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#205 : La guerre des mondes

Lorsque Cal & Grace ont un accident de voiture, Ben essaye de découvrir qui est responsable. Michaela enquête sur une attaque ayant eu lieu à l'église des Believers mais le leader, Adrian, refuse de coopérer. Zeke tente de faire amende honorable avec une personne de son passé.


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Titre VO
Coordinated Flight

Titre VF
La guerre des mondes

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Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Zeke Landon (Matt Long)

Zeke Landon (Matt Long)

Zeke Landon (Matt Long)

Zeke Landon (Matt Long)

Tamara, Billy & Jared au bar ( Leah Gibson, Carl Lundstedt & J.R Ramirez)

Tamara, Billy & Jared au bar ( Leah Gibson, Carl Lundstedt & J.R Ramirez)

Jared & Tamara (J.R Ramirez & Leah Gibson)

Jared & Tamara (J.R Ramirez & Leah Gibson)

Jared Vasquez (J.R Ramirez)

Jared Vasquez (J.R Ramirez)

Billy au bar ( Carl Lundstedt )

Billy au bar ( Carl Lundstedt )

Michaela Stone au poste de police (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone au poste de police (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela & sa coéquipière, Drea interrogent un suspect

Michaela & sa coéquipière, Drea interrogent un suspect

Michaela & sa coéquipière, Drea interrogent un suspect

Michaela & sa coéquipière, Drea interrogent un suspect

TJ Morrison dans le bureau de Ben (Garrett Wareing)

TJ Morrison dans le bureau de Ben (Garrett Wareing)

Ben & TJ font des recherchent (Josh Dallas & Garrett Wareing)

Ben & TJ font des recherchent (Josh Dallas & Garrett Wareing)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)


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Ecrit par : Matthew Lau & Marta Gene Camps

Réalisé par : Marisol Adler

Melissa Roxburgh ... Michaela Stone
Josh Dallas ... Ben Stone
Athena Karkanis ... Grace Stone
J.R. Ramirez ... Jared Vasquez
Parveen Kaur ... Saanvi Bahl
Jack Messina ... Cal Stone
Luna Blaise ... Olive Stone
Matt Long ... Zeke Landon
Leah Gibson ... Tamara
Ellen Tamaki ... Drea Mikami
Jared Grimes ... Adrian
Andrene Ward-Hammond ... Kate Bowers
Danielle Burgess ... Courtney
Garrett Wareing ... TJ Morrison
J.D. Williams ... Walter
Maury Ginsberg ... Simon White
Jenna Kurmemaj ... Olive jeune
Olli Haaskivi ... Isaiah
Mellini Novakivic ... Dr. Elbaz
Johnnie Mae ... Voyante

Grace Stone: You love the carousel. What's wrong, Olive?

Olive Stone: I had another dream. Cal was talking to me. I think it's a sign.

Grace Stone: Of course it's a sign, honey. It's a sign that you loved your brother and he loved you.

Olive Stone: It's more than that. I know he's not dead. They're out there.


Grace Stone: Ollie, honey, we just talked about this in therapy. It's been two years. It's time for us to move on, both of us.

Tarot Reader: Excuse me! Would you like a reading?

Grace Stone: Oh, no, thank you.

Olive Stone: Can we, Mom? Please?

Grace Stone: Olive these things are a scam. It's a waste of money. Come on.

Olive Stone: Please. Just in case.

Grace Stone: Alright. Fine. Your father would kill me.


Tarot Reader: Hello.

Grace Stone: Hi. So, how's this work?

Tarot Reader: Shuffle. And let the cards soak in your true self… I see you've been lonely 'cause you lost someone who completed you. Always look to the future with a possibility that everything will turn out well.


Isaiah: We need to order more paper cups.

Olive Stone: Oh, Isaiah, more are arriving on Tuesday.

Isaiah: How did we do anything around here before you joined us?

Olive Stone: Well, don't tell my parents, or they'll add more to my chores. It's not like they come here, anyway.

Isaiah: Well, what's it like living among the Returned?

Olive Stone: Not as glorious as you...

Isaiah: Stay here. Call Adrian… Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop it! This is a place of worship!

Voice mail: Please leave your message.

Assailant: Go!


Michaela Stone: You don't sleep much, do you?

Zeke Landon: I didn't mean to wake you. I didn't. I wouldn't.

Michaela Stone: No, no, it's fine. Um, I should have gotten rid of these.

Zeke Landon: You're not the addict. It's not your problem.

Michaela Stone: I know, but I can make it easier for you.

Zeke Landon: It doesn't get any easier. It just... At least now I have a reason to be strong.

Michaela Stone: We both do. And my alarm doesn't go off for half an hour, so...


