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#107 : En un battement de coeur

Alors que certains passagers sont détenus & secrètement soumis à des expériences douloureuses, auxquelles Cal est directement lié, Ben met à profit sa recherche d’emploi pour découvrir où  se trouvent les passagers. Entre temps, Michaela, poussée par la voix dans sa tête, enquête sur une affaire de meurtre qui va la chambouler.


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En un battement de coeur

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Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Ben (Josh Dallas) et Saanvi (Parveen Kaur)

Ben (Josh Dallas) et Saanvi (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben (Josh Dallas) et Saanvi (Parveen Kaur)

Ben (Josh Dallas) et Saanvi (Parveen Kaur)

Fiona Clarke

Fiona Clarke

Ben (Josh Dallas) et Saanvi (Parveen Kaur)

Ben (Josh Dallas) et Saanvi (Parveen Kaur)

Olive (Luna Blaise) et Danny (Daniel Sunjata)

Olive (Luna Blaise) et Danny (Daniel Sunjata)

Ben (Josh Dallas) et Danny (Daniel Sunjata)

Ben (Josh Dallas) et Danny (Daniel Sunjata)

Danny (Daniel Sunjata)

Danny (Daniel Sunjata)

Ben (Josh Dallas) et Danny (Daniel Sunjata)

Ben (Josh Dallas) et Danny (Daniel Sunjata)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben (Josh Dallas) et Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Ben (Josh Dallas) et Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)


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Scénaristes : Jeff Rake et Bobak Esfarjani
Réalisateur : Michael Schultz
Melissa Roxburgh ... Michaela Stone
Josh Dallas ... Ben Stone
Athena Karkanis ... Grace Stone
J.R. Ramirez ... Jared Vasquez
Parveen Kaur ... Saanvi Bahl
Jack Messina ... Cal Stone
Luna Blaise ... Olive Stone
Daniel Sunjata ... Danny
Victoria Cartagena ... Lourdes
Daryl Edwards ... Robert Vance
Francesca Faridany ... Fiona Clarke
Michael Drayer ... Ronnie Wilcox
Tim Moriarty ... Tim Powell
Julienne Hanzelka Kim ... Kelly Taylor
Adirane Lenox ... Beverly
Mateo Ferro ... Carlos
Andrew Sensening ... Glen
Charlie Hudson III ... David
Nikolai Tsankov ... Marko
Omar Torres ... Officier Diaz

Kelly Taylor: Really? What else could go wrong on this flight?

Fiona Clarke: This flight is not happening to you. It's happening for you.

Kelly Taylor: If it was happening for me, it wouldn't have bumped me from my original flight.

Fiona Clarke: Yet here you are. Now we're all in this together.


Ben Stone: Hey, bud, how you feeling?

Cal Stone: I'm scared. I still feel him.

Ben Stone: Marko?

Cal Stone: I think something bad is gonna happen. To him and me.

Ben Stone: Hey, I've got this. Okay? I've got a plan… That's my boy.

Cal Stone: I want to go home.


Saanvi Bahl: Hey! So, you are under doctor orders to chill out all day.

Cal Stone: Okay.

Saanvi Bahl: Okay, and remember, if you feel bad, your mom and dad can call me any time.

Grace Stone: Come on. Let's get you a treat before we get out of here.

Ben Stone: I'll meet you down.


Saanvi Bahl: I wouldn't discharge him if he wasn't better.

Ben Stone: Better enough to go home, but he's not out of the woods. He's still feeling Marko, which means whatever happens to Marko will happen to Cal.

Michaela Stone: Seems like the testing stopped.

Ben Stone: For now. The passengers were moved. There's satellite footage of the farm being torn down… But I know how to find them.

Saanvi Bahl: How do we do that?

Ben Stone: Follow the money. The farm was owned by Unified Dynamic Systems. It turns out their accounting firm is hiring, so I applied for an entry-level job.

Michaela Stone: Entry level? Ben, you're way over-qualified. They're never gonna hire you.


Recruiter: Mr. Stone, you seem much too qualified to be applying for... Junior Revenue Accountant.

Ben Stone: JP Williamson provides support for 35 Fortune 500 companies, correct?

Recruiter: That's correct. We work closely with the likes of Boeing, AIG, Unified Dynamic Systems...


