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#203 : Le piège de Saanvi

La famille Stone a du mal à comprendre la mystérieuse vague d'appels effrayants concernant le vol 828, tandis que la personne pouvant être la clé est derrière les barreaux. Pendant ce temps, un accident choquant, amène Grace à penser qu'une mère est en danger.


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Titre VO
False Horizon

Titre VF
Le piège de Saanvi

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2x03 | Trailer (VO)

2x03 | Trailer (VO)


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Sneak-Peek 1 - VO


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Sneak-Peek 2 VO


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Sneak-Peek 3 - VO


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Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Michaela & Jared (Melissa Roxburgh & J.R Ramirez)

Saanvi Bahl dans son laboratoire (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl dans son laboratoire (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl & Troy Davis (Parveen Kaur & Ed Herbstman)

Saanvi Bahl & Troy Davis (Parveen Kaur & Ed Herbstman)

Saanvi & Ben à l’hôpital

Saanvi & Ben à l’hôpital

Saanvi & Ben à l’hôpital

Saanvi & Ben à l’hôpital

Saanvi Bahl à bord du vol 828 (Parveen Kaur)

Saanvi Bahl à bord du vol 828 (Parveen Kaur)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Grace & Cal au terrain de football

Grace & Cal au terrain de football

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis)

Grace et Erika (Athena Karkanis & Susan Pourfar)

Grace et Erika (Athena Karkanis & Susan Pourfar)


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Ecrit par : Jeannine Renshaw & MW Cartozian Wilson

Réalisé par : Nathan Hope

Melissa Roxburgh ... Michaela Stone
Josh Dallas ... Ben Stone
Athena Karkanis ... Grace Stone
J.R. Ramirez ... Jared Vasquez
Parveen Kaur ... Saanvi Bahl
Jack Messina ... Cal Stone
Luna Blaise ... Olive Stone
Matt Long ... Zeke Landon
Daryl Edwards ... Robert Vance
Leah Gibson ... Tamara
Rey Lucas ... Dr. Matthews
Andrene Ward-Hammond ... Kate Bowers
Yasha Jackson ... Suzanne Martin
Garrett Wareing ... TJ Morrison
Susan Pourfar ... Erika
Maury Ginsberg ... Simon White
Elizabeth Marvel ... The Major
Jared Grimes ... Adrian
Czarina Mada ... Teresa
Ed Herbstman ... Troy
Erika Chase ... Maxine
Carl Lundstedt ... Billy
Mandela Bellamy ... Marcy

Saanvi Bahl: Hi. Where are you? You're, uh... You're making me really nervous, babe. Okay, I had a really exciting breakthrough today, and I'm dying to tell you about it, so just please hurry, okay? Bye.

Passenger: Oh. Excuse me. Oh. Ooh. Oh. Excuse me. Well, well, well, Jamaica, here we come! It's our honeymoon.

Saanvi Bahl: Congrats.

Passenger: Thanks.

Flight attendant: Hold the door. One more coming.

Saanvi Bahl: Come on, baby. Come on. Come on, come on.

Stewart: There's your seat.

Flight attendant: Welcome to Flight 727.

Passenger: Oh, hey.

Flight attendant: Non stop service from JFK to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Passenger: Um, do you mind if my hubby sits here?

Saanvi Bahl: No.

Flight attendant: Flight attendants, prepare for takeoff. Looks like sun and...


Saanvi Bahl: Something in me died that day, and it still hurts… When we came back, I thought... Alex might be there. I mean, it was all over the news.

The Major: Have you thought about what you'd say to Alex?

Saanvi Bahl: There's an e-mail in my drafts folder I keep rewriting.

The Major: Why haven't you sent it?

Saanvi Bahl: I don't know. I'm still so angry. And I'm hurt. And I'm in love. I can never find the right words.

The Major: Saanvi, you wrote the e-mail. Send it. You need completion so you can finally move on.

Saanvi Bahl: Yeah, you're probably right. Maybe I will.

The Major: So, that was your thorn. What about your rose?

Saanvi Bahl: Work's good. I mean, I'm exhausted.

The Major: Why is that?

Saanvi Bahl: Just in a hurry to prove that I'm right, you know, that we were all genetically changed on that plane… I've been running a DNA sequencer 24/7. It's like a needle in a haystack, but I know it's there.

The Major: I admire your perseverance, Saanvi. Truly remarkable.


Michaela Stone: Hey.

Ben & Grace Stone: Hey.

