topol) & Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Harvey (Rick Topol) & Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela tente de sauver Harvey

Michaela tente de sauver Harvey

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela  (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela & Jared Vasquez tente d'aider Harvey (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared Vasquez tente d'aider Harvey (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Jared Vasquez (J.R Ramirez)

Jared Vasquez (J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Ben Stone en compagnie de Fiona Clarke  (Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas & Francesca Faridany)

Michaela & Ben Stone en compagnie de Fiona Clarke (Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas & Francesca Faridany)

Ben & Grace Stone au restaurant (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Ben & Grace Stone au restaurant (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Ben & Grace Stone au restaurant (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Ben & Grace Stone au restaurant (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben & Grace Stone au restaurant (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Ben & Grace Stone au restaurant (Josh Dallas & Athena Karkanis)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Fiona Clarke (Francesca Faridany)

Fiona Clarke (Francesca Faridany)


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Scénaristes : Gregory Nelson et Margaret Rose Lester
Réalisateur : Nina Lopez-Corrado
Melissa Roxburgh ... Michaela Stone
Josh Dallas ... Ben Stone
Athena Karkanis ... Grace Stone
J.R. Ramirez ... Jared Vasquez
Parveen Kaur ... Saanvi Bahl
Jack Messina ... Cal Stone
Luna Blaise ... Olive Stone
Victoria Cartangena ... Lourdes
Daryl Edwards ... Robert Vance
Alfredo Narciso ... Capitaine Riojas
Richard Topol ... Harvey Stein
Francesca Faridany ... Fiona Clarke
Michael Drayer ... Ronnie Wilcox
Brian Wiles ... Laurence
Sean Kaufman ... Kevin
Nikolai Tsankov ... Marko Valeriev
Carmen Salta ... Piper
Kathleen Mary Carthy ... Lois
Steve Sanpietro ... Lieutenant Brandis
Anthoula Katsimatides ... Jenny
Jeena Yi ... Tabitha
Liry Hurd ... Sadie
Hunter Jones ... Logan

Ben Stone: Seriously? No service?

Michaela Stone: Same.

Ben Stone: See, buddy? No reason to be scared. We made it. It's okay. We're home.

Cal Stone: I wasn't afraid of a flight. I don't want to be in New York. This is where I have cancer. No more school, no more anything. I don't want to die.


Ben Stone: Hey. Ew. Fig Newtons? Really?

Michaela Stone: Yeah. Mom would always give them to me. I'd wake up from a nightmare and she would bring me Fig Newtons and milk.

Ben Stone: Mine was always...

Michaela Stone: Mmm! Mm-hmm.

Ben Stone: Ice cream. She always kept a stash of Rocky Road in the back of the freezer "for emergencies."

Michaela Stone: "For emergencies." What's going on?

Ben Stone: Cal wants to go back to school. You know, he's going stir crazy. He wants to be a normal kid doing normal things. Grace is all for it, Dr. Williams signed off...

Michaela Stone: But you're worried about it.

Ben Stone: This is just a lull.  Whatever's happening to Marko, the testing, it could restart at literally any moment, and that means Cal gets sick again, and this time... He might not survive.

Michaela Stone: You can't just lock him in his room, Ben. Besides, we don't know that the testing is going to restart or when.

Ben Stone: Mick, someone clearly discovered that the passengers are having callings. The ability to see and hear what's going to happen? That an incredibly powerful weapon... For the military, for intelligence. No. This... This isn't over.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, maybe not. But, Ben, it might never be over. Your family needs a new normal. Let Cal go to school. Focus on your wife. You are lucky that you have her.

Ben Stone: I am.

Michaela Stone: Besides, we need to assume that we're being watched. So it's strategic to act normal. So that when we do find the missing passengers, when we finally hit back? They don't see it coming.


Laurence: Keep me updated. When will we be ready?

Doctor: 48 hours, give or take. We're finalizing the clean room.

Laurence: My source at the NSA tells me, Deputy Director Vance took an unexpected personal day. And now he's offline, completely dark. He could be inconveniencing us once again. We've invested too much in this project to let Vance shut it down. Accelerate the timeline... I need you fully operational in 18 hours.

Doctor: I don't think that's possible.

Laurence: Make it possible.


Ben Stone: Morning. Milk, no sugar.

Grace Stone: Well, whatever you are about to ask for, the answer is yes.