TJ Morrison: So, first, you tell me I have a Death Date, and now some magic compass your sister found in a safe-deposit box is gonna be the way we avoid it.

Ben Stone: Can we not use the word "magic", please? It's a built-in excuse not to look for an explanation.

TJ Morrison: Well, as long as it can save us, I don't care what we call it.

Ben Stone: Those engravings... They're not part of the original design.

TJ Morrison: The weird star in the peacock?

Ben Stone: The peacock was part of the Death Date Calling.

TJ Morrison: So, who engraved it, and why?

Simon White: Hey!

Ben Stone: Hey.

Simon White: Have you heard what happened at that church?

Ben Stone: No.

Journalist: How do you explain the things that keep happening? Two of these so-called Passengers hijacked a plane. One started a church. Another one just robbed a bank. There are almost 100 of them living in New York, and naturally, the public is scared, which leads us to this unfortunate event.

Ben Stone: This is never gonna end.

Simon White: You guys just can't escape the spotlight.

TJ Morrison: Not all it's cracked up to be.

Ben Stone: I can't say I'm surprised. I mean, when is Adrian gonna realize he's just fueling the fire?

TJ Morrison: And putting a target on all our backs.

Journalist: The group's engendered criticism since one of the Passengers became their leader.

Ben Stone: Save her.

Journalist: We're reporting on the latest on the Flight 828 Passengers, and we'll continue updating you as we...


Olive Stone: I... There were four guys. Um, I ran off. I pulled the alarm. Is Isaiah okay? I'm sorry. I bolted. I freaked out when I heard the sirens.

Adrian: Isaiah will be fine, thanks to you.

Olive Stone: You'll leave me out of it, when you give the police the description? My... My parents... If they found out I come to the church, they'd never understand.

Adrian: No one needs to know you were there. I got you. But you need to let go of the fear. That's your parents talking, not you. You've already embraced hope.

Olive Stone: How can I help Isaiah?

Adrian: Find something... A prayer, a favourite poem. Let your strength be a beacon to others.


Jared Vasquez: Mm. Let me give you a hand.

Tamara: Way to ruin my workout. You're really not good at casual, are you?

Jared Vasquez: What, so, now I have to... I got to apologize for my mama raising me right?

Tamara: Man, why do I always end up with the mama's boys? What was she like? Your mother.

Billy: Hey, Tam. I'm taking the Buick.

Tamara: Like Hell you are. Last time, it took me a month to get the smell out.

Billy: You're becoming a fixture around here, aren't you?

Jared Vasquez: Best breakfast around.

Billy: Breakfast is for regulars.

Tamara: Keep it up, and you're gonna find yourself right off the list.

Jared Vasquez: You want a ride, Billy? I could have one of my squad cars come by and pick you up.

Tamara: Okay, aren't you, uh, late meeting up with your loser friends?

Billy: You're one to talk?

Jared Vasquez: Your brother's a real prince.

Tamara: He's not a bad kid. He just... Fell in with the wrong crowd.

Jared Vasquez: Kids who fall into the wrong crowd tend to become bad kids.

Tamara: What about guys who hang out with sassy bartenders? What do they end up as?

Jared Vasquez: I don't know. Regulars?

Tamara: Hmm.


Drea Mikami: Bowers really is pissed. Stuck us with vandalism?

Michaela Stone: And assault. I requested it.

Drea Mikami: Any excuse to get out of the precinct, huh?

Michaela Stone: If the Xers are willing to vandalize a church in broad daylight, who knows how far they're willing to go?

Drea Mikami: You worried about your family?

Michaela Stone: The only way to stop a bully is to punch him in the face.

Drea Mikami: Well, someone's ready to eat the world.

Michaela Stone: Let's just say I'm riding a hot streak… What do we got?

Officer: Perfect one for you, Stone. Straight-up dead end. No witnesses, no leads. Maybe you can use one of your anonymous tips.

Drea Mikami: Church doesn't have any security cameras?

Officer: They want to keep what they do here on the DL, if you ask me.

Michaela Stone: Where's the Vic?

Officer: In back with the paramedics. Have fun with this one.

Drea Mikami: Lazy ass.

Michaela Stone: Well, let's just piss her off by solving it.


TJ Morrison: So, according to Twitter, there was only one victim from today's attack, but it was a man.

Ben Stone: The calling said, "Save her". Who is "her"?

TJ Morrison: You sure it had to do with what happened at the Believers?

Ben Stone: The only thing I'm sure of is somebody needs my help… It's Grace.

TJ Morrison: I'll give you two some privacy. I'm gonna head down to the library, see what I can find on this art history book.

Ben Stone: Okay. Hey.

