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#102 : Une musique dans la tête

Les passagers du vol 828 se retrouvent sous le contrôle du gouvernement alors qu'ils luttent pour reprendre leur vie. Michaela est obligée d'affronter le fait que Jared est marié à sa meilleure amie, alors que Ben tente d'aider un autre passager à renouer avec son fils. Cal est approché par une inconnue instable, pendant que Grace et Olive ne sont pas d'accord sur le fait de révéler ou non un secret dévastateur.


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Une musique dans la tête

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1x02 | Promo (VO)


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Sneak Peek 1 (VO)


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Sneak Peek 2 (VO)


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Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) & Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) & Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Radd (Curtiss Cook )

Radd (Curtiss Cook )

Les agents du FBI

Les agents du FBI

Le directeur Vance (Daryl Edwards)

Le directeur Vance (Daryl Edwards)

Saanvi (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi (Parveen Kaur)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) & Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) & Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) & Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) & Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Olive Stone (Luna Blaise)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Olive Stone (Luna Blaise)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis) & Cal Stone (Jack Messina)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis) & Cal Stone (Jack Messina)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Radd (Curtiss Cook )

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Radd (Curtiss Cook )

Radd (Curtiss Cook )

Radd (Curtiss Cook )

Radd (Curtiss Cook )

Radd (Curtiss Cook )

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) & Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)


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Scénaristes : Jeff Rake et Matthew Lau
Réalisateur : Dean White
Melissa Roxburgh ... Michaela Stone
Josh Dallas ... Ben Stone
Athena Karkanis ... Grace Stone
J.R. Ramirez ... Jared Vasquez
Parveen Kaur ... Saanvi Bahl
Jack Messina ... Cal Stone
Luna Blaise ... Olive Stone
Guest :
Victoria Cartagena ... Lourdes
Curtiss Cook ... Radd Campbell
Julienne Hanzelka Kim ... Kelly Taylor
Alfredo Narciso ... Capitaine Riojas
Frank Deal ... Bill Daly
Richard Topol ... Harvey Stein
Linda Powell ... Amiral Willick
Mugga ... Bethany Collins
Curtiss Cook Jr. ... Adio Campbell
Elise Santora ... Dr. Bortel
Jake Horowitz .... Blake Valero
Bob Ari ... Mr. Valero
Tim Moriarty ... Tim Powell
Mark Zimmermann ... Directeur Hughes

Journalist 1: Just four days after its bewildering reappearance, Montego Air Flight 828 is no more. Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident.

Journalist 2: The aeroplane, which first mystified the world after it disappeared in April 2013...

Journalist 1: The plane exploded shortly after midnight here on the tarmac at Stewart Airport. Cause unknown. Sources close to the investigation say a group of the plane's passengers were spotted on surveillance camera.


Radd Campbell: You don't understand. My son is in jail. I've been trying to find him for three days. They say I have to call him now, this minute. He doesn't even know I'm alive.

Tim Powell: 17.

Ben Stone: What'd you tell him?

Michaela Stone: That I don't know anything.

Ben Stone: Good. You don't. We want to stay far off their radar.

Bill Daly: But aren't you seeing things, hearing things in your head? They think it's my fault. They always blame the pilot.


Harvey Stein: Look, pal. I don't know how else to say it. I had an urge to see the plane, I showed up, kaboom.

Robert Vance: How exactly did 20 people have the same... Urge?

Harvey Stein: I sell sporting goods. The hell you asking me for?


Saanvi Bahl: Hi. I'm Saanvi Bahl. You're Cal's family?

Ben Stone: Ben Stone. This is my sister, Michaela. How do you know Cal?

Saanvi Bahl: I'm a doctor. I do cancer research. Cal's new treatment came from work I was doing before the plane disappeared.

Ben Stone: You were on the flight?

Saanvi Bahl: I know. It's some coincidence... If any of this can be a coincidence.

Tim Powell: 18.

Michaela Stone: Sir, what is our status here? Are we under arrest?

Tim Powell: No, you're merely detained.

Michaela Stone: Actually, we're not. I'm NYPD. I know how this works. We've told you everything that we know, so if we're not under arrest, then you need to let us go.

Ben Stone: And radar signal established.