Ben Stone: If I could get in their books, I should be able to follow the money trail from the farm to wherever they're holding the missing passengers now.


Ben Stone: And what better way to service them by having someone who is overqualified and starving to get back to work on your team?


Saanvi Bahl: It might work... If they hire you.

Ben Stone: It has to work. Cal thinks he's in danger. And he hasn't been wrong yet.


Ben Stone: And it will cost you less than hiring a guy who doesn't have a 5 1/2-year gap on his résumé.

Recruiter: Welcome to JP Williamson, Mr. Stone.

Ben Stone: Thank you, thank you.


Grace Stone: I think this job is gonna be great for all of us, Ben. Look, I know it's not the ideal salary, but there's room to grow, right?

Ben Stone: Yeah, yeah. And JP Williamson handles the books for practically half of corporate America. They have about 100,000 employees.

Grace Stone: And now my husband is one of them.

Olive Stone: Yeah, that'd be cool. Let me ask. Can I go rock climbing today?

Ben Stone: Hmm, sounds awesome. Wish I could go.

Olive Stone: Cool. Thanks.

Ben Stone: She seem off to you?

Grace Stone: Okay. Full disclosure... She is going rock climbing with Danny.

Ben Stone: Oh.

Grace Stone: He asked me if it would be okay. I was gonna talk to you about it. It's something that they started when she was getting off her anti-depressants. It gave her a goal. They were training weekly to hit a climb in Acadia National Park, but listen, if you are at all uncomfortable with it...

Ben Stone: No, I think it's good. First day, can't be late.


Ben Stone: Early shift?

Michaela Stone: No, I got to swing by Evie's. Glen called. Beverly's not doing good.

Ben Stone: Oh, sorry to hear that. Give her my best.

Michaela Stone: Can we talk about your plan? What if somebody connected to the farm finds out that you're snooping?

Ben Stone: How would they? It's the same as if I wanted to snoop on a dirty cop by joining the company the N.Y.P.D. outsources its payroll to. Dirty Harry wouldn't have a clue.

Michaela Stone: Okay, but you're a passenger. What if word gets out?

Ben Stone: They knew that when they hired me. If they were suspicious, I wouldn't have gotten the job.

Michaela Stone: Still, I'd keep a low profile.

Ben Stone: Of course. I'm just gonna blend in.


Ronnie Wilcox: Flight 828 in the house! Benjamin Stone! What's going on, bro?

Ben Stone: Ronnie Wilcox?

Ronnie Wilcox: That's me, man! God, I can't believe I'm supervising the Ben Stone! Uh, this is for you. Can't get anywhere in this place without the company dog tags. Yeah, come on, man. Let me give you the lay of the land... And, uh, maybe you can tell me what it was like when you first met the aliens, huh?

Ben Stone: They were nice. Smelled great.

Ronnie Wilcox: Ha. Classic.


Ben Stone: So, uh, what clients will I be involved with?

Ronnie Wilcox: Small bites, B. Stone. Tier 4 companies... The less-than-$15 million-annually crew.

Ben Stone: Just a heads up... My PhD in Applied Mathematics could be of use for some of the big guns like Boeing, U.D.S....

Ronnie Wilcox: Tier-one companies are handled by supervisors only... Red security and all. It's a grind. We kiss their butts, spend half our time off-site at their home offices...

Ben Stone: Well, I'd love to tag along sometime, or if you need extra pair of eyes while you work...

Ronnie Wilcox: Slow your roll, B. Stone. Come on. You just landed. Literally… Huh, this is you. Little welcoming gift for you. Welcome. Oh, and, um, I run a little poker game, middle limit, you know, mostly our department, some logistics guys, I.T. You know. Take over the conference room, sling a little company dirt. If you want, no pressure, brah.

Ben Stone: I'll check with my wife.

Ronnie Wilcox: Brah.


Ben Stone: All right.


Glen: Thanks for coming. Beverly could use a friendly face.

Michaela Stone: How is she?

Glen: See for yourself.


Michaela Stone: Hi, Beverly.

Beverly: Where's Evie? Sure is taking her a long time to come home.

Michaela Stone: I am sure wherever she is now, she's okay.

Beverly: Will you sit with me while I wait?

Michaela Stone: Yeah, of course I will.


Saanvi Bahl: Hey, you find something?