Ben Stone: Well, actually, I'm the one saying yes. You're right. Cal should go back to school... Get his new normal on.

Grace Stone: He's gonna be so happy.

Ben Stone: On one condition. We need our life back, too. I mean, how long has it been since you and I went out to dinner?

Grace Stone: My time or yours? Forever.

Ben Stone: Olive can babysit. You and I... Tonight... Date night.

Grace Stone: Are you sure? Your new job has been keeping you so busy...

Ben Stone: There's nothing more important than us... Our family. Are we on?

Grace Stone: I'll make a reservation.


Cal Stone: I'm fine. I feel good.

Grace Stone: You do feel good. So, first day at school... Are you nervous?

Cal Stone: No.

Ben Stone: All right. Your mom's gonna take you on her way to work.

Cal Stone: I don't need a ride. I'll walk with Olive.

Grace Stone: Backpack and shoes, let's go.

Olive Stone: Guys, it's six blocks, and it's the same campus. He can come with me.

Grace Stone: After everything he's been through, I just want to make sure he's gonna be okay.

Olive Stone: He'll be fine. Okay, the last thing he needs is the mommy-drop. First he was the cancer kid. Now he's the 828 kid. Let him just show up on day one being normal.

Ben Stone: All right, but if you see anything strange or if Cal gets sick again, you've got...

Olive Stone: I'll call and text and Snapchat. Relax.

Ben Stone: The wisdom of a 16-year-old.

Michaela Stone: Am I still driving you? Can we get going?

Ben Stone: Good morning to you, too.

Michaela Stone: Sorry. It's just... I'm trying to get Jared out of my head, and the captain insists we ride patrol together.

Grace Stone: Maybe it's Jared who's insisting. I got to get ready. Have fun at work.

Ben Stone: Hey. See you tonight.


Kid 1: Check it out. It's that 828 kid.

Kid 2: The plane.

Olive Stone: Hey. You're gonna do great.

Teacher: All right, guys, school's open. There you go. Good morning. Good morning.


Jared Vasquez: Yo, Stone! I see you coming in here late.

Michaela Stone: Busted.

Michaela Stone: Don't lose him.

Captain Riojas: There you are. I'm on with ESU... They're asking for you. They got a jumper on top of a building at Freedman College.

Michaela Stone: They need a detective?

Captain Riojas: Guy was on Flight 828. They've hit a wall. ESU thinks that he might talk to you.


Ronnie Wilcox: Stone! Get your ass in here.

Ben Stone: What's up?

Ronnie Wilcox: You know about this? Check it.

Ben Stone: What site is that?

Ronnie Wilcox: It's an 828 Fan Site. There's a bunch of 'em. We should post a pic of us, all right, a little, uh, publicity for, you know, the company.

Ben Stone: Yeah, I'd rather not.

Ronnie Wilcox: Buzzkill… Seriously? All right, people, let's go! Fire-drill protocol, find your exit routes, let's keep it orderly. Come on.


Ben Stone: You pulled a fire alarm? What are y...

Robert Vance: Pulling a fire alarm would be visible and rudimentary. I caused the fire alarm to happen.

Ben Stone: What are you doing here, Vance?

Robert Vance: I'm here because as it turns out... We need each other.


Dave Brandis: You're Stone?

Michaela Stone: Yeah. This is Detective Vasquez.

Dave Brandis: Dave Brandis, how you doing? You recognize this guy?

Jared Vasquez: That's our jumper?

Michaela Stone: That's Harvey Stein. Yeah, I've met him a couple of times.

Dave Brandis: Yeah, well, he's a little bit troubled right now. I'm gonna take you two up there, okay?

Michaela Stone: How long's he been up there?

Dave Brandis: Almost an hour. He picked a perfect spot above a slanted roof. There's nowhere to put the airbag.

Michaela Stone: Has anyone talked to the press? Do they know he's Flight 828?

Dave Brandis: No, I don't think so.

Michaela Stone: Okay, let's keep it that way.


Robert Vance: I went to this farm of yours. If the passengers had been there, they've been moved, I presume to another facility.

Ben Stone: So, what, you believe my crazy theories now?

Robert Vance: I believe you're on the right track, yes.

Ben Stone: So what happens now? Did you get a location?

Robert Vance: The data on the flash drive is raw. Numbers, largely without context. Measurements of some kind. Nothing that remotely resembled an address. At least not to me.