Michaela Stone: Who died?

Grace Stone: He's got another job interview.

Michaela Stone: Oh!

Ben Stone: It's the same job I've been chasing, an adjunct professor at Astoria. There's just been a lot of hoops to jump through. Okay.

Grace Stone: Which he has been doing with flying colours.

Ben Stone: So far. They're having me guest-lecture on Combinatorics.

Michaela Stone: I don't get it. You were on a tenure track before.

Ben Stone: Yeah, well, now I can't get on any track. Soon as they hear I'm a passenger, I might as well have the plague.

Michaela Stone: Mm.

Ben Stone: Only reason I got this chance is because I ran into an old colleague.

Michaela Stone: Mm.

Grace Stone: She was a little more than an old colleague.

Ben Stone: Love you.

Grace Stone: See you later.

Olive Stone: Okay, I need coffee.

Michaela Stone: Oh, yeah, here you go.

Ben Stone: Wow, why'd you d... Loving the hair. Sort of.

Olive Stone: Thanks. I love it, too. See you after school.

Michaela Stone: Oh, come on, she looks cute. I mean, I had a buzz cut and a nose ring at that age.

Ben Stone: Oh, I remember, and it was disturbing.

Michaela Stone: No, it...

Ben Stone: So, what, did you just stop by to throw shade?

Michaela Stone: I don't know. Being here makes me feel less alone. What's the word on Saanvi?

Ben Stone: Vance has been surveilling her around the clock, but nothing.

Michaela Stone: She still doesn't know she has a leak?

Ben Stone: Vance says it's too risky. Still, I hate lying to her.

Michaela Stone: Ben, you got to detach.

Ben Stone: Oh. Like you're doing with Zeke.

Michaela Stone: Okay, fine. Yes, I'm attached.

Cal Stone: Have you talked to him?

Michaela Stone: Um, no, buddy, not yet, but I've got some ideas.

Ben Stone: Hey. Guess who's riding shotgun.

Cal Stone: Yes! Give this to Zeke when you see him.


Adrian: To be wiped from the face of the Earth, only to return is an undeniable message to the world. Hope, faith, belief... All shall be rewarded. The miracle of 828 was for all. Now, those who feel called to testify are welcome.

Maxine: Thanks… I'm Maxine.

All: Hi, Maxine.

Maxine: I'm a Believer. I was pretty broken when I first came here. Yeah, I'm not gonna lie. My parents, they just... They didn't get me, and I was lost. But then I heard Adrian talk about how we're all connected, about how we're all a part of the miracle of 828. And Adrian says if you accept that miracle, we'll all be saved. Well, it's already saved my life. I believe.


Michaela Stone: I have to get him out of there.

Teresa: Decorated cop versus ex-con carrying an illegally purchased firearm.

Michaela Stone: He was trying to protect...

Teresa: Guy goes on the run for, what, 62 days?

Michaela Stone: He turned himself in...

Teresa: And said ex-con admitted he shot you. Now you go.

Michaela Stone: He's not supposed to be in there.

Teresa: Your guy pled guilty, no lawyer? That's at least grounds to petition for a plea withdrawal. Tell him to let the court know that I'll be representing him now.

Michaela Stone: Thanks, Teresa, but we're not exactly in communication. Can we get the ball rolling first, and then, once I talk to him or...

Teresa: I can start some digging, but until I'm his lawyer, my hands are tied.


Robert Vance: Saanvi's server is clean. Swept for bugs, her lab's clean.

Ben Stone: So, where's the leak? The Major has someone inside the hospital?

Robert Vance: Presumably.

Ben Stone: Any clue who it is?

Robert Vance: My guys are keeping a close eye...

Ben Stone: Well, that's not good enough. Saanvi's in danger.

Robert Vance: I have a plan if you'll just shut up for a minute.

Ben Stone: Vance, we need to find this mole.

Robert Vance: No. We need to let the mole lead us to the Major. Everything we know tells us what the Major wants is to control the callings, to be sending the messages you're compelled to follow... You, your... Your sister, your son.

Ben Stone: We'd... Be her toy soldiers.

Robert Vance: So let's point her to the ultimate soldier, a passenger whose callings are stronger than Cal's even.

Ben Stone: Yeah, but I haven't found anyone who's... You mean we feed the Major a fake.

Robert Vance: Pick someone from your board. Make it look legit. I have an address in Pennsylvania. You'll tell Saanvi he's there. The ruse percolates up to the Major, she'll bite.