Grace Stone: Hi, honey. Cal and I are hoping you could pick up some DeAngelo's for dinner.

Cal Stone: Make sure he gets a Hawaiian.

Grace Stone: Pineapples do not belong on pizza. Ben?

Ben Stone: Uh, yeah. Sorry. I had a calling this morning. "Save her". You or Cal feel anything?

Grace Stone: No, nothing here. Save who?

Ben Stone: I don't know. But I got a bad feeling about this.

Grace Stone: Did you talk to your sister?

Ben Stone: Yeah, she's working a case, so I haven't been able...

Cal Stone: Mom!

Grace Stone: What the... ?!

Ben Stone: Grace? Grace?!


Grace Stone: It all happened so fast. I... By the time I got my bearings, they were gone. I'm sorry. It's... It's all kind of a blur.

Ben Stone: Grace!

Grace Stone: We're okay.

Ben Stone: I heard the impact. What happened?

Cal Stone: I-It was a blue truck. They didn't even try to stop.

Ben Stone: They hit you on purpose?

Grace Stone: I don't know. They were speeding. I tried to get out of the way. But...

Officer: Driver was probably texting. It happens all the time.

Ben Stone: They side-swipe them and just take off?

Officer: Probably uninsured. We'll keep an eye out.

Ben Stone: There's got to be witnesses, traffic cameras. A truck like that doesn't just disappear into thin air.

Officer: Your insurance company can request...

Ben Stone: Hey, buddy, can you just take this a little more seriously? Look, my sister's a cop in the 12...

Grace Stone: Ben… I think there's something wrong with the baby.


Isaiah: Sorry. I didn't get a good look.

Drea Mikami: So, you said that you were in here, and then you heard a noise and went out there to investigate?

Michaela Stone: But you didn't get a good look. Were their faces covered?

Isaiah: No.

Michaela Stone: Isaiah, we've met before. Do you remember that?

Isaiah: Of course I do. You're one of the Returned. You... You saved me.

Michaela Stone: Look, I know that you're scared, but you are safe now. We will protect you.

Isaiah: I'm not scared. I didn't see them.

Michaela Stone: These men, they are dangerous, and we can't catch them unless you help us.

Drea Mikami: Who pulled the fire alarm? Did they get a better look?

Isaiah: I don't know.

Michaela Stone: Don't you want to see the people who did this to you, to your church, punished?

Isaiah: It is not my place to judge. Their eyes will be opened in time.

Michaela Stone: I'll be right back.


Michaela Stone: Adrian. What did you say to Isaiah? Why won't he talk to us?

Adrian: Michaela, it's not like I have some superpower. These people can speak to you about anything they want.

Michaela Stone: And yet, they won't. You do realize that if we don't catch these people, the attacks are just going to get worse.

Adrian: Have you considered that arresting them may make things worse? Especially if you're the one who does it.

Michaela Stone: If I do nothing, then I might be next, or my family or you. Today was baseball bats. Tomorrow might be guns. Do you see where that's going?

Adrian: I believe in Gandhi's path. The minute we move to the offensive, we become a force to be feared. Then sympathy evaporates.

Michaela Stone: So, this is a PR campaign?

Adrian: This is about instilling hope.

Michaela Stone: To what end, though? People are getting hurt.

Adrian: To a world that understands and embraces us as a miracle.

Michaela Stone: Embraces you. Donates to you… That's what you're all about, isn't it? Okay.


OB: There we go. That's a strong heartbeat.

Ben Stone: So, everything's okay?

OB: Um, she appears to be fine.

Grace Stone: Uh...

OB: Oh, my goodness. Did I just... Were you not finding out?

Grace Stone: Not really.

Ben Stone: It's a girl.

OB: I'm so sorry.

Grace Stone: Don't be.

OB: Ohh.

Ben Stone: Doctor, we're in the clear, right?

OB: I'd like to run some tests, make sure there's no placental abruption.

Grace Stone: Oh, my God.

OB: There's no cause for alarm. We'll just keep you here for a few hours, monitor the baby. Okay? I'll be right back.

Ben Stone: Hey. Hey. Through thick and thin.

Grace Stone: "Save her". Your calling.

Ben Stone: The baby?


Zeke Landon: I was a wreck, you know? Was hopeless and powerless. Alone. Which I deserved. But now I've found someone who believes in me and who has accepted me with open arms… But I feel like a fraud, you know? 'Cause I'm still tempted.

Moderator: When I was first in recovery, I also struggled with relationships. I finally realized that I had to feel comfortable with myself before I could be comfortable with someone else.

Zeke Landon: I'm trying. It's just... It's not easy.

Moderator: A big part of that was seeking forgiveness from the people I hurt while I was using.

