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#103 : Affronter la vérité

Ben et Michaela enquêtent sur un meurtre choquant dans la crainte qu’il soit lié au Vol 828. Pendant ce temps, Ben peine à accepter la vie menée par Grace en son absence, tandis qu’Olive et Cal réalisent qu’il est plus difficile d’être jumeaux avec cinq ans et demi d’intervalle.


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Affronter la vérité

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Cal Stone (Jack Messina)

Cal Stone (Jack Messina)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Cal Stone (Jack Messina)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Cal Stone (Jack Messina)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Cal Stone (Jack Messina)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Cal Stone (Jack Messina)

Kevin (Sean Kaufman)

Kevin (Sean Kaufman)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Kevin (Sean Kaufman)

Kevin (Sean Kaufman)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) & Beverly (Adriane Lenox)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) & Beverly (Adriane Lenox)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) & Beverly (Adriane Lenox)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) & Beverly (Adriane Lenox)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) & Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) & Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Tami (Ella Ayberk)

Tami (Ella Ayberk)

Saanvi (Parveen Kaur), Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) & Stone (Josh Dallas)

Saanvi (Parveen Kaur), Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) & Stone (Josh Dallas)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)


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Scénaristes : Gregory Nelson et Bobak Esfarjani
Réalisateur : Paul Holahan
Melissa Roxburgh ... Michaela Stone
Josh Dallas ... Ben Stone
Athena Karkanis ... Grace Stone
J.R. Ramirez ... Jared Vasquez
Parveen Kaur ... Saanvi Bahl
Jack Messina ... Cal Stone
Luna Blaise ... Olive Stone
Daryl Edwards ... Robert Vance
Alfredo Narciso ... Capitaine Riojas
Brandon J. Dirden ... Detective Donovan
Joe Urla ... Patrick Taylor
Adriane Lenox ... Beverly
James Hiroyuki Liao ... Rob
Julienne Hanzelka Kim ... Kelly Taylor
Andrew Sensenig ... Glen
Joy Lynn Jacobs ... Christine
Sean Kaufman ... Kevin
Simone Elizabeth Bart ... Evie
Lawrence Ballard ... Lindsay
Olli Haaskivi ... Isaiah
Ella Ayberk ... Tami

Kelly Taylor: I'm finally on the plane… I know. First they screw up my reservation, then I get bumped to another flight. Not exactly doing wonders for my vacation Zen.


Michaela Stone: So, you and Grace, must've been nice to get a break.

Ben Stone: Yeah. Yeah, we've been getting a little lost in the shuffle, the two of us, so... This was good.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, you needed a little Jamaica. Little lime in the coconut. The stress you're under, I don't know how you're doing it.

Ben Stone: Really? You can't imagine?

Michaela Stone: Don't change the subject.

Ben Stone: You've been drowning in stress.

Michaela Stone: I'm just saying, if you and Grace can handle this, you can handle anything.


Kelly Taylor: Thank God it's a short flight. I'm never flying Montego again. I'd rather die.


Cal Stone: You can only use three new letters.

Michaela Stone: Okay.

Grace Stone: Cal. Bed. Let's go. Brush your teeth. I'll be right up.

Cal Stone: Three letters... No cheating.

Michaela Stone: Okay, okay.

Ben Stone: Goodnight, bud.

Cal Stone: Goodnight.

Journalist: A shocking new development tonight in the story of Flight 828. Unconfirmed reports point to a murder investigation.

Ben Stone: Mick.

Journalist: In recent days, Taylor has been extremely candid, not only about her experience on Flight 828, but on her treatment by authorities since her return.

Grace Stone: She was murdered?

Ben Stone: She's been all over the news.

Grace Stone: You think there's a connection?

Michaela Stone: Let's not jump to conclusions. I'm gonna go find out what's going on.

Grace Stone: Wait, are you saying she was killed because she went on TV?

Ben Stone: Hey...

Grace Stone: Because all of you have been in the press, including Cal.

Ben Stone: I know... I know.

Grace Stone: That woman ambushing him on the street.

Ben Stone: We just need to keep Cal close. We need to be careful. Olive, come straight home from school tomorrow.

Kelly Taylor: I don't know for sure what happened, but I'm beginning to think that they didn't tell us everything that was going on.


Cal Stone: What are you doing?

