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#207 : Sortie de secours

Des tensions éclatent alors que les passagers du vol 828 comprennent enfin le sens de leur appels, qui deviennent de plus en plus terrifiants. Ben, craignant de perdre sa fille Olive au profit de l'église des Believers, confronte Adrian. Zeke perd la confiance de Michaela alors que Saanvi obtient de l'aide d'une ancienne amante.


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Titre VO
Emergency Exit

Titre VF
Sortie de secours

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Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela & Zeke (Melissa Roxburgh & Matt Long)

Michaela & Zeke (Melissa Roxburgh & Matt Long)

Michaela & Jared au poste de police (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared au poste de police (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Zeke (Melissa Roxburgh & Matt Long)

Michaela & Zeke (Melissa Roxburgh & Matt Long)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl examine Zeke Landon (Parveen Kaur & Matt Long)

Saanvi Bahl examine Zeke Landon (Parveen Kaur & Matt Long)

Ben Stone discute avec Adrian (Josh Dallas & Jared Grimes)

Ben Stone discute avec Adrian (Josh Dallas & Jared Grimes)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Ben Stone (Josh Dallas)

Michaela & Ben Stone dans un club avec Adrian (Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas & Jared Grimes)

Michaela & Ben Stone dans un club avec Adrian (Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas & Jared Grimes)


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Ecrit par :  Jeannine Renshaw et Ezra Nachman

Réalisé par :  Jean de Segonzac

Melissa Roxburgh ... Michaela Stone
Josh Dallas ... Ben Stone
Athena Karkanis ... Grace Stone
J.R. Ramirez ... Jared Vasquez
Parveen Kaur ... Saanvi Bahl
Jack Messina ... Cal Stone
Luna Blaise ... Olive Stone
Matt Long ... Zeke Landon
Garrett Wareing ... TJ Morrison
Mugga ... Bethany Collins
Jared Grimes ... Adrian
Rafi Silver ... Finn Nowak
Sydney Morton ... Alex Bates
Kelly Deadmon ... Sylvia Morrison
Olli Haaskivi ... Isaiah
Carl Lundstedt ... Billy
Jonathan Marballi ... Conor
Kapil Bawa ... Sameer
Omar Torres ... Diaz
Erika Chase ... Maxine

Sylvia Morrison: You'll need these.

T.J. Morrison: Really?

Sylvia Morrison: And bug spray. I hear they have mosquitos the size of small cats in Jamaica.

T.J. Morrison: Seriously? Mom, it's a carry-on... I'm gonna be gone for a week.

Sylvia Morrison: I know, but you can't afford to eat out as much as the other kids… I worry.

T.J. Morrison: Fine. I'll take the bars.

Sylvia Morrison: Do you know how proud I am of you?

T.J. Morrison: Mom, stop.

Sylvia Morrison: No, no, I want to say this. I don't know what I did to deserve such a smart, kind boy.

T.J. Morrison: You sure you're gonna be okay?

Sylvia Morrison: Like you said, it's only a week.


Olive Stone: Okay, so, I can't tell. Do you want to go tomorrow night, or... ?

T.J. Morrison: Yeah, sorry. What's the deal?

Olive Stone: To the club. Maxine's going. And I can't really deal with my parents right now. They are all, like, gloomy Chicken Littles.

T.J. Morrison: 'Cause of that freaky calling. There's a lot to be afraid of right now.

Olive Stone: There's also a lot to appreciate.

T.J. Morrison: Like that I got to meet you?

Olive Stone: Exactly. Coming back was a gift, and it's wrong not to acknowledge it.

T.J. Morrison: You sound like Adrian, Church Lady.

Olive Stone: Well, he's kind of the only person that makes sense to me right now.

T.J. Morrison: What about me?

Olive Stone: Yeah. You make a little sense, too.


Ben Stone: I'm stumped. Champagne glasses, burnt-out plane cabin, melting walls.

Grace Stone: You will figure it out.