Robert Vance: Ladies and gentlemen, if you've given your statements, you're free to go. However, the events surrounding Flight 828 are a matter of national security. You're instructed to observe a strict media blackout. Discuss this matter with no one. Not reporters, not your families... No one.

Kelly Taylor: You could've played the cop card eight hours ago.

Michaela Stone: Oh, you're... You're welcome.

Robert Vance: I want eyes on all of them.


Michaela Stone: Drop me at the precinct?

Ben Stone: Yeah, after we swing by the house. Grace must be worried to death.

Michaela Stone: I'll take the train, papa bear.

Ben Stone: Hey, not a word to anyone.

Michaela Stone: 'Cause NSA guy said so?

Ben Stone: No, because it's safer that way. We're obviously scapegoats here. And until we figure out what happened to us, I don't trust anyone.

Journalist: What did it feel like? Sir, sir. You were on that plane.

Radd Campbell: My friend. My friend. My friend, are you also police like the woman?

Ben Stone: Uh, uh, no.

Radd Campbell: Perhaps you can help anyway.

Journalist: What can you tell us about what happened?

Radd Campbell: Sir, please, please. Please. Help me. Please, sir, I need your help. I'm sorry.

Journalist: Do you have any comment so far?


Ben Stone: Just me.

Grace Stone: What happened? You were at the airport when the plane exploded?

Ben Stone: We went back to get our luggage. It was a big misunderstanding. We're okay.

Grace Stone: Sorry. I'm sorry. I... I'm a little self-conscious. We were supposed to grow old and flabby together.

Ben Stone: Well, for the record, you look amazing. Brought your favorite.

Grace Stone: Orlando's. My God. That smell. I had completely forgotten.

Ben Stone: Well, I kind of dropped the ball on my weekly blueberry-scone run. By my calculation, I owe you 291 of these, give or take.

Grace Stone: Thank you.

Cal Stone: I can't find my toothbrush.

Ben Stone: Uh, hey, bud.

Cal Stone: Mine had Batman on it.

Grace Stone: You know what? I got you a whole pack of cool ones. Come on.


Journalist: Religious leaders and scientists alike grapple with the mystery of Montego Air Flight 828.

Ben Stone: Coffee? Really? So that's what 16-year-olds are doing.

Olive Stone: It's mostly milk and sugar.

Ben Stone: Hey, so, I've been thinking. Maybe after school, we could hang out a bit, you know, catch up. I want to hear about, you know, everything.

Olive Stone: I have practice, and I fell pretty behind in my homework last week. Maybe tomorrow.

Ben Stone: Great. Whenever… What is that?

Olive Stone: What?

Ben Stone: That music. You don't... You don't hear that?

Olive Stone: Maybe Alexa acting up in the den.

Ben Stone: Who's Alexa?

Grace Stone: Sweetie, it fits. It's just a narrower cut. I think you look cool. After treatment, we'll go shopping, okay?

Cal Stone: I just feel weird in this.

Ben Stone: Come on. Let's see if we can go drum up something a little less weird-feeling.

Olive Stone: Did you tell him yet?

Grace Stone: I will. Soon.

Olive Stone: Mom, this isn't cool. He deserves to know.


Lourdes Vasquez: I came by the house last night. Grace said you'd gone out. Hi.

Michaela Stone: Sorry, uh, Lourdes. Hey. Um, I got to catch up with the boss. I'll... I'll see you soon, okay?


Michaela Stone: Hey, Captain.

Captain Riojas: What happened to, uh, taking some time for yourself?

Michaela Stone: I can either sit at home staring at my ceiling or I can get back to work.

Captain Riojas: So, here's how it is. I want this to happen... You've got that going for ya... But I can't sign off until you jump through the hoops... The physical, firearms re-cert, psych eval.

Michaela Stone: Since when is a psych eval a hoop?

Captain Riojas: We're in uncharted waters here. After all you've been through...

Michaela Stone: Is that all?

Captain Riojas: That's all.


Journalist: A hollow shell is all that remains of Montego Air Flight 828. While multiple government agencies survey the wreckage and look for clues...

Cal Stone: Do you have any different-colored pens?

Grace Stone: Uh, no, but we can get you a whole bunch at the store... Sketchpad like you had, the works.

Cal Stone: Okay.

Saanvi Bahl: Hey, guys.