Olive Stone: Our little secret.


Ben Stone: Saanvi, hey. You watching this?

Saanvi Bahl: You think we need to be worried?

Ben Stone: I think we need to keep our heads down. I'm gonna find out more.

Saanvi Bahl: Listen, I discovered something in Cal's blood. It's a marker, a protein. It wasn't there before the plane, and it wasn't produced by the cancer. I've never seen it before. I don't know what it signifies.

Ben Stone: Is it harmful?

Saanvi Bahl: It doesn't point to a tumor or any environmental toxins or a parasitic infection.

Ben Stone: At the airport when we were detained, remember they gave us those vitamin boosters, electrolytes? I mean, there could've been something in any of that.

Saanvi Bahl: Yeah, I kept notes on everything. I'll have to run some more tests, but I'll keep you posted.

Ben Stone: Okay. Hey, if you see anything worrisome...

Saanvi Bahl: Yeah. Yeah, okay.


Michaela Stone: I need you to drive me to Long Island. I have the address for Kelly's house. I picked it up on the scanner.

Ben Stone: How'd they let you back on the job?

Michaela Stone: Because I didn't tell them. Look, of course I have to drive and I will, just... Not tonight.


Michaela Stone: Okay, so, um, just remember when we get there, stay in the car. I'll deal with it.

Ben Stone: No chance. This isn't Uber. If I'm going there, I'm getting some answers.

Michaela Stone: No, Ben, it's noticeable enough that we are 15 miles outside of my jurisdiction, let alone with my civilian brother in tow.

Ben Stone: Your civilian brother who helped you find two kidnapped girls. The cops were useless without us.

Michaela Stone: That does not make you a detective all of a sudden.

Ben Stone: I'm at the center of this just like you. So is Cal. And Grace is scared. Rightly so. And I need to protect my family. If we're being targeted, I need to know who's coming after us and why.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, that's exactly what I plan on finding out.

Ben Stone: I am not gonna be a bystander. You know me. I feel helpless enough as it is, cooped up at home, stressing all day. At least you've had a job to go back to… I know I can contribute here, Mick. We're doing this together or I'm turning the car around.

Michaela Stone: This is so off-the-charts out of line.

Ben Stone: They'll think I'm your partner.

Michaela Stone: Not a word, okay?

Ben Stone: Scout's honor. Guaranteed.


Michaela Stone: That was fast. Where do these people come from?

Ben Stone: Kelly made herself famous. She was the face of Flight 828.

Michaela Stone: Looks like they already have a suspect.

Detective Donovan: Can I help you?

Michaela Stone: I'm Michaela Stone, NYPD. Mind if I we have a look?

Detective Donovan: You on a field trip?

Michaela Stone: I picked up the chatter. Might connect to a case we're looking at. Do me a solid. We'll be in and out.

Detective Donovan: Victim's inside. I'll walk you in.


Detective Donovan: Looks like a robbery gone bad. Perp entered here, went out the back door. The victim was alone in the house. Husband was out at a business dinner.

Michaela Stone: What did they get?

Detective Donovan: Gold necklace... That's it. Husband says she was wearing one. There are burn marks on the neck. Killer must've yanked it off.

Ben Stone: Oh, my God.

Detective Donovan: Single gunshot to base of skull. Bullet went through and through. Looks like a .38. She's got some scraping and bruising on her arms and back.

Michaela Stone: You think this was targeted?

Detective Donovan: She was on Flight 828, all over the news. Talk about a crazy magnet. You see our candle-toting friends outside?

Ben Stone: We saw you got a suspect. Guy in the car, you think he's one of them?

Detective Donovan: Our witnesses put him out front on and off all day. We picked him up two blocks over. He had blood on his clothes, we're assuming hers. We got a neighbor who saw him running from the house.

Michaela Stone: What about the gun?

Detective Donovan: Must've tossed it, necklace, too. We'll find them.

Robert Vance: Detective Donovan? Robert Vance, NSA. I'm gonna have to take charge of this investigation.

Detective Donovan: Excuse me?

Robert Vance: Anything Flight 828 related is a matter of national security. Are you aware you have two acquaintances of the victim on your scene?

Ben Stone: I-I wouldn't call us acquaintances.

Robert Vance: They both were on Flight 828. You can escort these two outside.

Michaela Stone: Sorry. I owe you one.