Ben Stone: Will I? Seems to me, I figure out one calling only to get another one even more terrifying. Grace, I felt a... Hopelessness, like whatever we're meant to save the passengers from, it's coming... And it's violent.


Zeke Landon: Hey, let's have a real Saturday. Want to go to the Whitney, maybe walk the High Line?

Michaela Stone: I can't. I got to go to work… Hey, I can't find my razor. Can I borrow yours?

Zeke Landon: Knock yourself out… Hmm… Maybe I left it at the gym? Well, what are these?

Michaela Stone: I wanted to know where your razor was because there were pills in them.

Zeke Landon: In my razor? What are you talking about? Why were you looking there?

Michaela Stone: Courtney said that you keep extras there as a safety net, so...

Zeke Landon: So you found them, and you didn't say anything?

Michaela Stone: I needed to know if you were using again, Zeke.

Zeke Landon: How about you just ask me?

Michaela Stone: Addicts lie... You were the one that told me that.

Zeke Landon: You know who else is an addict? Courtney. You didn't think to question the source?

Michaela Stone: So, they're not yours?

Zeke Landon: No. And it feels like crap that you would set a trap for me, like I'm some criminal you're trying to catch.

Michaela Stone: No, I'm just trying to help you, Zeke… What are you doing?

Zeke Landon: Would you believe me if I told you?


Cal Stone: Anyone seen my Rangers hat?

Grace Stone: Where you going?

Cal Stone: Sam's mom is taking us to Coney Island for his birthday.

Grace Stone: Uh... Honey, why didn't you ask us?

Cal Stone: 'Cause I knew you'd say no, and I really want to go.

Ben Stone: I know it's tough, buddy, but we all need to be careful right now.

Olive Stone: Here you go, squirt. It was in my room.

Cal Stone: They're not letting me.

Olive Stone: Seriously? Wow. You're gonna hold your own son captive just because you're scared.

Grace Stone: Olive, how about you let us handle this?

Cal Stone: What's the point of even having five more years to live if I can't do anything fun, ever?

Ben Stone: Cal...  Hey, hold up. Where do you think you're going?

Olive Stone: What? So, now I'm a prisoner, too?

Grace Stone: No, it's called grounded. For ditching. The school called again.

Ben Stone: Did you think there weren't gonna be any consequences? Returning to Adrian's cult when I explicitly told...

Olive Stone: Would you stop calling it that?! I was helping at the soup kitchen.

Grace Stone: Regardless, there is no excuse for skipping school.

Olive Stone: I'm done with school. I'm taking the GED, and I am helping run the church's outreach.

Grace Stone: What?

Ben Stone: Absolutely not.

Olive Stone: I'm old enough to get emancipated. And I am so sick of you trying to control what I believe.

Grace Stone: I'm sorry, what planet do you think you're living on? This is not some broken home.

Olive Stone: That's exactly what this is! We are completely and utterly broken.

Ben Stone: What do you think, Adrian's gonna somehow save you? He's the very reason we live in fear.

Olive Stone: Don't put your paranoia on him.

Ben Stone: Paranoia? Olive, our last calling, there were dead bodies on the plane. I am trying to stop that! What's Adrian doing to help the passengers?!

Olive Stone: Bringing hope to people! Helping them see that death may not be final, that your return is a miracle.

Ben Stone: Listen to yourself. It's insane.

Olive Stone: So, I can't believe in the miracle? I live with two of them.

Grace Stone: Okay, Olive... Olive!

Ben Stone: Adrian has to be stopped.


Saanvi Bahl: Hour 23 since third injection. First two were a bust, but, uh... You got to keep trying, right? DNA still has a mutation. That's another fail. Third trial complete.

Sameer Bahl: We missed you at Friday supper.


Sameer Bahl: We worry about you, your mom and I.

Saanvi Bahl: I'm fine, Dad. Just please tell mom I lost track of time.

Sameer Bahl: Tell me what's wrong, love.

Saanvi Bahl: I mean, only that I can't figure this out and lives are depending on me.