Ben Stone: Honey, this is, uh, the doctor I told you about.

Grace Stone: Nice to meet you.

Saanvi Bahl: Oh, hi, there.

Grace Stone: You all being on the plane together, it's miraculous.

Saanvi Bahl: Yeah, so my parents say. They've been praying at every meal. But right now, I'm gonna focus my energy on this guy. You ready for round two, buddy?

Cal Stone: Yep.

Ben Stone: See you, bud.

Grace Stone: Get 'em.

Saanvi Bahl: Later, Mom and Dad.

Ben Stone: Need to take that?

Grace Stone: No, it's just a work thing. I'm catering this office party, and the client's always checking in.

Ben Stone: Of course. I keep forgetting. My wife, the entrepreneur.

Grace Stone: Ah, well.

Ben Stone: Look, you must have a ton to take care of, so why don't I take a walk?

Grace Stone: No, no, no.

Ben Stone: You don't... I can make some job-search calls, and we can meet later back home. I'll take tomorrow's shift. I'll call you later.


Ben Stone: Do you hear that?

Woman: Hear what?

Radd Campbell: You.

Ben Stone: That melody.

Radd Campbell: That's been clanging in my head all day. I need help. Please. Please.


Radd Campbell: First it was the plane, the vision. Then this morning, the music, beating against my eardrums.

Ben Stone: No voices?

Radd Campbell: You are hearing voices?

Ben Stone: Eh, I'm not sure what I'm hearing... Or why.

Radd Campbell: For me, music is a higher power. So this music we hear, you and I together, it's for a reason. And that reason has to be my son.

Ben Stone: He's the one who needs help.

Radd Campbell: I was with you in Jamaica to play with the philharmonic. One night. But I left a 13-year-old child with my neighbor, and I returned to an 18-year-old man... A man that is now behind bars.

Ben Stone: Ah, I'm sorry. What happened?

Radd Campbell: Police say it was robbery. But that's impossible, you know, 'cause Adio's a good boy. If I could just talk to him, there'd be an explanation, I know this.

Ben Stone: Sounds like you need a lawyer.

Radd Campbell: I need to see my son. The jail said I need to be on a list, but I'm a resident alien and my visa's expired. They say it could take a month, but Adio don't have that long, you know? His trial's next week. Please, please. You know the police. You're a father, yes?

Ben Stone: Boy and a girl.

Radd Campbell: Adio's already been five years without a father. Can you imagine... Not being able to save your own child?


Dr. Bortel: I've been through your file. Seems like your world turned upside down five months before you got on that plane.

Michaela Stone: My friend died. We had a car accident.

Dr. Bortel: You were the driver and you'd been drinking? That would weigh heavily on anyone.

Michaela Stone: Well, there was an investigation, and I was exonerated.

Dr. Bortel: But still put on desk duty.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I couldn't drive. I wasn't ready. I didn't want to. Sorry. What... What exactly is the point here?

Dr. Bortel: I'm trying to help you process the magnitude of changes in your life in the last five years.

Michaela Stone: Last four days.

Dr. Bortel: That's my point... To absorb so much change in so little time. You don't have to hide your emotions. I'm on your side.

Michaela Stone: Due respect, but you're not. Look, I know the drill here. I break down and you mark me unfit for duty, but I am okay. So how about letting me get back to the one thing that I do have left... My job?

Dr. Bortel: I'll need to see you again.


Michaela Stone: Hey.

Ben Stone: You okay?

Michaela Stone: Yeah, bureaucracy. What's up?

Ben Stone: I need a favor. Know anyone at Rikers?


Guard: 15 minutes, break's over!

Adio Campbell: I didn't believe it. Then I saw your face on TV. Where were you?

Radd Campbell: I wish I knew. Who did this to you?

Adio Campbell: Doesn't matter. Whatever they told you, I didn't do it.

Radd Campbell: Of course you didn't.

Adio Campbell: You always said you have to be a good man. I tried. I have. School, no banging... All that. I got a job at a jewelry store on 47th Street. Sometimes, I would close up. One night a month ago, I got jumped in the back room, and when I came to, everything was gone, and they think that I was a part of it.

Radd Campbell: Adio, what happened to your face is not from a month ago. Hmm? I'm going to fight for you, son. I'm going to fight for you.