Ben Stone: The killer one of them? Doesn't make sense.

Michaela Stone: Why not? If they're fanatics...

Ben Stone: These people don't want to harm us.

Michaela Stone: Maybe this one did. Maybe he thinks we're, I don't know, aliens or demons or something.

Ben Stone: Then why is the NSA here taking charge of a routine homicide investigation?

Michaela Stone: Look, that must be the husband… Mr. Taylor? I'm Michaela Stone. This is my brother, Ben. We were on the flight with Kelly.

Ben Stone: We're so sorry for your loss.

Patrick Taylor: I told her not to talk. On TV, all those interviews, all that attention. She didn't care. She said she had to do it.

Michaela Stone: Had to? Did she talk about someone or something telling her...

Patrick Taylor: Calling. She had a calling... Her exact words.

Officer: Sir, the medical examiner needs your signature.

Michaela Stone: What did she mean by that, Mr. Taylor? No, wait, Mr. Taylor, what...

Ben Stone: A calling. Like a voice in her head.

Michaela Stone: What if that's it, Ben? What if this calling got her killed?


Grace Stone: Okay, so... We'll keep being careful, but we have to live our lives. I have to get back to work. I mean, our expenses just doubled.

Ben Stone: I know, and I've got to get a job. I'm on it.

Grace Stone: Well, that's great.

Ben Stone: I'll see what I can sniff out. Hey. You don't... Have to do this on your own, okay? Not anymore.

Grace Stone: Hey, Calamander, you want to see where I work? Why don't I take him for the day, give you a chance to sniff?

Ben Stone: Great.

Grace Stone: iPad, headphones, shoes, grab those spelling sheets.

Ben Stone: Grace. Just be careful.


Kelly Taylor: Completely ridiculous turbulence. Off the charts. Look, I'm just going to own my truth. If... If I'm going to own my truth, it felt like they thought we were the ones who are responsible for whatever happened to that plane. But none of them seem suspicious. I mean, if I'm supposed to own my truth, don't you think they should, too?

Jared Vasquez: So, I just got off the phone with Detective Donovan out in Syosset. He seemed a little steamed.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I know it was out of line.

Jared Vasquez: You took your brother into a crime scene.

Michaela Stone: Jared, the victim was from Flight 828. If that's the reason that she was killed, then I need to know because I could be next, or Ben or Cal. Now the NSA's taken over the case. I need information.

Jared Vasquez: You need to stop. You're gonna get yourself in trouble, Mick.

Michaela Stone: I will, but... Maybe you could make some calls?

Jared Vasquez: I'll see what I can do.

Michaela Stone: Thanks.


Michaela Stone: Incognito much?

Ben Stone: Does this make me Starsky?

Michaela Stone: Ha. Look, I got it. "Own your truth." That's what Kelly was hearing in her head. That was her "set them free."

Ben Stone: Her calling. How do you know?

Michaela Stone: Because it called me, too.

Ben Stone: "Own your truth"? You heard that?

Michaela Stone: Yeah, or felt it. It came to me out of the blue.

Ben Stone: That's why Kelly did all those interviews.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, accusing the government of lying... "Own your truth." Who knows who else she pissed off? She could've made all kinds of enemies.

Ben Stone: We have to go back to the husband.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I agree.


Patrick Taylor: We have people coming, family. I had to cover the blood stains on the carpet with a throw rug.

Michaela Stone: Do you recall Kelly ever using the phrase "Own your truth"?

Patrick Taylor: As of two days ago, all the time. She was saying all kinds of crazy stuff after she came back.

Michaela Stone: Yeah?

Patrick Taylor: Yeah. House is too fancy, we have too much. She wanted a simple life. Bought her this gorgeous necklace. I had to beg her to wear it. And then all of a sudden she's on TV talking about the government? She hated politics.

Ben Stone: Did Kelly ever feel like she was in danger?

Patrick Taylor: You're talking about the clicking sounds on the phone? Black SUVs on the street? My housekeeper saw them, too. Christine, the black SUVs?

Christine: All day and night. Vern and Susie are here.

Ben Stone: Go, go. We can see ourselves out. She was under surveillance by the government, by Vance.

Christine: It's been terrible. Reporters at the door, those people outside with their candles. Did you see them? They refuse to leave.