Ben Stone: Not at first. My access was limited, so I had to improvise.


Ben Stone: Funny how my ID just stopped working. It gave me an excuse to borrow one with greater access.

Ronnie Wilcox: Having trouble there, my man?

Ben Stone: Card... Luckily, my boss is an 828 fanboy, so he was happy to help. Borrow yours?

Ronnie Wilcox: Sure.


Ben Stone: That got me into the system.

Saanvi Bahl: And what did you find?

Ben Stone: Something called S.P. I couldn't get access… But here's what I did get. You've been hearing about Fiona Clarke, right?

Saanvi Bahl: The big-shot professor from the plane? Yeah, Her face shows up in half the 828 news coverage. Why?

Ben Stone: Because she's working for whoever took the missing passengers.


Saanvi Bahl: Fiona Clarke started her career in neural psychology, ended up being blackballed in her field for her fringe beliefs, so she shifted to spiritual circles and blew up. Huge online presence, books, lectures. And that was before we all disappeared.

Ben Stone: Fringe beliefs? Like what?

Saanvi Bahl: Like believing all of our brains can sync up to one another.

Ben Stone: Like Cal and Marko Valeriev.

Saanvi Bahl: Mm-hmm.

Fiona Clarke: It's all neural connectivity, pathways. A computer alone at your home is powerful, but one connected to a network is all-powerful. The same could be said of our brains.

Ben Stone: Networked brains. All her files were marked S.P. I don't know what that means, but it has to connect to the detainees. I mean, maybe she sold us out, had the passengers abducted.

Saanvi Bahl: Maybe she's the mastermind behind what they're doing to the detainees altogether.

Ben Stone: Hell, maybe she's responsible for what happened to the plane.

Saanvi Bahl: Well, you can ask her yourself. Tonight.


Cal Stone: No, not the red door! [Speaking Bulgarian]

Marko Valeriev: [Speaking Bulgarian]

Cal Stone: [Speaking Bulgarian]


Danny: Killing it. Hey, did you crush that soccer tournament like you're crushing this climb?

Olive Stone: Had to bail. It was like two days after the plane came back.

Danny: Oh.

Olive Stone: I have another one in a week.

Danny: Nice. Wish I could see it.

Olive Stone: Oh, damn it.

Danny: It's all right. Next time, make sure that your knee is bent before you reach.

Olive Stone: I don't want to do this anymore.

Danny: Well, where'd that come from? This morning, you seemed pumped to climb.

Olive Stone: Yeah, and now I'm not.

Danny: Olive, talk to me.

Olive Stone: No… I'm out.

Danny: Well, I'm not. I'll be here tomorrow.


Robert Vance: Why is Ben Stone working a low-level accounting job at JP Williamson?

Tim Powell: Maybe they need the money. I think we've wasted enough time on his paranoid theories.

Robert Vance: Yeah, might not be paranoid.

Tim Powell: Every single law enforcement and intelligence agency we've reached out to has zero information on those missing passengers.

Robert Vance: Exactly. I think there's an off-the-books, covert unit running the whole thing. We just don't know who it is. That's what Stone is trying to find out. And I'd bet my house he thinks he'll find the answer at that accounting firm.

Tim Powell: Shouldn't we trust our fellow agencies and not some civilian?

Robert Vance: This civilian just might be on to something.


Jared Vasquez: Hey, you free to come over for dinner tonight?

Man: Here you go.

Jared Vasquez: Lourdes would really like to have you over. Might be good for you to... Spend some time around some friends for a change.

Michaela Stone: Not sure that's a good idea with everything going on.

Jared Vasquez: You being led by the voices in your head to blow me off?

Michaela Stone: No, that's just me.

Jared Vasquez: Are you still hearing them? The voices?

Michaela Stone: I don't know, but look, if you're worried about me messing up again, it's not gonna happen, okay? At least not in a way that affects you.

Jared Vasquez: It's you that I'm worried about, Mick… The N.S.A. is watching you.

Michaela Stone: How do you know that?

Jared Vasquez: 'Cause they've been all over me, making sure I keep an eye on you. I haven't told them anything, and I never will.

Michaela Stone: Thank you.

Main: All units be advised, 10-10. Shots fired at Enrique's barbershop. Corner of Brooke and 20th.

Michaela Stone: That's right around the corner.