Ben Stone: And you really want my help?

Robert Vance: You were smart enough to steal this data. Maybe you're smart enough to make sense of it.

Ben Stone: Wait, why should I trust you with all the interrogations, the surveillance...

Robert Vance: You're right, I've been treating you with suspicion.

Ben Stone: No, you've been treating us like enemies.

Robert Vance: I've been protecting my country. That's my job… Mr. Stone... Ben... We're not that different. I get what you're doing. You're putting yourself at risk to protect your loved ones. I respect it. If we're gonna find these people, we're gonna do it by working together.

Ben Stone: Well, you can start by giving the flash drive back.

Robert Vance: This is an air-gapped computer. I've loaded it with the flash-drive contents. This is your new phone. It's encrypted, untraceable. My number's in there. Call me when you've looked at the data.

Ben Stone: I'll think about it.


Michaela Stone: Harvey, you okay?

Harvey Stein: Don't come over here!

Officer: Good?

Michaela Stone: It's Michaela Stone. I was on the plane with you. I'm one of the passengers.

Jared Vasquez: Mick, please be careful.

Michaela Stone: I'm okay. It's okay.

Jared Vasquez: You sure?

Michaela Stone: Yeah… Harvey. Harvey, do you remember me? I'm a cop. I was at the hangar with you, after the plane exploded.

Harvey Stein: That's close enough.

Michaela Stone: I know why you're here, okay? I know exactly what you are feeling right now.

Harvey Stein: I don't think so.

Michaela Stone: You've come back and the world's moved on and you don't know where you fit in anymore. I get it.

Harvey Stein: No. No, you don't. That is not it. That is not it.


Fiona Clarke: Hello?

Ben Stone: Professor, it's Ben Stone. I hope I got you at a good time. I think I may have found something.

Fiona Clarke: About the missing passengers? Have you found where they are?

Ben Stone: No, not yet. But the data I was able to download from the U.D.S. cloud server? Some of it's medical. Saanvi thinks they're tracking heart rates, brain activity… But there's something else. Is it possible they're... They're tracking electrical data? Voltage levels? Professor?

Fiona Clarke: Oh, my God, the callings. They're trying to artificially replicate them.

Ben Stone: How?

Fiona Clarke: Electro-cortical stimulation. I used it on rats, trying to connect the brainwaves of multiple subjects. Most of them died in the process. What Singularity's doing is wildly theoretical and dangerous. We have to stop these people, no matter what.

Ben Stone: We will.


Ben Stone: Hey.

Ronnie Wilcox: Can't really talk right now, bro.

Ben Stone: Uh, real quick, can you send me the U.D.S. property risk reports from the last year? I know, it's above my pay grade, but I need a Tier One sampling for the plus/minus.

Ronnie Wilcox: Ah, yeah, they're not done yet. U.D.S. is slow as ass updating their records, and anyway, I spend half my week in clients' offices taking meetings. When am I gonna log risk reports? God, I'm supposed to be at Wernax right now.

Ben Stone: How about you let me lighten the load? You know, I've been fooling around with this algorithm. It'll convert everything to run as a batch file.

Ronnie Wilcox: Oh, that's sexy.

Ben Stone: Yeah, I can zip through our clients. Just flip me the data.

Ronnie Wilcox: Yeah. I can't really punt the supervisory work down the food chain, my man.

Ben Stone: Ronnie. I'm under-utilized here. Take advantage… No one has to know.

Ronnie Wilcox: Property acquisitions, U.D.S., 12-month range... Whoa. 9,600 properties.

Ben Stone: Piece of cake.

Ronnie Wilcox: Yeah? Benjamin Stone, and... Send. Okay, I have to roll… Where's my Wernax ID?

Ben Stone: Uh, it's here, on your desk.

Ronnie Wilcox: Oh, okay. Uh, end of day, no later.


Michaela Stone: Harvey, I'm gonna come closer now, okay? Harvey.

Harvey Stein: I can see the house I grew up in. This is my synagogue. Me and Josh Klein, we used to smoke weed in the parking lot before Hebrew School. I was 12 years old.

Michaela Stone: And now you feel like you don't belong here anymore, right, like, you're not the same person?

Harvey Stein: People are dying. It has to stop… I-I'm gonna be next. That's the only way.