Michaela Stone: What can you tell us about the last few days? How did Kelly spend her time? W-Was there anything unusual?

Christine: It's all been unusual. The press appearances, avoiding the followers. Yesterday she got her hair done at the mall. She... When she came back, there were bruises on her arms and she looked upset. She said she'd fallen.

Michaela Stone: Fallen how? What else did she say about that?

Patrick Taylor: Hey, Christine. Can you help, please? There's more.

Ben Stone: Okay, this is now officially inappropriate. Come on, let's go.


Beverly: Heartbreaking. Evie was an amazing human being.

Glen: You're not welcome here.

Beverly: How could you? How could you come here? Get out of this house.


Ben Stone: Come on.


Rob: So... Are you gonna tell me how you're doing?

Grace Stone: Not bad. Needs acid. It's over. I ended it.

Rob: With Danny?

Grace Stone: Yes.

Rob: And you're sure you're okay with that? I'm just saying.

Grace Stone: I have my husband back, Rob. He's the man I fell in love with. He's the man I had children with.

Rob: I get it, I get it, I do. It's just, uh, this is gonna sound insane, but I'm a little protective of Danny. Kind of seems like you're cheating on him. Sorry.

Grace Stone: No. Honestly... It feels a little that way for me, too.


Michaela Stone: Hi, Beverly. I'm really sorry to show up like this, but... I'm here because I need to own my truth.

Beverly: Michaela. Lovely to see you. Come in. Come in. Oh, come, look. Have you seen the new curtains? Ah, wanted something simple, but they lift the entire room.

Michaela Stone: I didn't think you'd want to see me.

Beverly: Of course I do. It's so nice to have you here. I'm going on about these curtains, but I love these orange panels that I added. Oh, wait a minute. Evie! Michaela's here. Evie! Evie?

Glen: Amazing. Still the same age.

Beverly: Evie?

Glen: Evie's not here, hon. She's at the market, remember? She went to the store. She'll be home soon.

Michaela Stone: She doesn't know that...

Glen: I stopped telling her. I couldn't give her that news and watch her life collapse every 15 minutes.


Jared Vasquez: Hey. So, I did some digging. What is it? What happened?

Michaela Stone: Nothing. I'm good. What do you, uh... What do you got?

Jared Vasquez: I'm not gonna stop asking, so... Why don't you save us both some time?

Michaela Stone: I went to Evie's house, and I saw her parents.

Jared Vasquez: Why would you do that to yourself?

Michaela Stone: I don't know, Jared, 'cause the last time I saw them...

Jared Vasquez: Mick, it wasn't your fault. You were cleared. The department did an investigation, and they cleared you. You can't put yourself through that again. Hey. Please. Don't waste your miracle on your pain. You deserve better.

Michaela Stone: So, um...

Jared Vasquez: So, I looked at Kelly Taylor and her husband, Patrick. No criminal records for either. They own some commercial properties. Uh... Rental workspace building, downtown mall, a couple gas stations.

Michaela Stone: Kelly owned a mall?

Jared Vasquez: Nothing fancy. More like a shopping center near a subway. Shoe shine, doughnuts, hair salon...

Michaela Stone: Thank you.


Ben Stone: So, nothing on your phone? No clicking noises, static?

Saanvi Bahl: No, nothing.

Ben Stone: Honestly, surveillance tech has gotten so advanced, I don't even know what I'm looking for.

Saanvi Bahl: So, I've been running my own tests, pulled some of my own blood, ran a panel. And it turns out that I have it, too.

Ben Stone: Really?

Saanvi Bahl: It's that same marker that Cal has.

Ben Stone: So, could we all have it?

Saanvi Bahl: It's possible. Still don't know what it is. My next step is to run an MRI on myself if I can fake my way into a machine. Ben? Did you find something?

Ben Stone: I'll call you back.


Kevin: Hi, Mr. Stone.

Ben Stone: Kevin? Wow. Last time I saw you, you were too short to ride the Cyclone.

Kevin: So, uh, how was your flight?

Ben Stone: Yeah, this must be even weirder for you. If you're looking for Cal, you're in luck. Cal. Check it out, it's Kevin. He's enormous.

Kevin: Hey.

Cal Stone: Hey.

Kevin: So, we should go for pizza sometime at Queen M's, like the old days.