Grace Stone: Just up here. It's the exact set you had. It's just a different box.

Cal Stone: It's not. Mine had superhero minifigs. This one doesn't.

Grace Stone: Okay, we'll look at it when we get home, all right? Besides, you know, you can mix three sets together, right?

Pedestrian: He is risen. He is not here. He is risen.

Grace Stone: Let go of him.

Pedestrian: He is risen. He is not here. He is risen.


Mr. Valero: Everything left's in the, uh, far case.

Ben Stone: Actually, we're here about Adio.

Mr. Valero: We still doing this? What happened to the last detectives?

Ben Stone: Uh, we're not the police. This is Adio's father.

Mr. Valero: You got some nerve walking in here. He cleaned me out... Entire inventory. 41 years up in smoke. Some son you raised.

Radd Campbell: You...

Blake Valero: Sorry. My dad's actually a good guy.

Radd Campbell: And so is my son.

Blake Valero: Look, I don't know what to think. I mean, we didn't even know Adio was his name until the cops said so. Turned out, he gave us a fake I.D., fake job references. So when everything disappears, no tripped alarm, he's the only one here?


Ben Stone: Tell me exactly what she said.

Grace Stone: I wasn't focusing on the words. I don't remember. I... Just it was scary.

Ben Stone: But he's fine?

Grace Stone: As fine as can be expected after chemo and a crazy lady praying in your face.

Ben Stone: We will get past this soon enough. I'm gonna figure it out.

Grace Stone: I love your problem-solving mind, but I need to know that Cal is going to be safe.

Ben Stone: This'll die down. We just need to be extra vigilant until it does.

Grace Stone: And what if it doesn't? You've seen the news. The whole world is obsessing over us. People can go online and find out where we live.

Ben Stone: We will be okay. I mean, come on. We got a cop that lives in our house.


Jared Vasquez: Trigger finger still works.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, what do you expect? I had range time 10 days ago... MY time.

Jared Vasquez: About this morning... Lourdes...

Michaela Stone: I didn't mean to... I just need time, okay?

Jared Vasquez: Mick, if you held this against me for the rest of my...

Michaela Stone: I told you I don't hold anything against you.

Jared Vasquez: Well, you could, and I'd... I'd get it. And please don't punish Lourdes.

Michaela Stone: I'm not punishing her, Jared, but I saw her and you, and I felt like puking or fainting or both.

Jared Vasquez: If you could just put yourself in her shoes...

Michaela Stone: Really? Is that where you're gonna go?

Jared Vasquez: Losing Evie was hard enough, but then you? Lourdes lost her best friend when you disappeared. She never replaced you… And I couldn't replace you.


Robert Vance: Now, at this point, we have no evidence of passenger or crew involvement in the explosion. But that said, we continue to suspect some nexus between...

Admiral Willick: Director Vance, if I may. The explosion is a bit beside the point. Where did that plane go for 5 1/2 years?

DARPA Scientist: Theories abound. We could be talking about a wormhole, about some kind of extraterrestrial encounter.

Admiral Willick: But more to the point, are we in danger? Was the plane targeted by some kind of weapon?

DHS Director Hughes: Or is it the weapon? Do we even know if those are the same people that were on that plane in 2013?

DARPA Scientist: We've tested comprehensive samples of the passengers and haven't detected any anomalies.

DHS Director Hughes: This is national security we're talking about. They should be incarcerated until we can determine whether or not they're a threat.

Robert Vance: Director Hughes, this is still America. These people have rights. I-I suspect if anyone has answers, it's someone on that plane, most likely someone we found standing 100 yards away when it blew to bits, which leaves 20 people.


Kelly Taylor: Of course we were confused.

Michaela Stone: What, you cook now? Just when I thought things couldn't get any stranger.

Ben Stone: Hey, thanks for the jail hookup.

Michaela Stone: How is Radd's son?

Ben Stone: His face is bashed in. It's not safe in there.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, well, if he gets convicted and goes upstate, the place he's at now is gonna seem like a country club.

Ben Stone: I so want this kid to be innocent for his father's sake. Hey, can you pull the file and see if the cops or D.A. cut some corners?

Michaela Stone: So it's the... The police's fault?