Sameer Bahl: Hmm. I seem to remember you being in the same pickle with your cancer work. And what did you do then? Talk to your immunologist friend at Boroughs Regional. You said she helped you think about it in new ways.

Saanvi Bahl: Yeah, I haven't talked to her since I've been back. There's some baggage there.

Sameer Bahl: Sorry, my bad. I thought you said lives depended on it.


Adrian: So, you're going to sue me if your daughter runs my mission group?

Ben Stone: It's called endangering a minor. You brainwashed her.

Adrian: Maybe I should sue you for assault.

Ben Stone: She's ready to file for emancipation. I assume she got that idea from you.

Adrian: She sees the truth in my words. I can't be blamed for your fear.

Ben Stone: This is more than fear! You're breeding zealots! You're preaching that passengers can't die!

Adrian: You're bending my words.

Ben Stone: Just being part of your cult puts Olive and all of your followers in the cross hairs of 828 haters.

Isaiah: I have that updated parishioner list pulled up on your screen, if you want to see.

Adrian: Give me a minute.

Ben Stone: Listen to me. Some of us had a calling. It was telling us to save the passengers. The plane was covered in ash.

Adrian: Have you been tested for post-traumatic stress?

Ben Stone: Oh, come on, Adrian, don't act like you've never had a calling. You showed up when the plane exploded!

Adrian: Ben, we're all being guided. You're choosing to live in fear. I choose to live in the miracle.

Ben Stone: I couldn't care less where you choose to live. Ignoring callings is reckless. Now, maybe I'm wrong, but what if I'm right and what we saw turns out to be another Xer attack on your church, or worse? If my daughter gets hurt... That's on you.


Jared Vasquez: Did you lose something in there?

Michaela Stone: Take mine.

Jared Vasquez: How about we share?

Michaela Stone: You think I'm trying to poison you?

Jared Vasquez: Think of it as an olive branch… Uh-oh. You have that look on your face. What's up?

Michaela Stone: Had a pretty bleak calling. Felt like a warning about the Xers.

Jared Vasquez: Well, I'm happy to help.

Officer: Hey, Stone! Guy just called. He said he had information on that church attack. Didn't leave a name.

Michaela Stone: Thank you.


Jared Vasquez: Hey, stop hounding me. I got this.

Billy: Hey, chill, I'm just looking for an ETA.

Jared Vasquez: Look, I'll get you all the information you need today.

Billy: Good, 'cause it's all coming together on our end.


Olive Stone: Medieval Latin Literature? Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations? Oh, wow. Your classes are wack.

T.J. Morrison: Did you ask to see my schedule just so you can make fun of me, or... ?

Olive Stone: No, no, no... To see if you'd have any time for me next semester.

T.J. Morrison: That, I do… No way. They found it... Al-Zuras's journal.

Olive Stone: Really? The guy who painted my mom's tarot cards... He wrote a journal?

T.J. Morrison: Yeah, apparently. I was doing this deep dive on him, and this title popped up from some collection over at Yale. Figured we'd get some answers.

Olive Stone: About the Death Date.

T.J. Morrison: Faculty lend only. I'm getting it sent to your dad.

Olive Stone: You know, Adrian isn't afraid of the Death Date. He says you guys are proof that miracles exist.

T.J. Morrison: Yeah, I've heard his theory on how we can't die.

Olive Stone: Well... You did come back once.

T.J. Morrison: Honestly, Olive, I'm with your dad. I think Adrian's full of it.

Olive Stone: So, you don't believe in the miracle?

T.J. Morrison: I'm not an Angel or some God. I came back the same exact person who left, except I didn't have a mom anymore… Or friends or a home, for that matter… Tell me... How is that a miracle?


Michaela Stone: Hi, there. Detective Stone, returning your call.

Isaiah: Hello. Thanks for calling me back.

Michaela Stone: Isaiah?

Isaiah: I remembered a few things about my attack I think might be helpful.