Ben Stone: You know what, Kevin? I bet you play Fortnite. Cal just got it, and he's catching up. You could show him some moves.

Kevin: Oh, y-yeah. I'm actually here to see Olive. I-I think she's upstairs.

Ben Stone: Uh, oh.

Grace Stone: Hi, Kevin.

Kevin: Uh, hey, Ms. Stone.

Grace Stone: You know, we're actually just about to have dinner. Why don't you text Olive later, okay?

Kevin: Uh, sure.


Grace Stone: Oh, hey, how did it go today?

Ben Stone: Good. Listen. I found something. Outside in the garden. The side gate was left open.

Grace Stone: What are you saying... Someone was back there?

Ben Stone: There were footprints in the soil.

Cal Stone: It was Olive.

Ben Stone: What?

Cal Stone: She snuck out last night. Probably to see Kevin.

Olive Stone: What is your deal?!

Cal Stone: Nothing's my deal! You snuck out your bedroom window!

Grace Stone: Okay, no yelling.

Ben Stone: Is that true... Out the window? Don't get me wrong, it's impressive, just it's not safe for any of us to be out alone at night.

Olive Stone: All right, I know you're not used to it, Dad, but I'm allowed to see my boyfriend.

Ben Stone: Not in the middle of the night you're not.

Olive Stone: You guys need to work this out.

Grace Stone: Sweetie, can we have a couple minutes, please?

Cal Stone: What did I do?

Grace Stone: Just...

Ben Stone: Go on, bud.

Grace Stone: Okay, I don't love that she snuck out either. She's still getting used to things. We all are.

Ben Stone: If we had gone up to her room in the middle of the night and found her missing...

Grace Stone: I know. But Kevin's been really great for her. Please, let's not overreact. She will be fine. I promise you.

Ben Stone: You're good at this.

Grace Stone: At Olive? Well, I've had a lot of practice. And good news is no bad guys in the garden, right?

Michaela Stone: Ben!

Grace Stone: I'm gonna go talk to her.

Ben Stone: In here.

Michaela Stone: Okay, I've got something.

Ben Stone: How'd Evie's parents go?

Michaela Stone: No, it went badly. Just listen. Kelly went to the mall to get her hair done and came back with bruises, right?

Ben Stone: That's what the housekeeper said.

Michaela Stone: It was her mall, Ben. Kelly and her husband owned the mall. Her calling was "own your truth." What if she was making a connection between the two?

Ben Stone: Kelly's husband said her calling led her to go on TV.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, maybe she didn't know what it meant, like us with the Pyler girls, remember? We thought it was about freeing the dogs… Ben, any one of us could be next.


Ben Stone: I don't know, does this really look like a place Kelly "Bling" Taylor would come to get her hair done?

Michaela Stone: Fair point… Excuse me. Can we have a word? What the hell?

Ben Stone: You didn't say there'd be running!

Michaela Stone: Hey, stop! We just want to talk!


Tami: Mr. Taylor, he only rents to illegals. He takes 40 percent of your profit, and if you don't pay, he calls immigration.

Ben Stone: And is that why you attacked Kelly?

Tami: I didn't attack her. I-I was trying to get away. I push her and she fell. I-I didn't have the money. I thought she was there to collect, but she wasn't. She said she was going to stop him now that she's back. She said she was sorry.

Michaela Stone: Did she say anything about owning her truth?

Tami: Those were her exact words.

Michaela Stone: She followed her calling. She started shutting down the family business.

Ben Stone: You're thinking it was the husband?


Olive Stone: Okay, so I need to know why you broke our code, because you ratted me out to Mom and Dad.

Cal Stone: Our twin code?

Olive Stone: Yes, Cal. You never did that, like, ever.

Cal Stone: I just wanted you to be safe, like Dad said.

Olive Stone: Really? Okay, so you didn't want to get back at me because of Kevin?

Cal Stone: He was my best friend, and now you and him are... I don't even know what you're doing.

Olive Stone: Cal, he wasn't your best friend. I was. All right? I still am.

Cal Stone: Because you're my twin? How are we even twins anymore? Look at me.


Captain Riojas: I'm not inclined to provide information on my detectives without going through channels.

Robert Vance: Captain, I'm not suggesting she's done anything wrong, but Michaela Stone remains a person of interest in the most perplexing investigation ever to cross any of our desks.