Ben Stone: So not only do we continue to lie to Saanvi... We use her. This... This sucks.

Robert Vance: No one said making the world a safer place was gonna be easy, but the sooner we find the Major, the sooner we all go back to our lives. And this leak in your friend's lab, it's our best shot… Set the trap.


Grace Stone: Bye.

Erica White: Oh.

Grace Stone: Are you okay?

Erica White: Thought I'd puke less this time.

Grace Stone: Oh, here. Only thing that keeps food down.

Erica White: I'm not a fan of ginger, but I'll eat roadkill if it quells the nausea.

Grace Stone: I feel you. Not only am I bigger than I was with twins... I'm also sicker.

Erica White: I swear my 6-year-old thinks her mommy's hung over.

Grace Stone: You haven't told her yet?

Erica White: Once we're out of the woods. Here, thanks.

Grace Stone: Keep it. I can make more.

Erica White: You made these? We can't be friends.

Grace Stone: Oh. But I offer free refills. Solidarity!

Erica White: Thanks.

Grace Stone: Open her eyes.


Michaela Stone: Hey, there. How you doing? I'm here to see Ezekiel Landon.

Officer: You gonna be on the list this time?

Michaela Stone: Look, man. I just... I really need to see him.

Officer: Hold up. He's not here. It seems he's been transferred.

Michaela Stone: What's... Where?

Officer: Doesn't say. The system's messed up. It could take a few days to update.


Zeke Landon: What did you give me? What'd you give me, damn it?!

Nurse: Okay, calm down. It was just something to help you sleep.

Zeke Landon: What the hell was it?!

Nurse: Mostly midazolam.

Zeke Landon: I'm in recovery! You can't give me that junk!

Nurse: Look, your doctor rounds in the morning. We'll take it up with him. But if you don't want any more, you need to chill.


Michaela Stone: I'm worried, Ben. What if it's not just an error in the system? What if it's the Major? I mean, she's taken people before.

Ben Stone: Yeah, but not from police custody.

Michaela Stone: What if that's what the Callings are warning us about? I mean, I'm not gonna lose him, okay? Not like that.

Ben Stone: Mick, you're spinning. Just keep looking. And if the Major did take Zeke, we will find him... When we find her… Talk to you later.


Jared Vasquez: There you are. Why is a public defender asking for Zeke's arrest report?

Michaela Stone: Why do you think?

Jared Vasquez: Christ, Mick. The guy confessed. Just let it go already.

Michaela Stone: You want to know how I let this go, Jared? You revise the report, and you clarify that the shooting was an accident.

Jared Vasquez: I won't do that.

Michaela Stone: It was an accident. We both know that.

Jared Vasquez: No, it was a legit collar. I know that, and so does everybody else in this office. Mick, you keep pushing this, it's not gonna end well for you.

Michaela Stone: Is that a threat? I am trying to get an innocent man out of jail. Please, do not make this about us.

Jared Vasquez: Seriously? This has everything to do with us… I blew up my entire life for you.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, I know… I need us to do the right thing, though, please. I'm asking for us to fix this together.

Jared Vasquez: You're asking for too much, Mick. I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna torpedo my career for some guy I barely trust.

Michaela Stone: Just stop. Please… I am not trying to hurt you. Truly… But I'm gonna help Zeke, and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to do that. If you don't want to help me, that is your choice. But be prepared.

Jared Vasquez: Was that a threat?

Michaela Stone: Didn't have to be.


Ben Stone: Hey.

Grace Stone: Hey.

Cal Stone: Mom had another calling.

Ben Stone: Really?

Grace Stone: Yeah, I met this great mom at the yoga studio today. And when she was leaving, I heard myself saying, "Open her eyes". And then I saw this awful gargoyle on her car, like, looming.

Ben Stone: Honey, that's terrifying. Are... Are you okay?

Grace Stone: I'm fine. I'm just... I'm worried about her. I can't shake this bad feeling. This creature was terrifying, but we looked up gargoyles, and, apparently, they're supposed to protect you from evil. So I don't know. Maybe I'm supposed to open her eyes to that? Maybe she's in some kind of trouble?

Ben Stone: Maybe she'll be in the next class?

Grace Stone: I can't wait till then.

Ben Stone: So... Track her down.

Grace Stone: Yeah. She had a Metro Kids Soccer bumper sticker.

Cal Stone: I'll look up where the teams practice.