Michaela Stone: Harvey, who is dying? Come on, you can... You can tell me. Who's gonna understand if not another passenger? Talk to me, please. I will understand.

Harvey Stein: Then you can understand this. Harvey, no! Stop! No!

Jared Vasquez: Michaela!


Ben Stone: Oh my God, that's... That's awful, I'm so sorry Mick.

Michaela Stone: He's talking about people dying, and the next minute he's gone.

Ben Stone: W-What people dying?

Michaela Stone: I don't know. We're going to his place to figure it out. There's more, Ben. I had a calling this morning. "Don't lose him." Did you have it?

Ben Stone: No. No, no. "Don't lose him"?

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I thought it was about Jared, but it's... It was about Harvey, don't lose Harvey, and I did. I lost him. It's more than getting it wrong, Ben. I failed. I failed the calling… I have to go. I... I've got to find out why.

Ben Stone: No, no, Mick... Mick...


Grace Stone: Okay, start at the beginning. You walked him in...

Olive Stone: Yep... Dropped him off at his classroom. Mrs. Henry was super excited to see him. I'm gonna find him at lunch. Okay? All good. Now, let me see.

Grace Stone: Okay, well, I don't know... No?

Olive Stone: Mom, i-it's date night. You're not going to church.

Grace Stone: Okay, okay.

Olive Stone: I like it, by the way. Date night. You and Dad used to do it every Friday when we were kids, remember?

Grace Stone: And Grandma and Grandpa would babysit. Of course I remember. Let me call you right back, okay? Lourdes. Hi.

Lourdes: Hi. I've been meaning to call, see how you're adjusting with everything.

Grace Stone: Oh, good. I mean, life is definitely way more hectic, but in a great way.

Lourdes: Way to make things even more awkward, Lourdes.

Grace Stone: No, I'm sorry. So not my business.

Lourdes: Jared and I always said once I got my Masters, we'd start trying, and my thesis just got approved.

Grace Stone: Congratulations.

Lourdes: Yeah.

Grace Stone: That's amazing. It's exciting.

Lourdes: Thank you.

Grace Stone: And maybe a baby!

Lourdes: Maybe. Family.


Officer: Here you go, Detective.

Jared Vasquez: Thanks. We'll lock up… Harvey had no family? No kids?

Michaela Stone: 5 1/2 years later, this is the life he comes back to.

Jared Vasquez: Hey. You did everything right. If somebody makes up their mind to jump, there's zero you can do about it.

Michaela Stone: Yeah… I just don't... Understand. I-I remember him from the hangar. He... He was giving the NSA hell. The guy was tough as nails. I mean... Jared… People are dying. Th-That's what he said. I mean, he blamed himself for people dying. But who are the people?

Jared Vasquez: Mick.

Michaela Stone: Both died in the last few days. But why?


Michaela Stone: Susan Creighton. That's her.

Jared Vasquez: O'Ryan's Tavern. Harvey had that T-shirt.

Michaela Stone: Click on the hashtag… Wait, there.

Jared Vasquez: Monday night.

Michaela Stone: Zoom in.

Jared Vasquez: Rick Moore. He and Susan were at the pub along with Harvey Monday night. And they both died a few days later.

Michaela Stone: Let's go.


Olive Stone: Cal!

Cal Stone: I'm not answering any questions. I just want to eat my lunch.

Kevin: I have a question.

Olive Stone: What did he just say?

Kevin: Tuna or Ham and Cheese? It's gonna be one or the other because those are your favourites. I remember.

Olive Stone: Tuna, same as me.

Piper: I'll give you a string cheese for your Doritos.

Cal Stone: Are you gonna make a Dorito sandwich?

Olive Stone: Oh, my God, Piper, yes, you always used to make those.

Piper: I'm making one right now. This brings me back.

Cal Stone: Oh, my.

Olive Stone: Yummy.


Ben Stone: Did you bring it?

Robert Vance: I did. But you're not getting it till I know what it's for.

Ben Stone: The flash drive gave me zero location data. But I have obtained a list of every property acquired in the last two months by U.D.S. The Singularity Project is their subsidiary.

Robert Vance: How many properties?

Ben Stone: Just over 700. It's a needle in a haystack. However, Professor Clarke met with them at their offices on the Upper East Side. I was thinking, maybe if she went back in, she could place the bug.

Robert Vance: No, it's too risky. She'll get caught.