Jared Vasquez: Yeah. Detective Unit Three in proximity and responding.


Carlos: Yo! Yo! Some tweaker just shot my uncle!  He ran off up the block!

Jared Vasquez: What'd he look like?

Carlos: He's got a red hoodie! He was twitching like crazy!

Jared Vasquez: I'll call a bus.

Michaela Stone: Where's your uncle?


Carlos: Oh, man, Tío Enrique!

Michaela Stone: Go get some clean towels now.

Carlos: Do you have a pulse?!

Michaela Stone: Not yet. Put pressure on the wound.

Carlos: I told him to give the junkie the money he wanted, but he wouldn't… What's happening?! What's happening?

Michaela Stone: I-I don't know. I'm hearing a heartbeat, but I'm not feeling a pulse.

Carlos: Enrique! [Speaking Spanish]

Michaela Stone: Come on. Come on. Save him. Save him.

Carlos: No! No, Tío Enrique! No, no...


Michaela Stone: This was the last hot chocolate in the break room. I'm gonna deny I gave that to you, okay?

Carlos: Look, I don't understand why he had to die.

Michaela Stone: I'm sorry, Carlos. You guys were close?

Carlos: See, my uncle took me in after my mother died. I was a sick little kid. I needed major surgery. I almost didn't make it. He helped me get better. You see, the money he wouldn't give up, it was to polish up the shop for me to take over soon. He gave me a life.

Michaela Stone: I know what it's like to lose somebody. You're destroyed, like a building imploded. But one day, slowly, you will start to build yourself back up, brick by brick.

Carlos: You finished building?

Michaela Stone: Not even close.


Michaela Stone: It's okay. Take your time.

Carlos: I can't do it.

Jared Vasquez: Yes, you can. Carlos, this man is dangerous, a killer. We're still coming up short on the weapon, so he'll do it again if you don't stop him.

Michaela Stone: This is the only way you're gonna get justice for your uncle.

Jared Vasquez: People freeze up. Panic.

Michaela Stone: Which one was it?

Jared Vasquez: Second from the right. No one's processing his release tonight. We'll talk to Carlos in the morning, and hopefully, he'll turn.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, hopefully.

Jared Vasquez: What is it?

Michaela Stone: I... I don't know, there's something about this kid. I need to help him… Have a good night.

Jared Vasquez: Did you forget about dinner? I already told Lourdes you're in.


Saanvi Bahl: Mirror neurons? This is heavy stuff. No one really knows the extent of how these cells operate.

Fiona Clarke: Your beating heart. My beating heart. We're all one.


Michaela Stone: Honey, we're home.

Lourdes: The kitchen is a disaster area. Do not go in there.

Michaela Stone: It smells great.

Lourdes: Hi.

Jared Vasquez: Hi. All right, well, uh, I'll go change my clothes.

Michaela Stone: Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. I forgot to bring anything.

Lourdes: Dude, you're not a guest. You're family… Jared tells me that this invitation was weirding you out.

Michaela Stone: Weird? No, what's weird about this?

Lourdes: Still the worst liar ever. We're gonna push through.


Jared Vasquez: He dunked it from the free-throw line.

Michaela Stone: I can't believe you're such a die-hard Knicks fan.

Jared Vasquez: I'm sorry. What can I say? I'm loyal.

Michaela Stone: Yeah? After 5 1/2 years, the one thing that's still the same is the Knicks suck.

Jared Vasquez: Hey, why don't you have a little bit?

Michaela Stone: I'm good.

Lourdes: I'll have some.

Michaela Stone: I, um, I haven't had a drink since that night, so...

Lourdes: Michaela, you're not an alcoholic. You're allowed to have a glass of wine. No one's looking.

Michaela Stone: I'm looking.

Lourdes: Way to be a pillbox.

Jared Vasquez: Wait, where do I know that from?

Michaela Stone: That was Evie's favourite insult.

Lourdes: No, no, no. Her favourite insult was bitch-monkey.

Michaela Stone & Lourdes: Bitch-monkey.

Michaela Stone: Oh, Bobby Tufford.

Lourdes: Oh, 6th grade, Evie shows up to school in heels, because she's Evie, so Bobby Tufford decides to write "slut" on her locker.

Jared Vasquez: Ouch.