Ben Stone: I'm just spit-balling here. Doesn't seem fair that that flight may have saved my kid's life but threatened someone else's.

Michaela Stone: You heard something like last time.

Ben Stone: Not exactly. But whatever that was, whatever this is, I've got to get to the bottom of it.

Michaela Stone: No, Ben, not everything is a puzzle that you have to solve.

Ben Stone: It isn't about solving a puzzle. This is understanding what my life has become... Our lives… If we can't answer that, we're never gonna be able to get back to normal.

Michaela Stone: Have you told Grace?

Ben Stone: No. She has enough going on.


Cal Stone: These aren't the same.

Grace Stone: Really? Well, we can try another store tomorrow.

Ben Stone: All right, dinner's ready. Olive! Up high.

Grace Stone: It smells incredible.

Ben Stone: Hey, how about after dinner, we go for an old-school ice-cream run? You still like ice cream, right?

Olive Stone: I've got to study. Soon.


Ben Stone: Ah! Ah, come here. Come here.

Grace Stone: You are supposed to be in bed!

Ben Stone: Come here. Grr! Rawr!


Ben Stone: My God, we're the parents of a teenage girl.

Grace Stone: Be thankful you missed puberty.

Ben Stone: Ouch. How'd that happen?

Grace Stone: Oh. Scuba diving, actually.

Ben Stone: Excuse me? How many times did I want us to try diving?

Grace Stone: Well, I tried it. Turns out, it leaves a mark.

Ben Stone: Okay, well, you can teach me.


Grace Stone: You know how hard this is… It hasn't even been a week… Of course I do… I will. Bye.

Michaela Stone: You too… Do I know him? Does Ben?

Grace Stone: No. Mick, nobody did anything wrong here. Not me, not Jared, not Lourdes.

Michaela Stone: Not me or Ben.

Grace Stone: No, of course not. I am going to tell him. I just... I need to figure out what I'm gonna do.

Michaela Stone: Meaning... Who you're gonna be with? Wow. Grace, look, I know that you guys didn't have a perfect marriage, but really? He is your... He is your husband.

Grace Stone: I know. And I love him. God help me… I didn't even remember how much I loved him until he came back. But you have to understand this is an impossible situation.

Michaela Stone: This is none of my business, but you need to figure this out before Ben does. He's going through enough.


Kelly Taylor: They said it was the electrolytes, but who knows what was really in there?

Journalist: Are you saying you think the government drugged you?

Kelly Taylor: I'm just trying to own my truth. I don't know for sure what happened, but I'm beginning to think that they didn't tell us everything that was going on. They gave us stuff to eat and drink from a box...

Ben Stone: I'll be right back.

Saanvi Bahl: What's up?

Ben Stone: I, um... God, this is gonna sound nuts. But you did come back to the plane, too, so I'm guessing you're already questioning your sanity.

Saanvi Bahl: I'm questioning a lot of things.

Ben Stone: Have you been... Hearing music?

Saanvi Bahl: You mean, like, in my head? I haven't heard any music, but I've had a similar feeling more than once since we've been back.

Ben Stone: Yeah, well, at least I know I'm not going crazy.

Saanvi Bahl: Or at least you're not the only one… Hey, dude. Family portrait? Yep. Me with no cancer, my mom and dad, my sister.

Ben Stone: Who's that?

Cal Stone: I don't know.

Saanvi Bahl: You ready?

Cal Stone: Yep.

Saanvi Bahl: All right, let's go.


Michaela Stone: Police work checks out, Ben. Adio was the only one on duty. I mean, he said he was attacked, but there's no signs of forced entry and other than the ding on his head...

Ben Stone: You think he's lying.

Michaela Stone: No, I don't know what to think, but... The kid had 12 grand stashed in his apartment and he's got a record. I mean...

Ben Stone: Shoplifting, jumping turnstiles? This is minor stuff.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, but it's what a jury will look at and say, "That kid's heading the wrong direction."

Ben Stone: There has to be more I can do. I mean, why else would I have been drawn in?

Michaela Stone: Okay, science boy. Mom was the one who believed in miracles.

Ben Stone: Forget miracles. Every day Adio is in there, his life is in danger.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, well, Mom would also say, "God works in mysterious ways."