Ben Stone: We have to find those passengers. If the NSA is off the table, this is how we do it.

Robert Vance: It's pre-activated. All she has to do is place it… Can you still get access to the Singularity Project server?

Ben Stone: Probably. Why?

Robert Vance: We put a bug in there. It could be days before we get anything useful… We do this in two steps.

Ben Stone: Right.

Robert Vance: Plant the bug, and, uh, well, then we give them a little nudge.


Laurence: I couldn't attend your talk in person, Professor, but I watched it online. I'm dying to know more.

Fiona Clarke: Well, m-my timing is good, then. I... I had a few ideas after our first conversation. I thought you'd like to hear them… You were interested, as I recall, in my work on mirror neurons.

Laurence: Excuse me, Professor, I think you dropped something. I'll get it.

Fiona Clarke: Oh. Thank you. Clumsy. My favourite pen... I would've hated to have lost it… I didn't go into a lot of the technical terms. The basal ganglia, caudate nucleus...

Laurence: I'm so sorry. I'm gonna have to cut this short.

Fiona Clarke: Oh.

Laurence: Budget crisis. I'll need to make a call. Sam will show you out. You can reschedule.

Fiona Clarke: Right.

Laurence: Thank you, Professor.

Fiona Clarke: No, thank you.

Laurence: It's Laurence. We have a problem.


Ben Stone: Anything?

Robert Vance: Listen.

Laurence: Somebody did a search, network-wide. JP Williamson, the accounting firm... "Experiments" and "Flight 828."

Ben Stone: It worked.

Laurence: We've already moved them to Brooklyn... All 11, to the clean room… Thank you, Major.

Ben Stone: Major. Major who?

Robert Vance: Well, there are hundreds. But military... That's a start.

Ben Stone: Well, it's not exactly a smoking gun. Brooklyn narrows it down to maybe 25 properties. I'll go back into the network, look at the records.

Robert Vance: No, no, no. You're already too exposed. It's only a matter of time before they figure it out and come after you.

Ben Stone: I don't care. My… My son is in danger. I'm gonna do what I have to do. End of discussion.

Robert Vance: All right… You got three data points. Farm upstate, the office on the Upper East Side, and now Brooklyn… If I pull cellphone data, we can see how many phones pinged all three.

Ben Stone: Wait. I-I thought you said you wanted to stay in the shadows. You said using NSA resources would show your hand.

Robert Vance: I suppose this foolish bravery thing of yours is rubbing off on me.

Ben Stone: Well, how can I help? I'm supposed to meet Grace for dinner.

Robert Vance: Go be with your wife. You are on a ticking clock. Make the most of it.


Lois: Harv was in here all the time. Local celebrity, right? Lot of free drinks.

Michaela Stone: He was here Monday night. Do you remember anything special?

Lois: Monday? Yeah, he got hammered. Put on quite the show.

Jared Vasquez: What does that mean?

Lois: You know how the plane exploded a couple of days after it landed? Harvey claimed he knew it was gonna happen. Beforehand.

Michaela Stone: He told you that?

Lois: Only like four times. And not just me... Anyone who would listen.

Jared Vasquez: This is Susan Creighton, Rick Moore. They were both here that night.

Lois: Yeah, sure. They're both regulars.

Michaela Stone: Are you aware they both passed?

Lois: Excuse me?

Customer: Hey, Lois, give me another.

Lois: Hey, give me a second.

Michaela Stone: He called himself the angel of death. He must have thought it was connected.

Jared Vasquez: What was connected?

Michaela Stone: He told people about these callings, and then they died. That's why he killed himself.

Jared Vasquez: That's crazy.

Michaela Stone: What if it's not, Jared? I-I told you about the calling. What if Harvey was right?


Jared Vasquez: I pulled the M.E. reports. Susan Creighton's blood alcohol was 0.23. She should've barely been able to walk... Stumbled out into the street and got hit by a bus. Rick Moore. Training for a marathon, out on a five-mile run, drops dead. He had a massive arterial blockage. Mick, these people were going to die regardless. It had nothing to do with Harvey or what he did or didn't tell them.

Michaela Stone: How do we know it's not the universe pulling the strings?

Jared Vasquez: What does that even mean? Look, don't let this guy get into your head. He was just a lonely, disturbed man...

Michaela Stone: If something happened to you, Jared? Because of me? I couldn't live with that, either.