Michaela Stone: Well, I'm here. Come on in.

Isaiah: That's the thing. I-I got called in to work. Any way you can come to me?

Michaela Stone: Where are you at?

Isaiah: I'll be at Schimanski in Williamsburg.

Michaela Stone: Alright, see you then.


Saanvi Bahl: Dr. Bates. Thanks for coming.

Alex Bates: Of course… My pleasure… Been hoping you'd reach out.

Saanvi Bahl: Yeah, no, I wouldn't have bothered you. I just... I've hit a wall. Can we talk about it in my office, Doctor?

Alex Bates: "Doctor"? Really?

Saanvi Bahl: Alex.


Saanvi Bahl: So, the patient's corrected DNA in the retrovirus solution hasn't... What?

Alex Bates: It's just... My God... Five years… Can we please...Can we just talk about us for a minute?

Saanvi Bahl: No, Alex, really, this is about the work.

Alex Bates: Can I at least say I'm sorry?

Saanvi Bahl: The time for "I'm sorry was when I came back. It's been months.

Alex Bates: You don't know how many times I picked up the phone.

Saanvi Bahl: Like that counts for anything. Look, if I knew anyone else who could help me, you wouldn't be here.

Alex Bates: I was on my way... And then I just became... Terrified.

Saanvi Bahl: That Scott would find out?

Alex Bates: That I was destroying my family for a fling in Jamaica.

Saanvi Bahl: A fling? Is that what it was to you?

Alex Bates: You just said it... It's all about the work for you.

Saanvi Bahl: That's not true. That is... Not true! I loved you.

Alex Bates: Vi, I'll always love you… Okay. Start with the retroviral serum. Take me through the process step-by-step, working backwards.


Michaela Stone: I'm gonna need all the research you have on the Xers before I interview Isaiah.

Ben Stone: Well, if he wouldn't talk after the church attack, why now?

Michaela Stone: I don't know. Maybe he had a change of heart.

Ben Stone: Oh, could you have that church shut down, please? Olive's threatening to join it full-time. Mick, she wants to drop out of school.

Michaela Stone: I threatened to drop out once. Yeah, remember? I was gonna roadie for Skee Miller's punk band.

Ben Stone: Oh, yeah. What did dad do?

Michaela Stone: Uh, he got drunk with him. Yeah, hand to God. I came home, and my tatted-up boyfriend was shotgunning beers... With my dad. Kind of lost interest in him after that one.

Ben Stone: So you're saying, if I have a beer with Adrian, it'll fix this?

Michaela Stone: There's no harm in keeping your enemies close.

Ben Stone: So, how are things going with Zeke now that Courtney's gone?

Michaela Stone: Ha. I'm starting to think I might gravitate towards the wrong guys.

Ben Stone: Come on. Zeke's a good guy. So is Jared.

Michaela Stone: Whose side are you on?

Ben Stone: Yours, always… But I have noticed a pattern. Come on. You get to a point, and you pull away… Am I wrong?

Michaela Stone: Thank you. Thank you for the files.


Grace Stone: Cal, where are you? Zeke?

Zeke Landon: What's happening?

Cal Stone: Save the passengers! It's now!


Olive Stone: We are never gonna be getting in this way.

T.J. Morrison: Well, we could do something else.

Olive Stone: Okay, so, do you not want to go in?

T.J. Morrison: No, I-I said I did.

Olive Stone: Well, you also said you wanted to go to the church, so...

T.J. Morrison: You're right. I'm sorry. I just didn't want to blow it with you… Did I blow it?

Olive Stone: No.

Maxine: Olive!


Michaela Stone: You always this busy?

Isaiah: Oh. We're doing a free champagne night. It's my job to keep it flowing.

Michaela Stone: Gotcha. Is there anywhere we can talk? Look, I know you didn't want to come forward, but I promise you, we'll keep this under wraps. This is your chance to help the passengers you revere so much.

Isaiah: I want that more than you know. But I'm the only manager tonight, and we're running low on stock. How about a glass while I run back and get some more?