Zeke Landon: I know, but...

Moderator: How can we start something new with the past hanging over our heads? When you're ready, the next step is to make amends.

Zeke Landon: I don't know if the people I hurt will ever forgive me. I don't know if they should.

Moderator: It's not about them. It's about you. And moving on. Taking stock of how far you've come and seeing yourself as someone worthy of being loved.

Zeke Landon: Okay.


Michaela Stone: Ben.

Ben Stone: Oh, finally. What took you so long?

Michaela Stone: Sorry. I got here as quick as I could. How's Grace and Cal?

Ben Stone: Cal's okay. Shaken, but okay. Dad took him for ice cream. Grace is putting on her brave face… They're still running tests on the baby… It's a girl.

Michaela Stone: She's going to be okay. Okay? I can feel it.

Ben Stone: Ohh, every... Every time Adrian does another sermon or some idiot goes on TV and invokes 828, these attacks ramp up. It's just gonna get worse.

Michaela Stone: There is still a chance that it was an accident.

Ben Stone: It wasn't. I had another calling. "Save her". Grace and Cal and the baby were targeted because of 828. Now how am I supposed to save the passengers when I can't even protect my own family?

Michaela Stone: Ben, it's not all on you, okay? I'm going after the Xers. Vance is tracking down the Major. Saanvi... She's... She's getting close to the Death Date.

Ben Stone: Yeah, I'm starting to worry we're not gonna make it that far.

Michaela Stone: Ben, you can't think that way.

Ben Stone: Mick, I need all the reports that the NYPD has on violence against passengers. There may be some mention of a blue truck or what...

Michaela Stone: That is a long shot. There is a lot of incidents.

Ben Stone: I can't just sit here and do nothing. Mick, please.

Michaela Stone: Okay, I'll send them your way.

Ben Stone: Thank you.

Michaela Stone: I got to go. Just... Give Grace my love.


Michaela Stone: Hey.

Drea Mikami: Hey. So, we pulled this footage from an ATM a couple doors down from the church.

Michaela Stone: The perps stopped for cash?

Drea Mikami: No, not quite. But check this out… Hello, good sir.

Michaela Stone: What's he so afraid of?

Drea Mikami: Just watch.

Michaela Stone: Three guys with baseball bats.

Drea Mikami: Hmm.

Michaela Stone: These feel like our suspects.

Drea Mikami: Yeah, and we got ourselves a witness.

Michaela Stone: Nice work. Get a patrol unit to pull him in, what he knows.

Drea Mikami: Alright.


Ben Stone: I didn't realize there have been so many complaints by passengers.

Olive Stone: Mom! What happened?

Grace Stone: Uh, some idiot hit us. Your dad thinks it may have been deliberate.

TJ Morrison: The calling.

Ben Stone: Why would it warn me if there was nothing I could do about it?

Grace Stone: The important thing is we're okay... I think. They just need to check on the baby… Your baby sister.

Olive Stone: Well, is she okay?

Ben Stone: We think so. We'll know soon.

Olive Stone: How are you not freaking out?

TJ Morrison: Moms are superheroes.

Grace Stone: Hmm. Sweet of you to come, TJ.

TJ Morrison: Of course. You doing research? Maybe I can take over for a bit.

Ben Stone: Uh, Michaela sent over police reports on attacks against passengers. And in every instance, no witnesses, no evidence. Like what happened today with the Believers... Mick says no one will talk.

Olive Stone: Maybe people are scared to talk.

Ben Stone: Yeah, maybe. In the meantime, your mom's lying in a hospital bed.

Olive Stone: Do you really think it was related?

Ben Stone: I just don't think it. I'm gonna prove it. See this?


Michaela Stone: Hey.

Jared Vasquez: Hey.

Michaela Stone: How's the, uh... How's the case load?

Jared Vasquez: Pretty thin, ever since my name came out in an open court as a rule-breaking obsessive detective. Captain hasn't exactly been throwing high-profile cases my way.

Michaela Stone: Look, I don't expect you to understand about Zeke, but I didn't know what else to do.

Jared Vasquez: Other than throw my name under the bus? Look, it's okay. I've moved on.

Michaela Stone: Good. Maybe you can let the rest of the precinct know. It's hard enough being an 828er without having to go up against the blue wall, so...

Jared Vasquez: I think that's all in your head, Mick.

Michaela Stone: Do you? An Xer beat the Hell out of an 828 Believer, and the responding officer treated it like a joke. I'm interviewing a suspect now. Meantime, someone else ran Grace and Cal off the road, and the uni gave Ben a bunch of attitude.

Jared Vasquez: Is everyone okay?

Michaela Stone: The baby might not be. They're waiting to find out.