Grace Stone: What are you doing?

Ben Stone: Helping you.

Grace Stone: Absolutely not. You have enough on your plate. We got this.

Olive Stone: Well, is there anything I can do to help?

Grace Stone: No, babe. We're good. You get your work done.

Cal Stone: I found the website.

Grace Stone: Awesome.

Ben Stone: Wow. I'll leave you to it, then. Call if you need me.

Grace Stone: Bye. So, she said her kid was 6. Does it say where the younger teams practice?


Troy Davis: Come on, baby. Come on, baby. Gimme aces! What are we looking for, exactly? I know, I know. Drug-company NDA. I'm just a fly on the wall. Just thank me when you get your Nobel. I'm vibing epic fail.

Saanvi Bahl: We have time for another round.

Troy Davis: Um... Burnout is actually a thing. When is the last time you slept?


Saanvi Bahl: Hi.

Ben Stone: Hey.

Saanvi Bahl: I wasn't expecting you today.

Ben Stone: I think I found a new Holy Grail.


Saanvi Bahl: This guy's callings are insane, Ben. If you didn't interview him yourself, I would never believe it. He's in Philly? Okay, I need to get his bloodwork for the lab. When can we go see him?

Ben Stone: Uh, I'll check my calendar.

Saanvi Bahl: Well, how about now? If this guy is having more intense callings, he may have a longer strand of the mutated gene. It might be easier for me to isolate… What's wrong with you?

Ben Stone: What do you mean?

Saanvi Bahl: Well, why aren't you more excited? This could be our breakthrough. The callings, the Death Date could all go away. I mean, isn't this what we've been working our asses off for?

Ben Stone: Oh, of course it is. I may have gotten a job.

Saanvi Bahl: That's really great news.

Ben Stone: I need to give a lecture, meet the faculty. There's a lot right now.

Saanvi Bahl: Well, they would be really lucky to have you… Just as soon as you can.

Ben Stone: Yeah.


Michaela Stone: He would've just transferred in the other day or... Are you sure there's nothing? Okay. Thank you… Ezekiel Landon? Nothing? Okay. Uh, yeah. Hi. Just checking in… Checking in to see if you got my message about Ezekiel Landon… Hi there. I'm Detective Stone from the 129th. Uh, I'm good. Thank you. How are you?  Yeah, um, just need some help tracking down an inmate... Ezekiel Landon. E-Z-E-K... You do? You have him? Can I talk to him? No, no, no, please, I just need one minute to just talk to him about something.


Cal Stone: Zeke!

Michaela Stone: Zeke! Zeke! Grab my hand! Zeke, please! Come on! Come on! Grab my hand! Zeke, no!


Suzanne Martin: So, your fate's in the hands of the Hiring Committee. They're all sitting in. I talked you up.

Ben Stone: Thanks for that.

Suzanne Martin: Left out the part about us.

Ben Stone: Doubly thanks for that.

Suzanne Martin: Dr. Tobin in the middle? Big fan of your paper on computational math. Her vote's in the bag.

Ben Stone: Uh-huh.

Suzanne Martin: Bow tie's the one to impress... Simon.

Ben Stone: Okay.

TJ Morrison: Professor Stone.

Ben Stone: TJ!  What are you doing here?

TJ Morrison: I saw the tweet about your lecture, figured I'd sit in.

Ben Stone: Why? 'Cause you needed a nap?

TJ Morrison: I'll try not to snore too loud.

Ben Stone: Okay, I'll see you in there.

TJ Morrison: Good luck.

Ben Stone: Alright.


Suzanne Martin: What did I tell you all? He's already a favourite with the students. Professors Gin Otani...

Ben Stone: Hi. How you doing?

Suzanne Martin: Carol Tobin...

Gin Otani: Hi.

Suzanne Martin: Simon White.

Simon White: Hi.

Suzanne Martin: Professor Stone.

Simon White: Suzanne raves about you, Ben. We're delighted you're considering us.

Ben Stone: I'm glad to be here.

Suzanne Martin: Okay. Well, let's get this party started. This will be a great way to ease back in. It's a pretty sleepy class. Enrollment's about half capacity…

Ben Stone: Okay.

Suzanne Martin: Okay.


Suzanne Martin: Mm. Guess my tweet about our special guest lecture piqued interest.


Ben Stone: You all know this is Combinatorics, right? I hear Game Theory's down the hall… No one? Alright. So, how many of you are actually math majors? Okay… Uh, anyone like old movies?