Ben Stone: You know, you can stop goading me any time now. I'm not convinced God has anything to do with this. You think God wanted Jared to marry your best friend instead of you? That was a terrible thing to say.

Michaela Stone: And yet kind of a fair question.

Ben Stone: I'm one to talk. Olive barely looks me in the eye, Grace is trying, but... I still feel like a stranger in my own home.


Adio Campbell: I did what I did to get by... Fake I.D. so I can work, shoplifted so I can... So I can eat.

Radd Campbell: No, no, no, no. None of this is your fault. I left you alone. So if you did something, even out of desperation...

Adio Campbell: I didn't! They beat on me just like they beating on me in here.

Ben Stone: Is there anything he could tell us that might help confirm...

Adio Campbell: Look, I did like you taught me. I kept my head down. I worked my ass off being a good man.

Guard: One more minute.

Adio Campbell: Being a good man. Tell them. Just tell them. Just tell them, Dad. Please, please, tata. Tell them that I'm good.

Radd Campbell: Please, sir. Tell them, please.

Adio Campbell: Wait, wait. Please. Just tell them.

Radd Campbell: Please, sir! Give us more time!

Ben Stone: Don't do this!

Radd Campbell: Just... Just give us another minute!


Lourdes Vasquez: Happy birthday, Mick. I miss you.


Michaela Stone: Um... Off-center. Pissed. Mostly sad.

Dr. Bortel: And why is that?

Michaela Stone: Uh… Because I miss my mom. 'Cause you don't just stop being in love with someone. Um... 'Cause my best friend in the world, the person I would normally complain to instead of you gets to love the person that I can't.

Dr. Bortel: How is that friendship?

Michaela Stone: Lourdes? She sent beautiful messages to a ghost for... For five years, and I come back, and I... Couldn't even hug her. All of the people that I would normally talk to... Lourdes, Evie, my mom...

Dr. Bortel: You feel alone.

Michaela Stone: And out comes the disability form. Get what you wanted?

Dr. Bortel: You've accepted what's happened. That's a good first step. I'm recommending your conditional reinstatement... But I want to keep seeing you.


Jared Vasquez: Hey, I heard the news. Congratulations, Detective.

Michaela Stone: Oh, yeah, it was a posthumous promotion. I didn't earn it. I can't even die the way I'm supposed to.

Jared Vasquez: Just take the win, would you? And if anyone deserves to have a break go in there direction...

Michaela Stone: Thanks. I'll try not to make it too awkward around here.


Ben Stone: Hey.

Grace Stone: How was your day?

Ben Stone: Good.

Grace Stone: Hey, check it out... Every comfy t-shirt and cool LEGO set on the planet Earth.

Cal Stone: Thanks, Mom.

Ben Stone: Whoa.

Grace Stone: Is everything okay?

Cal Stone: It's fine.

Ben Stone: What's up, buddy?

Cal Stone: I miss my stuff... My rock collection, Art the Dragon.

Grace Stone: Oh, Cal, listen... It's okay to be sad. I get sad sometimes, too.

Cal Stone: I just want everything back the way it was.

Grace Stone: Aw, sweetie, I know, I know.

Olive Stone: Dad, can we take that ride now?


Olive Stone: After two years or so, the house was exactly the same. It was like this sad museum and the shrink said we needed to let go and Mom was a wreck and I...

Ben Stone: Honey, if you weren't a wreck anymore after two years, I'd say that sounded pretty healthy.

Olive Stone: Wasn't it. I knew Cal wasn't dead.

Ben Stone: You did?

Olive Stone: I don't know if it was some kind of twin thing, but I could... I could feel him... Alive. And the therapist, the counselors at school, Mom, everyone blew it off, blew me off, but I knew.

Ben Stone: Okay. Does this connect to why we're in a pretty gross-smelling storage facility on Long Island?

Olive Stone: Mom listened to the shrink, okay? Sh-She packed all your and Cal's stuff away in boxes, left on the curb for Salvation Army and then went to work. I called, and I cancelled the pickup.

Ben Stone: Well, if you've had his stuff all this time, why didn't you say something?

Olive Stone: It's complicated. Mom doesn't know about any of this.

Ben Stone: Olive, whose locker is this? Olive.

Olive Stone: Friend of Mom's, all right?