Jared Vasquez: I'm right here. Okay? I'm 100% alive.


Olive Stone: Oh, "Le Rouge." Goes with the smokin' hot eyes.

Cal Stone: I want to celebrate, too.

Grace Stone: You will, buddy. You and Olive are gonna make popcorn and hang out.

Olive Stone: Or... We can order pizza and invite Kevin over.

Cal Stone: Okay.

Grace Stone: He's already had a pretty big day.

Olive Stone: We won't stay up late, and we'll just watch some TV.

Grace Stone: In bed by 10:00!

Olive Stone: I know!

Michaela Stone: Hey.

Olive Stone: Hi.

Cal Stone: Hello.

Michaela Stone: Wow, you look amazing. Where's Ben?

Grace Stone: Uh, he is running late.

Michaela Stone: He's still at work?

Grace Stone: Yeah, we're gonna meet at the restaurant. What about you tonight?

Michaela Stone: I'm gonna go to the gym, bath, and sleep. It's been that kind of day… What's up?

Grace Stone: Um... I'm not trying to stir the pot. But after what I said this morning about Jared... I saw Lourdes today. I was shopping, and I just happened to run into her.

Michaela Stone: Okay. And...

Grace Stone: And she was buying a fertility kit. She said that she and Jared had a plan, as soon as she got her master's degree, they would start trying. I'm sorry. I want you to be happy, Mick. I want you to have a full life… But it sounds like Jared's moving on.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, and so should I.


Ben Stone: Hi. Just, uh... I see her. Thank you.

Grace Stone: Hi.

Ben Stone: Mm… You look incredible.

Grace Stone: So, how did everything get sorted out at work?

Ben Stone: Well, the trains are back on track. How was Cal's first day?

Grace Stone: Well, according to Olive, he killed it.

Ben Stone: Hi.

Grace Stone: Hi.

Ben Stone: I'm glad we're doing this. It's a lot of time to make up for… To a new beginning.

Grace Stone: To you... To your new job, to our new life together, to the new us. I'm so proud of you, Ben. To the future.

Ben Stone: To the future.


Tabitha: You wanted to see me?

Robert Vance: Oh, Tabitha, good. I need to run a triangulation. Last 48 hours. Every cellphone that's been in all three of these locations... Upstate New York, just off the throughway here, Upper East Side, here. Well, basically all of Brooklyn.

Tabitha: Copy. Which op? I need to assign a file number to the request.

Robert Vance: Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it.

Tabitha: Yes, sir.


Ben Stone: Trish was so mad.

Grace Stone: I don't blame her.

Michaela Stone: Looks like you guys had a good time.

Grace Stone: How are the kids?

Michaela Stone: Oh, I just got home, but apparently, they didn't burn the house down.

Grace Stone: I'll go check on them. Hey. You okay?

Michaela Stone: Yeah. I'm totally fine.

Grace Stone: Don't be long.

Michaela Stone: You guys have fun out on the town?

Ben Stone: You were right. She needed that. Little does she know I'm gonna lose my job before I get my first paycheck.

Michaela Stone: What's the latest?

Ben Stone: The passengers are somewhere in Brooklyn. Vance is trying to narrow it down. He should've called by now. It's taking too long.

Michaela Stone: I got to tell you something about Harvey. He told people about his callings. Two of those people died. He was convinced that there was a connection. That is why he jumped.

Ben Stone: I-I told Grace. You told Jared. Do you think Harvey was right?

Michaela Stone: He was pretty unhinged. Technically, there's an explanation for these people's deaths. And I failed the calling. What if we're being punished? Or about to be.


Coroner Jenny: Hey, guys. She's back here. Power line came down. She was out for a cigarette... Touched the Dumpster, got electrocuted. Go figure. Just, uh, keep your distance until they give us the green light.

Michaela Stone: The bartender… That's three, Jared. That is three people that Harvey told about the calling that are now dead.

Jared Vasquez: You're not gonna worry about this, all right? I still don't buy the whole "angel of death" thing. Mick, Harvey told half the people in that bar. There's no way all those people are gonna die. Look, this is straightforward, okay? Just... I got it. Go home. Get some rest.

Michaela Stone: I need you to stop. I need you to stop taking care of me, okay? I shouldn't be here. If I hadn't come back, you wouldn't be scared for your life right now. All of this is my fault.

Jared Vasquez: Mick, wait...