Lourdes: Evie catches him in the act, but when Mrs. Springs asks her who wrote it, Evie doesn't rat Bobby out. She waits until after school, calls him a bitch-monkey, and then beats the crap out of him.

Michaela Stone: She didn't want justice. She wanted revenge.

Jared Vasquez: That sounds like she got it.

Lourdes: Mm.

Jared Vasquez: What's wrong, Mick?

Michaela Stone: I have to go.

Lourdes: Really? I-I have ice cream.

Michaela Stone: This was really nice, you guys. Thank you so much.

Jared Vasquez: Hey, we tried. She wasn't ready.


Michaela Stone: Carlos, open up.

Carlos: What do you want?

Michaela Stone: Same thing that I wanted earlier... Positive ID on your uncle's killer.

Carlos: I told you I wasn't sure.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, you also said that you don't think you saw a gun.

Carlos: 'Cause I didn't.

Michaela Stone: We didn't find a gun, Carlos, because you found it first. You stashed it away, failed to make an ID. Soon enough, that perp's back out on the street, at which point you take him out with his own gun.

Carlos: You got no proof.

Michaela Stone: No, I don't. I also don't have a search warrant, but I could get one. And if something happens, I now have a primary suspect. Don't do this. Don't throw your life away for revenge.

Carlos: What life? I'm all alone.

Michaela Stone: I know that feeling, okay? I also know what it's like to take someone's life because I did by accident. It haunts me every single day. I can't even imagine what it would be like to do that on purpose.


Fiona Clarke: Imagine if we could empathize not only with those we know but with everyone. Would wars end? Would... Would poverty? The potential is boundless and our best hope to fend off the looming threat of A.I. When we learn how to harness the power of collective consciousness with the Mirror Factor... Checkmate… Finally. I've been waiting for you.


Fiona Clarke: We've certainly generated plenty of notoriety. I imagine we could all go on tour. Thanks for waiting.

Saanvi Bahl: Speaking of, you said that you were waiting for us. What did you mean by that?

Fiona Clarke: In the wake of any traumatic event, it's inevitable the participants eventually seek each other out.

Ben Stone: So, it has nothing to do with you experiencing a calling.

Fiona Clarke: I'm sorry, a-a calling?

Saanvi Bahl: That's our own shorthand for some of the visions and voices some of the passengers have been receiving.

Fiona Clarke: Have they, indeed?

Ben Stone: Why don't you just tell us exactly how you're involved with the government secretly detaining 11 passengers from our flight.

Fiona Clarke: Forgive my abundance of ignorance, but detained passengers? Detained when?

Saanvi Bahl: There are 11 people from our flight who still remain unaccounted for.

Ben Stone: Who we think are being experimented on. It's being tracked in a classified database with your name all over it. Who are you working for?

Saanvi Bahl: And what does the Mirror Factor have to do with it all?

Fiona Clarke: Well, uh... Four days after we returned, I was approached by a non-profit interested in funding my mind-body research. They put me on retainer, underwrote tonight's lecture. No one mentioned a word about government affiliation, let alone d-detained passengers.

Saanvi Bahl: What's the non-profit called?

Fiona Clarke: The Singularity Project.

Ben Stone: S.P. It's time to go play some poker. It could be my way into the Singularity Project.


Ronnie Wilcox: That's the river card, and it's down to two. We got Passenger Ben Stone, fresh from his alien abduction... And David James, an insignificantly small cog in the I.T. machinery.

David James: I'm sorry you got to work with him.

Ben Stone: Thank you, thank you.

David James: Think too long, you think wrong.

Ronnie Wilcox: Ooh. He calls. All right, let's see them. Turn them, same time.

All: Oh!

Ronnie Wilcox: And Ben takes it!

Ben Stone: Come on. Poker's a game of probability. Math helps me.

David James: Oh, another accounting guy that thinks I.T. is less rigorous than math.

Ben Stone: Dude, not at all. In fact, I can't imagine handling all that data coming in. You know, the security, the storage.

David James: Some respect, finally. Hey, you should see some of these raw data dumps from these massive companies. It's incomprehensible, but trippy.

Ben Stone: I'd like to, actually. Hook me up.

David James: All right.


Ben Stone: Hey. How was the climb?

Olive Stone: I quit. It's too hard.