Michaela Stone: I'm on duty.

Isaiah: Of course. I'll... I'll be right back.


Olive Stone: What?

T.J. Morrison: I have a confession to make. I do believe in miracles.

Olive Stone: Oh, really?

T.J. Morrison: When we first came back, I wasn't sure why. It all felt pointless… But meeting your dad and... And then you, I... I'm happy for the first time since then. I feel like I finally have something to live for… So I wanted to say I do believe… Just not in the way Adrian said… I want you to have this.

Olive Stone: What? TJ, wow, this is beautiful.

T.J. Morrison: I thought I lost everything of my mom's, but a neighbour held onto it. She called it her Buddha bracelet. This one was her favourite... The Dharma wheel. It symbolizes life is circular, that there's no beginning or end.

Olive Stone: Well, I have something for you, too.


Adrian: Ben? What are you doing here?

Ben Stone: What do you mean? I came for that drink.

Adrian: With me? I said all I need to say to you.

Ben Stone: You texted me to meet you here.

Adrian: Couldn't scare me with the lawsuit, so now you're trying to gaslight me? Well, I'm done.

Ben Stone: Hold on, hold on. You're not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on.

Adrian: Get your hands off me. I didn't text you. I didn't even know I'd be here till an hour ago.


Connor: Can I help you?

Jared Vasquez: Hope so. I've been getting these weird error messages every time I try to pull up a batch of case logs. I don't know, maybe one of the files is corrupted.

Radio: 42-38 Detroit, with...

Connor: Uh, part of the problem may be access. I'm seeing here, these are Detective Stone's cases. Without her approval, you can't open them.

Jared Vasquez: Look. Detective Stone... She's up for a promotion. I'm just trying to put together some ammo to try to help her win our case.

Connor: The ones you were on, I can get. The rest... That'd be a "no can do".

Jared Vasquez: Hmm… Well, last time I checked, online betting is a "no can do", too. And if you've been erasing your history to cover it up... That's a fireable offense.


Saanvi Bahl: Round 4 of retrovirus trial. I tweaked the formula after talking it through with Alex. And for the record, I'm not feeling very hopeful. But here we go.


Finn Nowak: Hey! Watch it.

Ben Stone: Finn! What are you doing here?

Finn Nowak: Hey! An investor reached out, said he had a business opportunity to discuss. But he's late. Typical power move. What are you doing here? Ben. Ben?


Michaela Stone: Bethany?

Bethany Collins: Michaela! Get out! You're here, too?

Michaela Stone: Yeah, what are the odds?

Bethany Collins: I know!


Jared Vasquez: Grace. Wait. Wait, what?

Grace Stone: Zeke, Cal... We all had it. Please tell me you know where Michaela is.

Jared Vasquez: I don't. Did you try her cell?

Grace Stone: Yes! Thank God you're here. Any luck?

Zeke Landon: Keeps going to voicemail. Same with Ben and Olive?

Grace Stone: Yes. Olive is out with her friend TJ, but she didn't say where.

Cal Stone: Wait! They're always texting.

Grace Stone: But how can we access Olive's texts?

Cal Stone: Her iPad... she lets me play Minecraft on it.

Jared Vasquez: Text me the address.


Ben Stone: Adrian! Why the Hell did you bring these passengers here?

Adrian: I didn't.

Ben Stone: I don't... I don't even know what you're talking about.

Adrian: Look around you!

Michaela Stone: Ben, what are you doing here? What the Hell is with all these passengers?

Ben Stone: I'm trying to figure that out, too. I contacted Adrian, like you said. He texted me to meet him here.

Adrian: Only it wasn't me! Isaiah, my assistant, works here. Said he needed to fill the place for some promotion… I thought I misplaced my phone, but he must have taken it.

Ben Stone: It's a trap. He lured us here!

Adrian: But why?

Michaela Stone: Ben?


Ben Stone: You were in that calling. You lied to me! You knew!