Michaela Stone: No. No, stop. You're trying to start a family with Lourdes.

Jared Vasquez: She told you?

Michaela Stone: She told Grace. And of course you should. I am not going to get in the way of that.

Michaela Stone: Don't lose him.


Ben Stone: Hey. It's really late, bud. Something wrong? Did something happen at school?

Cal Stone: School was fun. I saw all my old friends, but I'm afraid if I close my eyes, it'll all be gone.

Ben Stone: That won't happen.

Cal Stone: What if it does? I want to keep going.

Ben Stone: You will. I promise. Listen, I'm gonna go make sure of that right now, okay? I won't let anyone hurt you.


Robert Vance: 19 cellphones that pinged all three locations. Of those, we can rule out 17... FedEx, limo drivers, delivery trucks. That leaves two cellphones, both of which pinged cellphone towers in Red Hook. Both of which are burners...

Ben Stone: It's got to be them.

Robert Vance: And both of which are employing a high-level masking protocol. There may be four agencies in the world that have it, including NSA.

Ben Stone: So you can't pinpoint where they are right now?

Robert Vance: No, but look at this. They've been pinging this tower in Red Hook last few hours. It's somewhere inside this radius. That... That list you got, the Brooklyn properties, were there any...

Ben Stone: In Red Hook? No, I went through 'em.

Robert Vance: You sure?

Ben Stone: Yeah, I got them right here. Gas stations, a couple of businesses. None of...

Robert Vance: What is it?

Ben Stone: I was going by location, not by date of acquisition. Look. None of these properties were obtained within the last month.

Robert Vance: Well, that fits the timeline. Your plane came back three weeks ago. They bought the property shortly after.

Ben Stone: Which also wasn't in the records. That means there's nothing recent in the database.

Robert Vance: So someone inside U.D.S. is suppressing information.

Ben Stone: No. No, I don't think so. Honestly, I think they're just slow as ass. Ronnie, my idiot supervisor, told me that U.D.S. is behind logging in their property acquisitions. The... The paperwork's got to be on a desk somewhere in the U.D.S. Records Department… There's a pass on Ronnie's desk. It'll get me into the U.D.S. building.

Robert Vance: Then what? There'll be cameras everywhere. Once they figure it out, you'll be fired, then you'll be arrested.

Ben Stone: What's your better idea? You said yourself, there's a ticking clock. How else are we gonna save the missing passengers, save my son?


Guard: Good evening.


Ben Stone: Brooklyn... U.D.S…  No. Uh, Red Hook. Oh. Okay, no. No. Unh-unh… Yes.


Ben Stone: Bartender, too.

Michaela Stone: I had another calling with Jared.

Ben Stone: "Don't lose him."

Michaela Stone: I think that Jared might be in danger. And Grace... We have to do something. We can't just wait...

Ben Stone: We are doing something. We're finding the missing passengers. The more we can learn about the callings, the better.

Robert Vance: Here's your property. Chemical warehouse, Red Hook.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, that makes sense. Red Hook is its own world. Down by the water. No public access.

Ben Stone: That's the place. We got to get there and stop them. I just hope we can do it in time.


Doctor: Looks good. We're testing the current now. The rest will be online soon.

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Sevnol  (30.06.2019 à 11:30)

J'ai bien aimé le passage de Cal à l'école. Je pensais qu'il aurait été isolé mais pas du tout il s'est vite intégré malgré le fait que ses anciens amis ont 5 ans de plus que lui désormais.

Ben prend beaucoup de risques mais j'aime bien son duo avec Vance, ils forment une bonne équipe ^^

Pauvre Cal, UDS recommence ses tests donc à mon avis, il va souffrir au prochain épisode.

langedu74  (03.06.2019 à 23:08)

J'ai retenu mon souffle pendant toute la séquence à UDS la nuit ! Vite la suite ^^

labelette  (29.05.2019 à 12:32)

On se disait bien que Ben et Vance allaient travailler ensemble ! C'est chose faite. 

Ben prend de sacrés risques à son boulot et peut effectivement se faire virer d'un jour à l'autre. Mais pour son fils (et aussi pour lui, afin de connaître la vérité), je comprends qu'il le fasse.

La fin de l'épisode donne envie de voir la suite très rapidement (mais j'étais trop fatiguée hier soir pour regarder.... du coup ce sera pour les prochains jours !)


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