Ben Stone: Too hard? Huh. Well, harder than riding down Tait Hill with no hands? You busted your lip three times. You didn't quit until you nailed it.

Olive Stone: How do you remember stuff like that?

Ben Stone: I'm your dad. I remember everything. Your mom told me climbing really helped you when... Things weren't going so good.

Olive Stone: Well, that's a polite way of putting it.

Ben Stone: I'm just saying, you're great now, so I'm a big fan of whatever got you here, okay?

Olive Stone: Okay. Thank you, Dad.


Ben Stone: Hey, bud. Doing okay? You want me to bring you some breakfast upstairs?

Cal Stone: I feel him even more now… That man... Things are getting worse for him.

Ben Stone: Listen... Last night I found out a secret, and that secret makes us so close to finding Marko and making him safe. We're so close, Cal. We're so close.


Jared Vasquez: You okay? You ran out of dinner pretty fast last night.

Michaela Stone: I had a thought on the case, and I wanted to follow up.

Jared Vasquez: So, that thought on our case was?

Michaela Stone: Carlos is planning a revenge kill, and I think he still has the gun.

Jared Vasquez: Possible. Let's get a warrant.

Michaela Stone: I went there last night.

Jared Vasquez: Please tell me you did not conduct an unwarranted search for that gun.

Michaela Stone: No, I just asked him about it.

Jared Vasquez: Oh, you asked him. How'd that go?

Michaela Stone: I think he'll come around.

Jared Vasquez: So much for pulling a warrant. You realize if he had that gun, it's long gone by now. You realize that, right? See, this is what I'm talking about. Those voices in your head getting in the way, making you go s... I'll be damned.

Carlos: I'm ready.

Michaela Stone: Diaz, we're ready to make the ID.

Diaz: Love to help you with that, but your suspect's been cut loose. Needed the cell. We had nothing on him, guys. Couldn't keep him forever.


Danny: Hey, you ready to try again?

Olive Stone: I thought you might've bailed.

Danny: I said I'd be here. I'll never lie to you.

Olive Stone: I lied to you. I never wanted to climb Acadia or anything.

Danny: So why did you train so hard?

Olive Stone: Because I like spending time with you.

Danny: Back at ya. And it's no big deal. Forget Acadia.

Olive Stone: No, we're doing it.

Danny: Excuse me?

Olive Stone: I'm not a quitter, and... I'm pretty good at this.

Danny: Eh, you're okay. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's do it.

Olive Stone: Okay.


David James: Hey! 'Sup, Stone?

Ben Stone: I am gonna need like six of these to offset last night.

David James: Nice. Hey, super excited to show you our sequence systems.

Ben Stone: I'm excited to nerd out on it. I actually took some computer science in college.

David James: Oh!

Ben Stone: I'm... I'm so... I'm so sorry.

David James: It's okay. It's, uh, not that hot.

Ben Stone: Uh, do you have any paper towels?

David James: Uh, no, but I have some gym clothes in the car.

Ben Stone: Dude, I-I'm so sorry.

David James: It's okay. I'll be right back. Ugh. Ugh.


Tim Powell: Want me to send a team?

Robert Vance: No.


Ronnie Wilcox: Yo, bro! Yo... Hey, excuse me. Thanks for saving my spot.

Ben Stone: Yeah. So, uh, what's the deal?

Ronnie Wilcox: Ah, just a rando spot check. All the Fortune 500s do it, Rip Van Winkle… Gap in the line there, Benmeister.

Ben Stone: You know what? I'm gonna use the head.


Ben Stone: What are you doing here?

Robert Vance: Corporate espionage is a felony, Mr. Stone. Where is it? Shoe? No. Thermos. That's clever. Thing is, I'm pretty clever too.

Ben Stone: How did you...?

Robert Vance: I'm a deputy director of the National Security Agency, Ben. It's, you know, kind of what we do. Hand it over.

Ben Stone: Come on. You don't understand. This data can get me to the detainees, which might be the only way to protect my son.

Robert Vance: This is not a negotiation. You can either hand over the flash drive, or you can be under arrest. You're a math guy. Not much of a calculus.

Ben Stone: Vance... Vance, you have to find them! Vance!


Jared Vasquez: This guy's probably long gone by now.

Michaela Stone: Keep driving… Go faster! Go faster!

Jared Vasquez: Is this what I think it is? Is it the voices?