Jared Vasquez: I'm sorry.

Michaela Stone: The point is Xers are hunting us.

Jared Vasquez: Michaela, the Xers are a bunch of angry mouth breathers. Don't you think you're giving them way too much credit?

Michaela Stone: I am telling you if someone doesn't start taking this seriously and shut them down, the next 828 victim is gonna end up dead. It might be me. It might be Ben. It might be Cal. But, no, yeah, you're right. It's... It's probably all in my head.


Walter: Look, I didn't see anything.

Michaela Stone: Well, you seemed to be in a pretty big hurry to get out of there.

Walter: I was late. Is that a crime?

Drea Mikami: We got all day.

Michaela Stone: What got you so scared, Walter?

Walter: What? You just see dudes coming down the street like that, you get out of the way.

Michaela Stone: So, you do remember something, then? 'Cause you're the only one here in this photo.

Walter: So, what?

Drea Mikami: So, what do they look like?

Walter: Like, I don't know, regular guys in hoodies.

Drea Mikami: Regular guys got you running your ass off?

Walter: It was a fire alarm, okay? They were coming at me.

Michaela Stone: Sorry, which one got you scared? The guys in the hoodies or the alarm?

Walter: Look, that place, okay, is freaky. And that thing with the plane... It's not natural. Look, I didn't do anything to any church.

Michaela Stone: Did you... No, I don't think we said anything about a church.

Drea Mikami: So, let's start over. From the beginning.


Michaela Stone: That guy just got an upgrade from witness to suspect.

Captain Bowers: Based on what? Another one of your hunches?

Michaela Stone: He's lying through his teeth. We didn't even suggest he was involved, and he started denying it.

Captain Bowers: You pull a random guy into the box in the middle of the day, of course he's on edge.

Michaela Stone: He's involved. I know it.

Captain Bowers: Then prove it, or thank him for his help and offer him a ride home.


Zeke Landon: Thanks for meeting me.

Courtney: You pop up out of nowhere after falling off the face of the Earth for a year? Of course I'm gonna be curious.

Zeke Landon: I didn't mean to disappear. It just... Sort of happened.

Courtney: It felt pretty intentional to me.

Zeke Landon: I never meant to hurt you.

Courtney: I know you were never big on goodbyes, but after what we went through, I think I deserved better.

Zeke Landon: That's actually why I'm here. I'm going through the program.

Courtney: Mommy put you in rehab again?

Zeke Landon: No, this time it was me.

Courtney: So, what do you want from me? A gold star?

Zeke Landon: I need to make amends. Courtney, I'm sorry for all the ways I hurt you. I wish I could take it all back.

Courtney: You make it sound like it was the worst time of our lives. But we had fun.

Zeke Landon: The only thing I remember was us always chasing the next high.

Courtney: If that's what you need to tell yourself...

Zeke Landon: No, that... That came off wrong. I don't mean...

Courtney: No, it's... It's nice to know I made such an impact. Consider your amends made.

Zeke Landon: I want to help you. Please. If there's anything I can do, would you please...

Courtney: I can take care of myself, thanks. I had no other choice when you vanished into thin air, did I? Good luck sticking with the program this time.


Olive Stone: That is either the longest page in history, or you are somewhere else.

Grace Stone: I know what it is to lose a child. I don't think I can go through it again.

Olive Stone: You have to have faith. You have to look at the future with the possibility... That everything will turn out well… Stay strong, little girl. You have the best mom in the whole world. But don't tell her I told you so.

Ben Stone: Grace. They're not random.

Grace Stone: What are you talking about?

Ben Stone: What happened to you. This recent wave of violence. The Xers are systematically attacking the passengers. We ran the data. They're coordinating their attacks to overwhelm the police and minimize the chance they'll get caught.

Grace Stone: The Xers are organized?

TJ Morrison: The timing and distribution of the attacks is too precise to be a coincidence.

Olive Stone: So, Mom's accident and everything that happened at the church, it's connected?

Ben Stone: Everything is connected. It's just gonna get worse. I don't see how this ever ends.


Drea Mikami: We'll have to go investigate.

Michaela Stone: Okay… Olive, what are you doing here? Everything okay?

Olive Stone: Okay, I have... I have something to tell you, but you can't tell mom and dad. I know what happened at the Church of the Believers.

Michaela Stone: How?

Olive Stone: I was there. I'm one of them.


OB: Good news. We found no sign of placental abruption or trauma to the foetus.

Ben Stone: So, the baby's okay?

OB: Yes.

Grace Stone: Thank God.

OB: But this was no minor accident. You need to take it very easy. We don't want any further complications.

Grace Stone: Understood.