Ben Stone: "Friend."

Olive Stone: Dad.

Ben Stone: Okay. Come here. You did the right thing.

Olive Stone: Hey, are you... Are you okay?

Ben Stone: Stay here, okay? Stay here.


Blake Valero: Hello? Y-Yeah, meet me in the back. Yeah, uh, watches, diamond rings, bracelets. Fine. Yeah. I'll take 10, but you got to get this stuff out of state. People are looking for it. Whoa. How did you... W... It's not what it looks like.

Ben Stone: You robbed your own father and blamed Adio.

Blake Valero: You can take half of this. Seriously. Come on. I mean, that kid was going nowhere. He was just a...


Michaela Stone: Still don't believe in miracles? This is everything Adio was accused of stealing and more. How?

Ben Stone: Don't want to talk about it.

Michaela Stone: Why? 'Cause then you'd have to admit something miraculous is going on here?

Ben Stone: Look, there's definitely something going on, but even if it isn't just some series of coincidences, which it could still be, there has to be an explanation.

Michaela Stone: And God's not good enough for you?

Ben Stone: God's a catchall for things people don't understand. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. We just... Need more information.

Michaela Stone: Right. Technology. Magic. Gotcha.

Olive Stone: Guys, can we go?


Grace Stone: Jeter retired.

Ben Stone: We'll tell him next season. Hey, take it easy, pal. You don't have to unpack it all tonight.

Cal Stone: I just want to find... Art!

Ben Stone: There he is. What else we got here? You know, you have your sister to thank for this. She saved it all for you. Let's see… What's that do?


Grace Stone: You did this?

Olive Stone: You made me feel crazy for not letting go, but I was right, and I'm right this time. Only this time, you're the one who needs to let go.


Michaela Stone: Hi. Sorry. Is now a good time?

Lourdes Vasquez: Sure. Jared's at work. Already knew that… Want to come in?

Michaela Stone: No, that's okay. I have to be somewhere. I just wanted to, um... I saw your posts online. All of them. Thank you.

Lourdes Vasquez: You never stopped being my best friend. I hope that doesn't have to change.

Michaela Stone: Let's play that one by ear, okay?

Lourdes Vasquez: Michaela, I never meant to... If I'd known that you were...

Michaela Stone: What, that I was gonna come back from the dead? I'm the one who's out of place.

Lourdes Vasquez: You're not. This isn't on you.

Michaela Stone: It's okay, Lou. You love him.

Lourdes Vasquez: So do you.

Michaela Stone: But you're the one he married. Of course I bless this. How could I not?

Lourdes Vasquez: Thank you. I've... I've spent all these years trying not to feel like a fraud, you know? You were the one he was supposed to marry.

Michaela Stone: No. No, after everything that happened... The... The accident, Evie... It was too intertwined. There was... There was too much pain. I was gonna give the ring back.

Lourdes Vasquez: Mick...

Michaela Stone: I was coming back to say no. You're not a fraud. Let it go. Come here.


Bethany Collins: Yes, we did, people. Welcome to New York, where local time is 11:49 p.m. On behalf of your flight crew, we'd like to thank you all for flying Montego Air.

Michaela Stone: Seriously? No service?

Ben Stone: Same.


Grace Stone: I'm so sorry. That wasn't Olive's secret to tell. I can't believe she would...

Ben Stone: She did it for her brother. Olive is an amazing young woman. You've done an incredible job, and I can't imagine how hard that was. And I don't... It doesn't matter where you found the strength or with whom.

Grace Stone: All I wanted for so long was to have you and Cal back, but it was a want that hurt so much that I had to let it go.

Ben Stone: I know. But I never had to. I still love you so damn much, it hurts. And I know your love for me is out of practice, more like a memory... But we have a second chance. Please remember.


Kelly Taylor: When they let us go, they told us we weren't supposed to talk, but I know my rights. And now that I've spoken up, I think they're watching me. I'm telling you, I think the government is behind this. I mean, if I'm supposed to own my truth, don't you think they should, too?

Kikavu ?

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Sevnol  (17.06.2019 à 23:25)

Très bon épisode encore une fois, j'adhère totalement ! Je ne me doutais pas du tout que la musique qu'ils entendaient allait servir pour résoudre l'affaire du fils en prison.