Captain Riojas: Look, she's been nothing short of remarkable since she returned. Solved a major abduction case. Two young girls.

Robert Vance: We heard. I've been wondering how she did that, second day home. Maybe you could show me that case file, Captain.

Captain Riojas: Of course.

Robert Vance: You must be proud having such a, uh, talented girlfriend, Detective Vasquez.

Jared Vasquez: She's not my girlfriend. I'm married.

Robert Vance: Oh, I'm sorry. Former girlfriend for whom you're doing favors. Sticking your neck out, poking around in Kelly Taylor's murder.

Jared Vasquez: That was just a routine inquiry.

Robert Vance: Not so routine and a matter far beyond your jurisdiction. Look, Detective, I'm... I'm just a guy working a case, same as you, and I'm hoping you'll be inclined to help me out. I need to know what Michaela Stone's doing, where she's going, who she's seeing. Regular reports. You'll be serving your country and saving your job… You don't want to cross me, Detective.


Jared Vasquez: We're taking statements from the other tenants. This is a win, Michaela. Kelly's husband is a total slumlord. Blackmail, extortion, harassment. And the only thing he didn't do was kill his wife.

Michaela Stone: How can we be so sure?

Jared Vasquez: Because there's no evidence. His alibi is airtight. Six witnesses place him at the restaurant. He didn't make any major withdrawals indicating a murder for hire.

Michaela Stone: Kelly turned on him. She was taking down...

Jared Vasquez: Meanwhile, the other guy has Kelly's blood on his clothes, and an eyewitness puts him at the scene.

Michaela Stone: And yet no recovered murder weapon, no recovered necklace.

Jared Vasquez: There's a lot of eyes on you right now. You need to start thinking clearly, all right? You need to be a cop.


Ben Stone: Who are you?! What do you want?!

Lindsay: I'm Lindsay! I'm a friend of Grace! Olive forgot her shin guard. She gave me her keys.


Ben Stone: I am sorry. I didn't know who you were. I thought you were an intruder.

Lindsay: It's okay.

Ben Stone: Can I drive you somewhere?

Lindsay: No, no, I'm good.

Grace Stone: Lindsay. I am so sorry. I'll tell you what, I will do all of your snacks for the next year.

Lindsay: Grace, Grace, it's okay. I know you've been through a lot. See you at the game next week.

Ben Stone: All right, you need to tell me right now, how many more men have keys? Who else am I gonna find...

Grace Stone: I was on my own for 5 1/2 years.And all I wished for every day was for you to still be here. But you weren't here, and so yes, I gathered a village around me. Lindsay helped with Olive's soccer. Justin fixed the bathroom sink, Rob kept me sane at work. They helped me through an impossibly difficult time… And none of those men are the one man you're really asking about. You don't know that man. You've never met him. And you will never have to because you came home. You're finally home.


Isaiah: Hello, Michaela.

Michaela Stone: You know me?

Isaiah: You're one of the chosen. I know you all. Michaela Beth Stone… You've returned to us.

Michaela Stone: What about Kelly Taylor? Did you kill her, Isaiah?

Isaiah: I would sooner kill myself.

Michaela Stone: Then tell me what happened.

Isaiah: I heard the sound of a gun, and I went to her. I-I ran to her. She died in my arms.

Michaela Stone: Then you what, stole her necklace?

Isaiah: I don't care about her earthly possessions. I care about her.

Michaela Stone: They think you killed her, Isaiah. If you're innocent, you need to tell them. You need to fight back.

Isaiah: I'm not afraid of prison. I've been here before. In this life, I will serve my penance. And when I die, I will return. I will be like you, Michaela. I will be pure.

Michaela Stone: Trust me, I am far from pure.

Isaiah: Because you haven't unburdened yourself, for there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, nothing concealed that will not be illuminated. What have you concealed, Michaela, even from yourself?


Michaela Stone: I'm sorry, I need to tell you what happened the night of the accident.

Glen: Beverly's gone.

Michaela Stone: What?

Glen: I was outside for maybe 10 minutes. I called 911. They said I've got to stay here in case she comes back.

Michaela Stone: I'm sorry, but I don't have a car right... I walked here.

Glen: Take ours. Please, go. Go!


Evie: Whoo! I am the director of driving.

Michaela Stone: No, you are not if you can't even say "designated driver."