Ben Stone: Thank you, doctor.

OB: You're so welcome.

Ben Stone: Well, that's it. I'm wrapping you and our baby girl in bubble wrap.

Grace Stone: Well, I'm not sure how I feel about that. We can talk about it at home.


Michaela Stone: I'm proud of you. Coming forward isn't easy.

Olive Stone: Well, when dad said this had to do with mom and Cal's accident...

Michaela Stone: You're gonna have to tell your parents.

Olive Stone: No. I can't. Please don't make me.

Michaela Stone: Olive, you're a minor about to identify a suspect in a crime. They're gonna find out. It's better if it comes from you.

Olive Stone: No, there... There has to be some other way.

Michaela Stone: Look, the number of times I've done something that I wish nobody would find out about... You can't run away from your problems, though. It never works. Eventually, it catches up… Take your time, okay? Just remember, they can't see you.

Olive Stone: Number two. That's him. There were three more guys, but I don't... I don't see them here.


Michaela Stone: You're under arrest for aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit violence. You have the right to remain silent and to legal counsel.

Walter: Look, I didn't do anything!

Drea Mikami: We have a witness who says otherwise.

Michaela Stone: And we've linked the attack to other incidents of violence against passengers of Flight 828. DA actually wants to tack on conspiracy.

Walter: Look, I want a lawyer.

Drea Mikami: You're looking at quite some time.

Michaela Stone: Unless, of course, you know, you've got something to offer us… No? Okay. But if we get your buddies first, then the deal's off.

Walter: Okay, okay, alright. Look. I don't know their last names, alright? They're just some guys from the club.

Michaela Stone: What club? Where is it?


Michaela Stone: We believe this is the headquarters of a violent group responsible for systematic and coordinated attacks against the passengers of Flight 828.

Captain Bowers: Last-minute assist by her niece seems a bit suspicious. What are the chances Stone's right about this?

Jared Vasquez: You known her to be wrong yet?

Captain Bowers: And the DA bought into her theory about the attacks being connected.

Jared Vasquez: Doesn't mean she's not leading the entire squad into a situation she can't control.

Captain Bowers: Well, we can't call it off now, or it'll look like whistle blower retribution for her turning against you.

Michaela Stone:... Nightmare full of blind spots and dead ends, and it's their home turf, so surprise is gonna be key to our success. Everyone on site is considered armed and suspect.


Ben Stone: I just realized I've been so focused on the Major and the Death Date, I... I didn't see the Xers coming.

Grace Stone: It's over now, Ben.

Ben Stone: It's not. The calling said, "Save her". I didn't save anyone. We just got incredibly lucky, Grace. No, there's something we're missing. The Xers are still out there. Adrian is making things worse. I-I don't know how Mick convinced a Believer to help.

Olive Stone: It was me. I was at the church this morning. I saw everything.

Grace Stone: What were you doing at the church?

Olive Stone: It was my turn to prep the service.

Ben Stone: You're one of them?

Olive Stone: You make it sound like I'm an alien.

Grace Stone: Olive, the Believers are a cult.

Olive Stone: Why? Because they think that a plane that came back 5 and a half years later is a miracle? Millions of people believe stuff that they have never seen, but we all saw 828, and it was a miracle.

Ben Stone: Yeah, maybe it was. Or maybe it was an extraterrestrial encounter. Or maybe we got stuck in a time loop that stopped the aging process and expanded our brain capacity so we could predict the future. We have no idea, Olive. And Adrian... Adrian doesn't, either.

Olive Stone: That doesn't invalidate his teachings.

Ben Stone: No, no, no. He's entitled to his opinions. What he's not entitled to is taking advantage of us. He's using 828 to put money in his pocket, and in the process, making the rest of the world scared to death of us.

Olive Stone: The rest of the world needs to open their eyes! And what church doesn't raise money?

Grace Stone: No, no, this is different. Olive, sometimes people exploit a difficult situation.

Olive Stone: No, sometimes people are way too narrow-minded to see what is right in front of them.

Ben Stone: That is not fair.

Olive Stone: Is it fair to just tell me to accept the Death Date and give up?! I didn't give up when people thought you and Cal were dead, and here you are! Same with mom and the baby. Do... Don't you see?

Ben Stone: No. I do. And I love that you're looking for answers. I do. So am I. And I'm not gonna stop. No one is giving up. But your mother and Cal were targeted. Olive, they could have died.

Olive Stone: And that's Adrian's fault?

Ben Stone: It is! Look, it might be the Xers who are physically attacking us, but it's the Believers who are creating this hatred and fear by insisting passengers are different from regular human beings!

Olive Stone: You are different!

Grace Stone: Olive. We are just trying to protect you.