Students: Sure.

Ben Stone: Who's seen "The Matrix"?

Students: Oh, yeah.

Ben Stone: Welcome back from outer space! Thank you. I guess. Now, the fun thing about higher math... And, yes, I said fun... Is that it can describe something as complex as simulated reality. Let's say this is Earth.

Student 1: Speaking of, where do you think the plane went?

Student 2: What's the probability 828 got sucked through a wormhole, versus being hijacked by aliens?

Ben Stone: While you propose a fascinating hypothetical, to assess a baseline...

Student 3: Professor Stone, is your IQ higher than it used to be?

Student 1: I heard that one of the passengers cured cancer.

Student 4: Flight 828 didn't touch down for 5 and a half years. Where did it fly?

Student 5: Are you, like, smarter than Einstein?

Ben Stone: Uh...

Students: Did you shrink? Can you predict the future?

Ben Stone: To assess a... A...

TJ Morrison: I read your thesis on combinatorial matrix theory. Couldn't that have been used to map the flight plan of 828?

Ben Stone: Great question. We'll start simple and define some geocentric coordinates. Now, to compute the coordinates of "C" using Bancroft's method, we'll construct a four-by-four matrix with the satellites' coordinates and respective pseudoranges... Not to be confused with pseudo-oranges, which taste terrible. But we can use them to help us find our unknown receiver quantities. And then we will encapsulate them in a vector "U".


Cal Stone: It says the U6 girls practice on the east field.

Grace Stone: Good job, sleuth!

Cal Stone: I wish I could see a gargoyle.

Grace Stone: No, you don't. Trust me.

Cal Stone: Mom, I've seen way worse stuff.

Grace Stone: I wish you didn't have to.


Erica White: Bring it in! Snack time! Good effort, girls! Good effort! Orange slices.

Grace Stone: That's her.

Erica White: Good job. Good job.

Grace Stone: Alright. Erika?

Erica White: Hi.

Grace Stone: Grace. Ginger lady?

Erica White: Oh. Right. Hi. I haven't seen you here before.

Grace Stone: No, it's our first time. Actually, I'm trying to get my bookworm son into a sport.

Erica White: Right. I think sign-ups are closed.

Grace Stone: Um, you're not green, so I take it the nausea's better. Is everything else okay? I know second pregnancies can be so hard. Pulled in every dire...

Erica White: I have to run. My husband's waiting for me. Holly! Come on. What are you doing?

Grace Stone: Open her eyes.

Cal Stone: You had it again.

Grace Stone: She's scared of something. But when the person you're called to help doesn't want to be helped, what do you do?


Michaela Stone: Detective Stone. I need a one-on-one with a C.I. Patient Ezekiel Landon.

Officer: Didn't see you on the books, Detective. Did you call ahead?

Michaela Stone: An emergency came up. Consider this calling.

Officer: Not how this works. Dangerous guys in here. I need a guard dedicated for the meet. Not my rules.

Michaela Stone: Great. Well, I've got lives at stake. So if you wanna ring up my boss, you go right ahead.

Officer: Yeah. I got a C.I.-visit request here. Ezekiel Landon.


Ben Stone: Hey. What's up? You find something new?

Saanvi Bahl: Only the gene mutation. Or at least a mutation, which could be watershed, maybe even the key to what happened to us on that plane. It's like... It's like the magic bullet. Now I-I really need you to take me to your guy, Ben, because I need to test his blood against my trials t...

Ben Stone: I can't, uh... I can't do that.

Saanvi Bahl: What's going on?

Ben Stone: The Major has a mole accessing your research.

Saanvi Bahl: How do you know that?

Ben Stone: I just do, trust me. And if your discovery leaks to her...  Saanvi...

Saanvi Bahl: Yeah? Okay. What if the Major already knows about the passenger's new callings? She... She came after Cal. Imagine what she's...

Ben Stone: There are no new callings.

Saanvi Bahl: What?

Ben Stone: It was a fake, made up as bait to lure the Major.

Saanvi Bahl: Okay, I don't, um... I don't understand.  Why would you lie to me?

Ben Stone: Because you were safer not knowing. You might've inadvertently clued in the Major.

Saanvi Bahl: All of this, there is no way this is just you and Michaela… You're working with someone.

Ben Stone: Vance. He survived the accident, went into hiding. Michaela and I...

Saanvi Bahl: Michaela and you what?! I am part of that group, Ben, and you didn't trust me?