Evie: You're my designated friend, and I love you.

Michaela Stone: Evie, tonight was supposed to be my night to celebrate, and instead, I get to be the grown-up because a cute bartender was feeding you shots.

Evie: What are you doing?

Michaela Stone: I'm calling Uber.

Evie: No, I need my car in the morning, and you're totally fine.

Michaela Stone: No, dude, don't do this to me.

Evie: Okay, never mind. I got this.

Michaela Stone: Evie. No, you don't.

Evie: Michaela, Michaela, Michaela, Michaela.


Michaela Stone: You're okay now, okay? You're okay… Okay, wait here. Just... Just stay there, okay? Hey, are you okay?

Christine: You.

Michaela Stone: Hands on the wheel now!


Detective Donovan: Now, walk me through it from the beginning.

Christine: I need to see him. Can I see him?

Detective Donovan: That's not gonna happen, Christine.

Christine: Patrick needs me. He's gonna be a mess.

Detective Donovan: Two nights ago, you went to Patrick and Kelly's residence. She was alone. You went into the house. You had a gun. Christine.

Christine: She was dead. She died. And who was there for him every day for years? Me.

Detective Donovan: You two are a couple?

Christine: No, no. It wasn't like that. Didn't need to be. Patrick ate better, looked better, was better, which made me better, made me whole. We had a life together.

Detective Donovan: So you shot Kelly Taylor in the head?

Christine: She was supposed to be dead. She doesn't get to come back flaunting that necklace like she's the Queen of Sheba and treat me like some kind of servant, like I'm the maid.

Detective Donovan: And yet you were.

Christine: She was dead.


Jared Vasquez: Yeah, I have some questions.

Michaela Stone: Honestly, Jared, I was in the right place at the right time.

Jared Vasquez: You're still going with that, huh? That wasn't a coincidence, Michaela. That's your second one. You're two for two. Seriously, you need to start talking to me... Right now.

Michaela Stone: Something is happening to me. I can't explain it. Since I've been back, I'm... I'm different. I need time to figure out what that means, but until then, Jared, the less you know, the better.


Cal Stone: I shouldn't have ratted you out.

Olive Stone: Yeah. But it must be so incredibly weird seeing your friends here.

Cal Stone: It is. I mean, he used to be the short one. But I'm glad you like him. He's pretty cool.

Olive Stone: Yeah, he's okay. But you and me, it's us against the world. Twins rule.

Cal Stone: Twins rule.


Ben Stone: So, this guy... Do you love him?

Grace Stone: I love you, Ben. I never stopped. Not for a moment. Not for 5 1/2 years. Okay?

Ben Stone: I love you, too.

Grace Stone: I know you do. And we're picking up right where we left off before we were so rudely interrupted.


Michaela Stone: Hey. I've been calling you. So has Saanvi.

Ben Stone: Oh, sorry, I'm in the zone. What's up?

Michaela Stone: She needs to see us.


Saanvi Bahl: I don't have an answer, but I have a theory. It's just a little bit out there.

Ben Stone: Okay, we're listening.

Saanvi Bahl: So, the marker in mine and Cal's blood could be a sign of ischemia. It occurs when the circulation is limited, but the potency of this marker is on par with a stroke victim.

Michaela Stone: So you think we all had strokes?

Saanvi Bahl: No, not exactly. If we were taken close to death... Extremely close and then brought back... If the faucet of blood circulation has been turned off and then suddenly it was turned on high, that's what it would look like.

Ben Stone: Interesting theory. How do we know for sure?

Saanvi Bahl: Right, so my thinking was if I had some brain tissue, I could test for that rebound. If they take a sample during an autopsy, maybe I could have some access.

Ben Stone: You're thinking of Kelly Taylor.

Saanvi Bahl: So, I logged into the M.E.'s database. These are all the bodies that have been registered in the Long Island morgue in the last 48 hours. There is no Kelly Taylor. I've looked everywhere. She's not in the system. And then when I do a search...

Ben Stone: That's why the feds stepped in. They wanted Kelly's body. Where is she?

Kikavu ?

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Sevnol  (20.06.2019 à 22:06)

Bon épisode, et l'ombre est très intriguante, tout comme ce que découvre Saanvi.