Olive Stone: I'm sick of being protected! And I'm sick of being afraid! And you may not like it, but while you were gone, I grew up!


Drea Mikami: We sure this is a good idea? A lot of these guys aren't exactly "Team Michaela".

Michaela Stone: There's a big difference between dirty looks and friendly fire.

Drea Mikami: All it takes is one guy not having your back.

Michaela Stone: Do you have my back?

Drea Mikami: Of course I do.

Michaela Stone: That's all I need.

ESU: Back entrance set.

Radio: Proceed with caution.

Michaela Stone: Let's get some bad guys.


Michaela Stone: NYPD! Hands where we can see them!

Officers: All clear… Back room clear… Clear… Clear. We have them all clear… I got nothing.


Drea Mikami: Seems like we just missed them. We'll get them next time.

Michaela Stone: We'll get somebody this time. 10 bucks says that's the truck that hit my sister-in-law. Take some paint. Bring it to the lab. When it matches, bring the owner in.

Captain Bowers: Looks like Walter sold you a bill of goods.

Michaela Stone: No, ma'am. This is the right place. That truck was involved in a hit-and-run with another passenger.

Captain Bowers: And you know this how?

Michaela Stone: Because it was my sister-in-law.

Captain Bowers: More family members. God, I knew I shouldn't have given you this case.

Michaela Stone: They were here. Okay, somebody tipped them off, and whoever it was, was at the precinct 'cause they were the only ones who...

Captain Bowers: Okay, Stone, you are woefully short on friends as it is, and accusations like that, without any proof, aren't gonna do you any good.

Michaela Stone: Captain. We have a leak!


Tamara: No refunds for warm beer. It was cold when I served it.

Billy: Proper drink for my friend. That, uh, single malt that you hide behind the counter.

Jared Vasquez: Are we celebrating?

Billy: I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. You did us a solid today.

Jared Vasquez: I didn't do that for you. I did it for her. The trek to Rikers from here sucks.

Billy: Hey, what do you say we go out tonight? 'Cause a friend of mine wants to show you his appreciation.

Jared Vasquez: Why not? A friend of yours is a friend of mine. Salud.


Michaela Stone: I thought eventually, people would realize we were normal, and the hate would disappear, but it seems to be the opposite.

Zeke Landon: You just gotta keep doing what you're doing. The bigots will give in before you do.

Michaela Stone: Are you, uh, calling me stubborn?

Zeke Landon: Determined, maybe. It's good, though. Got me out of jail.

Michaela Stone: Best decision I ever made.

Zeke Landon: You sure what happened today didn't have anything to do with you burning down the precinct to set me free?

Michaela Stone: I don't care. It was worth it… Enough about me, though. How was your meeting?

Zeke Landon: Good. Making progress.


Courtney: I'm sorry. I don't mean to bother you. But is Zeke here?

Zeke Landon: Court. How did you... ?

Courtney: Your mom told me where to find you. I don't have anywhere else to go.

Michaela Stone: Hi. I'm Michaela.

Zeke Landon: Michaela, this is Courtney.

Courtney: His wife.


Grace Stone: You gonna come up soon?

Ben Stone: Grace. You should be in bed. Doctor's orders.

Grace Stone: You don't get to have a monopoly on parental concern.

Ben Stone: How did we not know?

Grace Stone: I don't know. Teenagers have secrets.

Ben Stone: Well, she's not wrong... About me.

Grace Stone: Why are you putting this on yourself?

Ben Stone: No, I've been scaring all of us. I've been so focused on the Death Date and the passengers, I... I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Grace Stone: What's this?

Ben Stone: It's the compass Michaela got from the bank last week.

Grace Stone: This engraving?

Ben Stone: Yeah, we've been trying to figure out what it means.

Grace Stone: I've seen this before.

Ben Stone: Well, you've seen the peacock.

Grace Stone: Not just the peacock. This exact image.

Ben Stone: On one of the boards?

Grace Stone: No. This was before… When you and Cal were gone, Olive was always insisting that you were out there somewhere. This one day, we were walking past this tarot reader, and Olive was so desperate and my grief was so overwhelming I couldn't say no… This card… The star represents hope. The woman said it was what her future held. She gave it to Olive.

Ben Stone: How is this possible?

Grace Stone: There's more. The reader said that we should look to the future with the possibility that everything will turn out well. It became like a mantra for Olive. She clung to it. And then today, when she came to the hospital, she said those exact words to me.

Ben Stone: Maybe a miracle did save the baby. Maybe this is all a miracle.

Grace Stone: Ben, this is a sign. What if the callings are trying to tell us that there's a way out of this, a way out of the Death Date, a way out of all of it?