Michaela Stone: It's different this time. I can feel it...


Michaela Stone: Turn left!


Michaela Stone: Right. Right.

Jared Vasquez: What's it saying?

Michaela Stone: It's not saying anything. It's a heartbeat.

Jared Vasquez: Maybe it's just your heartbeat.

Michaela Stone: No, it's not, it wouldn't... It just... Wait, it was there, and now it's not. It's not there anymore. It stopped. Stop the car!


Old Man: Aah!

Shooter: Give me the money.

Old Man: No, get off me.

Shooter: Give me the money!

Old Man: It's all I have!

Shooter: Get off me! Aah!


Danny: That might've been your best yet.

Olive Stone: Eh, I just think we need more height.

Danny: Oh, do you, hot shot?

Olive Stone: Seriously. Like, a legit simulation.

Danny: Mm… Successful mission.

Grace Stone: Thanks for taking her.

Olive Stone: Bye.

Grace Stone: So, was it fun?

Olive Stone: Yeah.


Danny: You're a good man to let her stick with this. She did great.

Ben Stone: No doubt. So, how much longer?

Danny: I'm sorry?

Ben Stone: You're training for a climb. When's the climb?

Danny: Oh, summer.

Ben Stone: Gotcha.

Danny: I'm not gonna get in your way, Ben. Olive's not my kid. But I stepped in when you were gone, and I care about her. When she comes to me, I can't turn her away.

Ben Stone: Nice to see you, Danny.


Michaela Stone: We got him.

Carlos: He walked because of me. If you hadn't caught him, he might've...

Michaela Stone: But we did. And when you ID him, he's gonna go away for good… I'm assuming you didn't hear that.

Carlos: The subway?

Michaela Stone: How did you know Evie?

Carlos: You knew Evie?

Michaela Stone: She was my best friend.

Carlos: Told you I almost died. Congestive heart failure... I needed a transplant. She was my donor.


Beverly: I'm worried about Evie. She's been gone so long.

Michaela Stone: You don't need to worry. I saw her. I saw Evie. She's okay. She's okay. She's okay.

Beverly: Look at that.


Ben Stone: Hey, bud. Feeling okay?

Cal Stone: Did the secret work? Did you find the man?

Ben Stone: Almost, buddy, but it shouldn't be too much longer. I had a big breakthrough today. Then someone bad got in my way, but I promise I'm not gonna give up.

Cal Stone: You don't have to worry. He's not a bad guy, Dad. Not anymore.


Robert Vance: Vance.

Tim Powell: I've got a team on standby. Anything you've got off Stone, they're ready to jump in.

Robert Vance: No, I didn't get anything. He was clean.


Michaela Stone: How's Cal?

Ben Stone: He's okay.

Michaela Stone: You, maybe not so much.

Ben Stone: I need to understand. The callings, what's happening with Cal. I want to believe there's a... A reason, but it requires this leap of faith, and I can't... I can't trust what I don't understand.

Michaela Stone: I don't understand it any more than you do. But I take that leap and I follow the calling. And I feel a little better… For the first time since Evie, I feel like I might just be okay. That's why I was drawn to the boy, to Evie's heart. I had to know that the callings were right, that it is all connected.

Ben Stone: Connected to what?

Michaela Stone: To us, to... To each other. That's what all of this is for… It has to be.

Ben Stone: Great. You got a sign. Where's mine?

Michaela Stone: Ben, when did Cal draw that?

Ben Stone: The other day. Why?

Michaela Stone: That's Carlos with Evie's heart. I think you just got your sign.

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Sevnol  (24.06.2019 à 22:31)

Pas facile cette nouvelle enquête pour Michaela, la pauvre, le choc que ça doit faire quand on apprend que la personne face à nous possède le coeur d'un de nos proches décédés... C'est beau car le coeur bat toujours, et ça a permis de sauver une vie mai on doit avoir un sentiment assez étrange.

Je le sens pas de trop sinon le co-équipier de Vance, et si ce dernier lui cache des choses, j'imagine qu'il n'a pas confiance en lui non plus.

labelette  (29.05.2019 à 12:30)

Saanvi, Ben et Michael enquêtent toujours ensemble, je trouve ça sympa. 

Il aura trouvé facilement du boulot Ben ! Et plus que rapidement.


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