Adrian: I just... I didn't want to believe it could happen!

Michaela Stone: This is what the calling was warning us about...  "Save the passengers".

Ben Stone: You didn't want to believe? You hypocritical son of a bitch!

Girl: Did you see that?

Ben Stone: Oh, no, no, don't drink the champagne!

Girl: Is he okay?

Michaela Stone: I don't have a signal!

Ben Stone: You can fix this. Find Isaiah! Now!

Guy: Hey, man. You okay?

Adrian: Wait, Ben! Ben, Ben!


Ben Stone: Hi. This is Ben Stone. I can't answer the phone right now, but please leave me a message.


Michaela Stone: There's no signal anywhere. He must've shut it off somehow.

Ben Stone: We got to get help. No, no! No, no, no, no, no!

Adrian: Ben! Ben, Ben! What I was trying to say is, I saw Olive. She's here.

Ben Stone: Olive! Olive!

Michaela Stone: Ben.


Olive Stone: Aren't you glad we came?

T.J. Morrison: Very.

Olive Stone: Well... We're celebrating. Max said it's free tonight, so...

T.J. Morrison: I'll see if I can get us a bottle.

Maxine: Yes!


All: Help! Open the door! Open the door!

Ben Stone: Olive!

Michaela Stone: Ben! Ben!

Ben Stone: Oh!

Michaela Stone: I can't find her. I can't find Olive.

Ben Stone: I can't lose her again.

Michaela Stone: You're not going to, okay? Go look for her. I'll find a way out… Everyone, this way! Out this door! Come on, come on! Quick!


Olive Stone: That's weird… Do you hear something? It sounds like people are screaming. Max, something's wrong. The door, it's locked. No, no, no, no. Hello?! Hey! Hello? Let us out! People are in here!


Michaela Stone: Everyone out of the way! Move, move!


Ben Stone: Olive!


Olive Stone: Help, please! Please!

T.J. Morrison: Olive!

Olive Stone: TJ, I can't open the door.

T.J. Morrison: I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.

Ben Stone: TJ!

T.J. Morrison: Ben?

Olive Stone: Dad!

Ben Stone: Olive!

Olive Stone: Dad, what are you doing here?

Ben Stone: I'm here to save you.


Michaela Stone: Everyone out this way! Careful, careful!

Guy: Where is she?!


Grace Stone: Oh, my God, smoke!

Zeke Landon: Stay here.


Ben Stone: No, no, no! This way, this way!

Olive Stone: Dad! Dad!

Ben Stone: Olive!

Olive Stone: My ankle!


Michaela Stone: Bethany!

Bethany Collins: I can't move!

Michaela Stone: Hold on. I got you!

Bethany Collins: Oh! Ow! Ow!

Michaela Stone: Someone help me!

Zeke Landon: Michaela! Michaela!

Michaela Stone: Zeke?! No, no, no! It's too hot! I got you! Drop it!


Ben Stone: We got to turn around.

Olive Stone: No, this is our only way.

Ben Stone: Let's clear a path.


Michaela Stone: Wait. Hold on. There was supposed to be a door here. It was right here.

Jared Vasquez: This way.

Michaela Stone: Jared. Wha...

Jared Vasquez: Follow me. Come on.


Olive Stone: Dad!

Ben Stone: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Isaiah: You can't leave. The miracle is upon us, but only if passengers are among the fallen.

Ben Stone: Let her go. She's not a passenger.

Olive Stone: Please, Isaiah, we still have time to get out of here.

Isaiah: No, we'll be okay. We believe. We'll step into the light together.

Ben Stone: Isaiah, let her go, or we'll all be dead.

Isaiah: No! We will all be miracles and transcend death just like you did.

T.J. Morrison: Get her out! Go!

Olive Stone: No! TJ, I'm not leaving you!

T.J. Morrison: Ben! Go, now!

Olive Stone: No!

Ben Stone: I'm coming back!


Michaela Stone: Zeke! Your hands. Wh... You okay?