Ben Stone: No, it's not about trust. It was for your own protection.

Saanvi Bahl: Okay, I just... I need you to leave.

Ben Stone: Did you think I wanted to lie? I didn't want any of this.

Saanvi Bahl: Yeah, but you had a choice! I didn't. Go.

Ben Stone: Saanvi, please be careful. This leak...

Saanvi Bahl: Go.


Officer: How's he not a C.I.? Detective just blew by here claiming he's part of some case.


Michaela Stone: Zeke. Oh, my God. What have they done to you? Zeke. Hey. Hey, come on. Wake up. Wake up. Look at me, look at me.

Zeke Landon: Michaela?

Michaela Stone: Oh, my God. Thank God. Look, I don't have much time, okay? But we got to get you out of here. Cal and I, we had a calling. You were on the airplane with us.

Zeke Landon: I know. I saw it, too.

Michaela Stone: Good. What did they do to you?

Zeke Landon: The callings... I was shaking, and they gave me drugs to stop it.

Michaela Stone: That's why you couldn't see us.

Zeke Landon: I screwed up. You were right. I'm not supposed to be here. I'm supposed to be with you. I'm sorry.

Michaela Stone: I am here now, okay?

Zeke Landon: I know, but it's too late.

Michaela Stone: No, it's not. I am getting you out of here.

Zeke Landon: You never give up, do you?

Officer: You can't be in here.

Michaela Stone: Tell them you need a lawyer. Teresa Yin. It's on the back of that. Tell them that you need a lawyer. She's expecting your call!


Robert Vance: Do you have any idea the damage you just caused?

Ben Stone: I told you, she found the magic bullet. I couldn't risk it getting into the wrong hands.

Robert Vance: You blew my cover, eviscerated our opportunity to find the leak!

Ben Stone: Look, Saanvi might be pissed, but your secret is safe. I trust her.

Robert Vance: Oh. Well, that's good to know because now the only people who know I'm alive are our wives, Michaela, Saanvi.

Ben Stone: I'm sorry, Vance.

Robert Vance: We need to get in front of this.

Ben Stone: Maybe not. Saanvi could still help us find the leak. You said yourself espionage is a long game.

Robert Vance: Our asset is compromised. We have a very small window before this whole operation collapses.


Troy Davis: Now that we've had a breakthrough, what do we do? Are we modifying our approach?

Saanvi Bahl: You're always asking me questions.

Troy Davis: Um, 'cause I'm your lab assistant?

Saanvi Bahl: Not anymore. There was no breakthrough. It was a fluke, and we're just tilting at windmills. I appreciate your help, Troy, but I don't need you.

Troy Davis: This doesn't make any sense. You...


Saanvi Bahl: Ellen? It's Saanvi. Uh, I've had a really awful day. Is there any way you can squeeze me in?


Grace Stone: Hey! Hi. You, um... You weren't in class today. I was worried. I thought maybe you...

Erica White: Are you following me?

Grace Stone: No. No. I'm... I'm sorry. This must seem very bizarre. Uh... I'm worried about you. Call it intuition. I don't know. I just... I have a bad feeling that something's wrong, and if you're, um... If you're afraid or you have a problem...

Erica White: My only problem is you and your freak 828 boy. I know who your son is. I watch the news.

Grace Stone: I-I'm trying to help you.

Erica White: Stay away. Stay away from my family. Your son is an abomination.

Grace Stone: Oh, I get it! I get it now! I was supposed to open your eyes because you are a frightened, small-minded woman who's afraid of anything she doesn't understand.

Erica White: I hope you lose that baby.


Judge Trilling: The people versus Ezekiel Landon.

Teresa: Thank you for finding time on your docket for this emergency hearing, Your Honour. Pursuant to Section 220.6, my client moves to withdraw his guilty plea. Further, I've filed a motion to dismiss all charges.

Judge Trilling: I'll grant the plea withdrawal. On what grounds do you move to dismiss?

Teresa: New evidence calling into question the veracity of the investigation.

ADA: Your Honour, this is absurd. Mr. Landon shot an NYPD detective.

Teresa: Yes. Detective Stone. I'd like to call her as a witness.

ADA: Your Honour, this is a waste of taxpayer dollars and the court's time.

Judge Trilling: And yet the court awaits Detective Stone's testimony with interest.

Teresa: Your Honour, I call Detective Michaela Stone to the stand.


Teresa: Detective Stone, what do you know about the night you were shot?