Ben Stone: Yeah, maybe they are. But if Adrian and the Believers keep turning the world against us and get us all killed first... What does any of it matter?


Adrian: I'm not going to tell you there isn't hatred in our world. Or deny the uncomfortable truth that there are people who wish us harm. But I will ask that you trust that better days lie ahead.


Ben Stone: Save her.


Adrian: Each and every one of you has embraced things we cannot explain. And by opening our hearts, we'll show others the way, until even those who hate will have their eyes opened to the miracle… But I'm not afraid. I believe in miracles. I am a miracle. And I'm here to tell you that we were wrong about death. It is not final. Not the end of a journey. Follow me, and I will show you… Blessed are the believers.

Folks: Blessed are the believers.


Adrian: Ohh!

Ben Stone: Stay away from my daughter.

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Sevnol  (07.03.2021 à 23:54)

Ah finalement Jared retrouve une certaine utilité mais peut-être pas dans le bon sens. J'ai aussi pensé à une mission sous couverture, à voir si c'est bel et bien le cas.

Je me doutais un peu que le "Sauve là" de l'appel ne concernait pas Grace (ni le bébé d'ailleurs vu qu'on ne savait pas que ça allait être une fille jusque là) mais Olive. Elle doit être sauvée de cette secte. Mais je ne sais pas si ça concerne les agressions, c'est peut être encore plus profond que ça je dirais, mais elle a exprimé son ressenti c'est déjà une bonne chose.

Ezekiel marié, bon je suis pas fan de la relation entre lui et Michaela déjà donc bon, si ça pouvait tout faire foirer, je veux bien ^^

labelette  (18.11.2020 à 13:37)

Pareil, je me suis posée la questionn aussi. Car ce n'est pas un mauvais bougre Jared ! Du moins, ça ne l'était pas jusque maintenant. Fait-il cela car il veut se venger de Michaela ou au contraire est-il "sous couverture" ? 

Ben qui n'apprécie pas que sa fille soit dans une secte et le fait comprendre au "gourou", normal. Par contre, quand ils ont parlé à Olive avec Grace, c'était un peu violent... Ils auraient peut-être pu amener les choses en douceur pour ne pas qu'elle se braque. Mais sur le moment, ce n'est pas étonnant que leur réaction ait été aussi vive !

Zéké marié ? Mais nooon !! Avec une toxico en plus.

La gynéco a la voix de Hen dans 9.1.1 (je déteste cette voix !!) et ça ne lui va pas du tout.

stephe  (18.11.2020 à 09:48)

oh la la Jared... fait-il ça pour aider quand même Michaela ? je trouve ça bizarre.... et la nouvelle capitaine est super louche ! en plus je trouve que Michaela ne fait vraiment pas attention

sanct08  (05.02.2020 à 13:19)

Pauvre Michaela ! Elle les attire franchement !

Grace et Ben ont eu une grosse frayeur avec cet accident. Heureusement tout est bien qui finit bien !

Olive est dans le pétrin. Elle risque d'avoir des ennuis avec l'église des coryants vu que son père a tabassé son chef...

La capitaine ne m'inspire pas non plus...

mnoandco  (04.02.2020 à 21:14)

C'est ce que j'appelle un épisode tramplin : énormément de choses de mettent en place, des suspicions en veux-tu en voilà,  ce qui peut paraître ennuyeux mais nécessaire pour passer à la vitesse supérieure dans les prochains épisodes.

Jared pas encore d'opinion, Zeke c'est moche de ne pas l'avoir dit, la capitaine sans commentaire positif  le tout à suivre, bien sûr. Ben, je l'adore et Olive ...je ne sais pas ce qui l'attend mais cela ne va certainement pas s'arrêter avec la menace de "papa ours"

Emmalyne  (04.02.2020 à 20:52)

L'épisode en demi-teinte, en toute somme assez prévisible.

Jared a fait exactement ce que je pensais qu'il allait faire mais

il se peut aussi qu'il agisse sous couverture et que la capitaine soit la seule à le savoir, c'est le sentiment que j'ai.

Le secret d'Olive a percé et papa ours s'est réveillé. J'aime beaucoup Ben.

On sent que les personnages vont faire une percée dans la compréhension de la situation, et ça va sûrment poser pas mal d'autres questions.

Il y a rien à faire Zeke, ça passe pas. Je ne suis même pas surprise qu'il soit marié, avec le sosie de Michaela d'ailleurs.


SeySey  (04.02.2020 à 11:53)

Zeke est marié???? WT*????? Non, non, allez, je dis EX-femme ^^


Jared, non mais je rêve...je ne l'aime pas depuis le début mais là! Puis la nouvelle capitaine, n'en parlons pas ^^


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