Cal qui perd totalement ses repères, déjà pour un adulte ce n'est pas évident, mais pour un enfant, c'est encore pire. C'est adorable ce que sa soeur a fait. Bon à cause de ça, Ben est au courant que sa femme voit quelqu'un d'autre, mais je pense que ça va s'arranger entre eux.

Michaela m'a encore fait beaucoup de peine dans cet épisode. La pauvre, finalement, elle voulait quand même épouser Jared, et pour ne pas culpabiliser encore plus sa meilleure amie, elle lui ment en disant qu'elle allait lui rendre sa bague... C'est dur pour elle de reprendre sa vie en main. Elle retrouve son boulot, c'est déjà ça.

La fin est intriguante, qui est cette ombre noire mystérieuse ? Hâte d'en savoir plus !

schumi  (17.05.2019 à 22:59)
Pas très bon signe d'entendre des voix... C'est drôle je n'avais pas fait le lien avec le kidnapping... comme je me suis focalisée sur les chiens je pensais qu'ils allaient découvrir un trafic d'animaux ou pire des cadavres de chiens. Bref je me suis fait avoir. Je me doutais que la femme de ben avait quelqu'un dans sa vie... Et cette fin est très prometteuse : ombre noire= mystère de la fumée noire de lost?
labelette  (16.05.2019 à 22:20)
L'ombre est en effet intriguante...
Sas1608  (16.05.2019 à 10:48)

Je pense que Cal est le centre de l'histoire et qu'il n'y est pas pour rien si l'avion a disparu pendant 5 ans. Sans qu'il le sache bien entendu !

De plus on voit qu'il dessine la famille avec une ombre, qui je pense s'avère être le tueur... J'ai hâte de voir la suite !

langedu74  (15.05.2019 à 21:27)

J'ai nettement préféré cet épisode au premier ! Le style de la série se met un peu plus en place, entre suspense, émotions (les retouvailles du musicien et de son fils en prison, et Olive qui a gardé les affaires de son frère) et questions.

stephe  (06.10.2018 à 14:05)

très bon épisode ! à chaque fois, je suis prise dedans! 

La fin waouh ok ! et c'était quoi son sourire quand elle a parlé? je me demande comment ça va tourner quand ils vont l'apprendre! 

Le père & le fils, trop touchant! c'est tellement horrible poru tout le monde, ceux de l'avion pour qui le temps n'est pas passé et ils doivent gérer 5 ans d'absence! 

J'étais sûr que Ben le prendrait bien et il veut se battre pour sa femme ! j'aimerais bien que Cal & Olive connectent un peu plus!

serieserie  (04.10.2018 à 09:46)

Wow mais cette fin :o :o :o

Tellement dur pour tout le monde. Je crois qu'autant les adultes essayent de faire avec et de prendre sur eux mais pour Cal, c'est vraiment compliqué! Il n'a que 10 ans, il n'a plus l'âge de sa jumelle, il n'a plus ses jouets...

Gros coups de coeur pour Saanvi en plus!

natas  (03.10.2018 à 21:19)

Bon bon, je suis déjà fan !

En tous cas j'ai adoré l'épisode.

L'intrigue du fils en prison qui se résous. très emue de la jumelle qui a gardé les affaires...

Ben au top et Mickaela aussi, quand elle craque chez le psy, lis les poste de sa bff et surtout son mensonge à la fin par sympathie wahoo je l'adore !

et bien sûr la dernière scène bien flippante qui l'a tué qui a fait explosé l'avion et le comment du pourquoi du vol?! tout des mystères intéressant !

SeySey  (02.10.2018 à 17:18)

Je dois avouer que je ne m'attendais pas à cette scène finale! Encore mieux que le pilot! J'adore!

CelineAlba  (02.10.2018 à 16:59)

De mieux en mieux. De plus en plus troublant. On entre peu à peu au coeur du problème. C'est bien fait, bien construit, on alterne les émotions différentes, allant de la peine à l'angoisse, puis du soulagement à l'effroi. 

Tout est tellement bien ficelé que l'on se prête au jeu sans la moindre hésitation. 

Vivement la semaine prochaine !!!  


Merci aux 7 rédacteurs qui ont contribué à la rédaction de cette fiche épisode

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