Michaela Stone: I know that it was an accident. I know that Zeke Landon is not a criminal. He even tried to save my life… I also know that Detective Vasquez abused NYPD resources to lift and run Zeke's prints. He also had him followed. He even broke into my house without probable cause to confront Zeke. None of this had to happen.

ADA: Objection... Lacks foundation. The State demands the courtroom be cleared and this hearing postponed.

Michaela Stone: It was an accident… I've informed Internal Affairs, the arresting officer, and my captain about this miscarriage of justice. I am tired of being told to let this go. I'm not going to let this go. I am the one that took that bullet. I am the victim. And I am telling you that this man is innocent.

Teresa: The State requests a sidebar, Your Honour.


Ben Stone: Why can't I reach Saanvi?

Robert Vance: Why do you think? You warned her she's being watched. She's being careful, probably ditched her phone.

Ben Stone: She clearly wants nothing to do with me or this.

Robert Vance: Let's pray she doesn't do anything stupid.

Ben Stone: I doubt Saanvi's done anything stupid her whole life.

Robert Vance: Well, good, 'cause right now her life is exactly what's at stake.


Saanvi Bahl: Ben was the one person I thought I could trust.

The Major: Yet you're not shutting down. You reached out to me, rather than your usual pattern of retreating. That's substantive progress.

Saanvi Bahl: You know how you encourage me to look for the rose? And something that I'm grateful for?

The Major: Yes, of course.

Saanvi Bahl: I'm grateful for you… And also that I have my research… Speaking of, I think I made a discovery.

The Major: I doubt I'll understand a word of it, but why don't you tell me?

Saanvi Bahl: It's huge. It may even be the key to discovering what happened to us on that plane… It's in my fridge in the lab.

The Major: My next client cancelled. We have time.

Saanvi Bahl: Okay.


ADA: The State has decided to reduce the charges to class A misdemeanour, possession of a firearm.

Judge Trilling: Pretty sweet offer, Counsellor. How does your client plead?

Teresa: Stand up and plead no contest.

Zeke Landon: No contest, Your Honour.

Judge Trilling: Very well, Mr. Landon. You're sentenced to time served. Pending processing, you're free to go.

Teresa: Congratulations.

Zeke Landon: Thank you very much.


Jared Vasquez: Guess I'm not the only one who blew up their life. Hope it was worth it.


Zeke Landon: No one's ever done anything like that for me. You didn't just storm the castle... You burned it to the ground.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, well, you weren't supposed to be inside.

Zeke Landon: Now what?

Michaela Stone: How does a home-cooked meal sound?

Zeke Landon: You busted me outta jail. Least I can do is cook for you.

Michaela Stone: Yeah, that's true.


Journalist: In a surprising turn of events, Flight 828 passenger and NYPD detective Michaela Stone took the stand today to exonerate her alleged shooter, Ezekiel Landon.

Jared Vasquez: How 'bout you turn that crap off?

Tamara: How 'bout some manners?

Jared Vasquez: Can you turn that crap off, please?

Billy: Amen to that, brother. 828 wing nuts shouldn't be allowed to carry the badge and gun.

Jared Vasquez: Put those on my tab.


Zeke Landon: This could be a disaster.

Cal Stone: Well, let's hope not.

Zeke Landon: Yeah, let's hope not.


Grace Stone: I don't know who's happier that Zeke's back, you or that giddy little boy.

Michaela Stone: Cal seems to think the plane callings will stop.

Grace Stone: You don't?

Michaela Stone: I think it's bigger than that.

Grace Stone: I wish I could protect Cal from all of this. It really hit home, how much fear and hatred there is out there. That woman had so much venom.

Olive Stone: Maybe if she knew what miracles you guys are, she wouldn't be so scared.

Michaela Stone: You mean if she knew about the callings?

Olive Stone: Well, if it were me, I'd share my gift with the world, make it a better place.

Grace Stone: Where did little Miss Peace and Love come from?

Michaela Stone: I don't know, but too bad you can't sprinkle some of that on the gargoyle lady.

Grace Stone: The calling told me to open her eyes, but I didn't.

Michaela Stone: Maybe it's not over, then.


Adrian: Who wishes to share their acceptance of the miracle?

Olive Stone: Um, I'm Olive.

Folks: Hi, Olive.