J'ai bien aimé les petits moments entre Cal et Olive. On n'avait pas eu l'occasion de les voir vraiment ensemble jusqu'ici, mais là on sent leur lien de jumeau renaître, même si désormais ils ont 5 ans d'écart. J'aime bien leur complicité.

schumi  (17.05.2019 à 23:07)
Oh ben moi je suis passée complètement à côté de la référence à beverly Hills. Je devais pas être en forme mardi soir lol. J'ai tout raté lol. J'adore les relations entre cal et olive. Pas facile d'être jumeau avec 5 ans d'écart...surtout à cet âge. Le fossé est énorme. On sent que le gouvernement veut étouffer des choses et c'est super intriguant .... mais on en apprend peu à peu davantage sur le passé des passagers.. Kelly meurt après avoir réparé ses erreurs : sont ils au purgatoire?
labelette  (16.05.2019 à 22:24)
Ah Kelly Taylor ! Le nom n'allait pas du tout avec l'actrice ! À chaque fois que j'entendais son nom je pensais à Beverly Hills ! Sinon l'épisode était sympa et je sens que Saanvu va prendre de l'importance. En tout cas j'adore son personnage.
CelineAlba  (10.10.2018 à 22:59)

Pour le fun, quelqu'un a-t-il remarqué le nom de la victime ? Kelly Taylor. Ça ne vous rappelle rien ? La chérie de Dylan, puis de Brandon, puis encore de Brandon, puis de nouveau Dylan. Et il me semble même qu'elle a couché avec...euh...le Dr Max de New Amsterdam. tongue-out 

SeySey  (09.10.2018 à 15:49)
Message édité : 09.10.2018 à 16:01

Encore un excellent épisode ! En effet, le scénario (du moins l'ombre) commence à ressembler à la saga Destination Finale, que je dévore encore aujourd'hui :-)  

Alors grande question : Sont-ils tous morts et ont été ramenés à la vie? Saanvi commence à mettre le doigt sur quelque chose...Vivement la suite !
CelineAlba  (09.10.2018 à 13:25)

Je commence à penser que cette série est un mélange plutôt intelligent pour l'instant entre plusieurs références (séries, films, etc). 

L'ombre c'est celle de "Destination finale" = la mort. Et tout nous porte à penser actuellement qu'il peut s'agir de ça. La mort a fait passer un message à travers ceux qu'elle a sauvés. Et là, de suite, je me sens terriblement passionnée. De plus en plus passionnée. Si la Mort, en tant qu'entité, entre dans le scénario, je vais adorer cette série. Comme j'ai aimé quelques films de la franchise "Destination finale". Le concept était bon mais ils ne sont pas allés plus loin que l'horrifique destinée des élus du moment. Là, il y a de la matière. Vraiment. 

Ensuite, il y a l'ambivalence des fédéraux. Ils savent peut-être quelque chose et doivent le garder secret ? Ou bien ne savent-ils rien et cherchent-ils aussi à comprendre. Je ne leur fais pas confiance mais peut-être seront-ils un jour la seule aide possible pour les passagers du vol 828. 

Enfin, il y a les relations humaines. Puissantes, fortes, ambigües parfois. On découvre l'identité de la personne morte dans l'accident de Michaela, on en apprend plus et on se prend à rêver que sa rédemption passe par là. Elle finit par secourir la mère Alzheimer de son amie décédée, conduit pour la première fois alors qu'elle refusait de le faire depuis l'accident, et découvre en même temps la meurtrière de Kelly Taylor. Alors que nous pensions certainement tous qu'il s'agissait de l'ombre, comme dans..."Destination finale". On apprend à découvrir petit à petit la véritable personnalité, le passé, de chaque acteur principal. J'attends avec impatience qu'on entre dans la vie du docteur Sannvi. Elle possède une partie de la clé, j'en suis sûre. Elle vient de la livrer à Ben et Michaela. J'espère seulement qu'elle y survivra. Parce qu'elle est celle qui peut délivrer le bon message. Ben ou/et Mick l'aideront à le décrypter. 

C'est plus fouillé à tous niveaux que ce que nous avons vu jusqu'à présent. Et j'aime où je vais. C'est bien écrit, bien pensé, bien réalisé. 

Alors...ENCORE !!! 


Merci aux 5 rédacteurs qui ont contribué à la rédaction de cette fiche épisode

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