Zeke Landon: It's not so bad.

Jared Vasquez: I'm going back in!

Michaela Stone: Ben and Olive are still inside.

Grace Stone: Ben! Olive!

Ben Stone: TJ's still inside with Isaiah.

Michaela Stone: No! Stop! It is way too dangerous.

Grace Stone: No! Ben, listen to her!

Olive Stone: No, Dad, please go and save him!

Michaela Stone: Ben, Ben!

Jared Vasquez: No, hey! Ben!

Olive Stone: Oh, God! Oh, no, no. No, no, no!


Saanvi Bahl: I... I think I did it. DNA has no anomaly.


Saanvi Bahl: Hey, sorry for the messages, but... Ben, I think I have some news. I got rid of the Callings. We can live normal lives, no preord...

Paramedic: Watch it!

Announcer: Mass-casualty incident. Incoming wounded. All trauma and emergency personnel, report to E.R.

Saanvi Bahl: Wait. Incident where? Where, where, where?!

Announcer: Mass casualty incident. Incoming wounded.

Saanvi Bahl: Hey, hey, what happened?

Michaela Stone: This was it... This is what we were trying to stop.

Saanvi Bahl: Oh, my God. You were there? How?

Michaela Stone: We had a calling. Wait... You didn't? TJ didn't make it.

Nurse: NYPD A little help?

Michaela Stone: I've got to go.


Jared Vasquez: There you are.

Michaela Stone: I appreciate what you did in there.

Jared Vasquez: We're cops, Mick. That's what we do… Hey. I'm glad you're okay.


Saanvi Bahl: It's hard to believe that this is all the work of a Believer.

Zeke Landon: One lunatic is all it takes.

Saanvi Bahl: Yeah, well, it makes me sick that I wasn't there to help.

Zeke Landon: You're helping me now.

Saanvi Bahl: Wait, something's odd. These aren't burns.

Zeke Landon: What do you mean?

Saanvi Bahl: This looks like frostbite.

Zeke Landon: Like from the cold? Like what I had when I woke up in the cave? Griffin drowned on dry land. Is that what's happening to me? I'm freezing to death?

Saanvi Bahl: I don't know. You might be.


Ben Stone: Well, I got Cal to bed.

Olive Stone: I don't understand.

Grace Stone: None of us do.

Ben Stone: We couldn't see this coming. Not me. Not anyone.

Olive Stone: He was so happy working with you, Dad. Just today, he found a journal. He thinks it's about the Death Date. He had the library send it to your office, Dad. You have to go get it.

Ben Stone: I will, I promise.

Olive Stone: Oh, my God.


Connor: Was gonna leave your case files on your desk. When your partner told me to print them, I didn't realize I'd run out of paper. Got the last six pages there.

Michaela Stone: Drea wanted you to print these?

Connor: No, it was Vasquez. He said he needed them for your promotion.

Michaela Stone: Right, yeah. Thank you. Pass these right along.


Saanvi Bahl: Alex? I just came to tell you that the modification was successful.

Alex Bates: Glad you got what you wanted.

Saanvi Bahl: Thanks to you.


Michaela Stone: This was crazy of you. Why did you do this?

Zeke Landon: It's not the craziest thing that's happened since I met you. We keep getting stuff thrown at us, yet here we are… So, what's it gonna take, Mick?

Michaela Stone: What do you mean?

Zeke Landon: I mean, I love you. I'm all in. I don't know if you have room for me, but I love you.

Michaela Stone: Crap.

Zeke Landon: What?

Michaela Stone: I love you, too.

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10.03.2021 vers 22h

29.12.2020 vers 00h

24.12.2020 vers 11h

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Sevnol  (10.03.2021 à 22:27)

Noooon, je ne peux pas croire à la mort de TJ. Comme toutes les séries : pas de corps = pas de mort. C'est prouvé, donc je ne croirais à sa mort que quand on aura vu clairement son corps. Comme ptitebones dit "il nous fait une Vance" (j'adore cette expression ahah ^^). 

Le fameux "Alex" qui n'a rejoint Saanvi est en fait une femme !? Alors ça, on ne s'y attendait clairement pas ! Je sens que sa solution va avoir des répercussions bizarrement, ce serait trop facile sinon d'avoir trouvé un moyen de contrer l'anomalie si rapidement.

Etrange ce livre, je me demande ce que ça signifie.

cartegold  (25.11.2020 à 09:24)

Naaaann!!! Pas TJ !!!!!!!!

Très bon épisode cela dit. Le jeu de Vasquez m'intrigue, je pensais qu'il faisait semblant d'être une taupe mais maintenant je doute. 

Hâte de voir l'épisode suivant,le livre annonce encore pas mal de mystères !

labelette  (24.11.2020 à 22:17)

Mais noooon ! Ils ne peuvent pas avoir fait mourir TJ quand même ? On va le revoir j'espère !

Saanvi aurait trouvé un remède... et du coup ne recevrait plus les appels ?

Quant à la fin avec le livre, trop bizarre !

stephe  (24.11.2020 à 22:02)

mais non TJ !! je ne veux pas y croire ! sinon un épisode bien prenant ! Saanvi a-t-elle guéri l'anomalie ? Etonnant de voir avec qui elle devait partir ! à suivre pe !

après le livre qui ébloui ... à voir lol

Supersympa  (24.11.2020 à 22:01)

Alors, qui est à l'origine de cet appel ou plutôt de ce traquenard ?

sanct08  (20.02.2020 à 11:23)

Sans doute mon épisode favori en cette saison 2 à l'heure actuelle !

J'avais vraiment hâte de découvrir les tenants et aboutissants de cette vision de la carcasse de l'avion et je n'ai pas été déçue.

Par contre, pauvre TJ :( je me demande aussi s'il est vraiment mort et, si ce n'est pas le cas, comment il a pu survivre...

Oui je me demande aussi où est passé Vance et où en son enquête sur le Major? Ils se font attendre en ce moment ces deux-là.

Et puis personne n'a reparlé de l'idée folle de Grace?!

Et ce livre qui semble bien être un livre annonciateur du vol 828 et ses conséquences m'intrigue au plus haut point !!

Vivement la suite le 2 mars

Emmalyne  (19.02.2020 à 19:35)

J'ai pensé tout de suite que TJ n'était pas mort. Si on voit pas le corps, il y a de grande chance pour qu'il soit pas mort.

Cet épisode était angoissant, on savait qu'il y allait avoir une catastrophe mais quand ?

En ce qui concerne Jared, les scénaristes sont en train d'essayer de nous mettre le doute. Jared est-il sous couverture ou est-ce qu'il est pourri jusqu'à la moelle ?

Et maintentant, j'ai juste encore plus envie de voir la suite.

ptitebones  (18.02.2020 à 22:58)

Mais quel épisode de dingue !! On a jamais autant avancé dans la série, je crois que c'est mon préféré depuis le tout début.

J'ai eu des frissons quand les passagers se retrouvaient dans la boîte, c'était vraiment angoissant. 

Je ne pense pas que TJ soit mort ;) Il nous fait une Vance c'est sûr, d'ailleurs il devient quoi lui ? Par contre pour l'autre passager qu'on voit quand Ben sort de la boîte, lui j'ai des doutes.

Zeke et Mick tellement mignons ^^ haha

Alex est une femme mdr, personne y a pensé, après ça n'empêche pas Benvi. Bon après je les aime bien en ami Benvi... Saanvi a peut-être trouvé la solution, mais je pense qu'il y aura une contre partie.

La fin est folle, wouah, je veux la suite viite ! 


SeySey  (18.02.2020 à 17:25)

MDRRR, j'ai préféré mettre la balise spoiler, on ne sait jamais ^^

mnoandco  (18.02.2020 à 17:20)

Grrrrrrrr, tu  titilles ma curiosité là ;)


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