Olive Stone: My dad, my brother, and my aunt were all 828 passengers… Since they've returned, I've been fighting to go back to normal. I just... I didn't feel like I belonged anymore. But, being here... I now realize that we... We all belong. All of us are special. All of us… I embrace the miracle, and I-I really hope my family does, too… I believe.

Adrian: Blessed are the children of the returned, for they will inherit the miracle.

Folks: Blessed are the children of the returned, for they will inherit the miracle. Blessed are the children of the returned, for they will inherit the miracle.


Suzanne Martin: You were great today. You kept the students awake and off their phones.

Ben Stone: I'm just glad they didn't boo me.

Simon White: We want you to lead a seminar on our next faculty retreat... "Making Math Accessible".

Ben Stone: Great.

Simon White: Ah, the wife. Welcome aboard, Ben.

Ben Stone: Thank you.

Suzanne Martin: I'll show to your new office, Professor Stone.


Erica White: What did you do?

Simon White: I hired him. "Welcome to my parlour", said the spider to the fly.


Saanvi Bahl: You were right. I found the leak.


Saanvi Bahl: When I found out I had a leak, I had to see for myself, so...

Robert Vance: You set up your own surveillance.

Ben Stone: See? I told you she could help. What's he doing?

Saanvi Bahl: Siphoning samples of my vials so I wouldn't notice.

Robert Vance: You know this guy?

Saanvi Bahl: Dr. Mathews. But however he's involved, he's not the leak.

Ben Stone: How do you know?

Saanvi Bahl: I only told one person about that vial… My psychiatrist, who Mathews introduced me to... Dr. Ellen Regier.

Ben Stone: I'm sorry, Saanvi. I really am. We never should've kept you in the dark.

Robert Vance: Kudos to your audacity, but now the Major has your findings, the ramifications of which Ican't even begin to describe.

Saanvi Bahl: Those vials were fake. It'll take them weeks to figure it out.

Ben Stone: You set up a trap?

Robert Vance: Oh, she is a much better spy than you, Stone.

Saanvi Bahl: How is Dr. Regier involved in all of this?

Robert Vance: Do you have a description? Alright. Pretty much every top-secret-security-cleared female in the DoD. Recognize anyone?

Saanvi Bahl: There. That's her.

Robert Vance: You certain?

Saanvi Bahl: I poured my heart out to that bitch for months. Yes, that's her.

Robert Vance: "Kathryn Fitz. Psychological warfare specialist, 30 years in black ops... Major General".

Ben Stone: She's not informing the Major. She is the Major.

Saanvi Bahl: Now what?

Robert Vance: Now we turn the tables.

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Sevnol  (02.03.2021 à 23:10)

Ok je retire ce que j'ai dit sur Saanvi à l'épisode précédent ! Elle a fait un coup de maître dans cet épisode en découvrant qui était le Major et l'a piégée en beauté en plus !

Bon par contre, maintenant c'est Jared qui devient inintéressant je trouve. Mais je ne suis pas trop fan du couple Michaela/Ezekiel donc s'il pouvait ne pas avoir de rapprochement, ça m'arrangerais ^^ Cependant, Ezekiel est tout de même plus utile hors de prison que dedans, donc c'est bien qu'il soit sorti.

Pas très rassurée non plus pour Olive, je sens que ce n'est pas juste un groupe de soutien ou je ne sais quoi et qu'il va se passer des choses, à voir.

La femme que Grace veut aider à lui ouvrir les yeux, c'est une vraie garce celle là. Même à ma pire ennemie, si elle était enceinte, je ne lui dirais jamais une chose pareille !

vampire141  (15.11.2020 à 12:28)

labelette: je pense que l'appel est reservé a Ben pour que Grace lui ouvre les yeux sur les personnes de l'université parce qu'il pourait etre en danger 

SeySey  (13.11.2020 à 20:35)

Zeke et Michaela, j'aime beaucoup. J'avais un peu de mal avec lui en saison 1, ce n'est plus le cas maintenant.

Ahhhh mais c'est mon shippppp ! Ils sont adorables ! #Zekaela ^^

labelette  (13.11.2020 à 17:16)

Il est vraiment bien cet épisode !

Saanvi a assuré (j'ai eu un peu peur qu'elle se confie trop à sa psy !) et maintenant ils savent qui est le major. 

Zeke et Michaela, j'aime beaucoup. J'avais un peu de mal avec lui en saison 1, ce n'est plus le cas maintenant.

Olive et sa secte, je ne suis pas rassurée pour elle. La manière dont ils font leurs incantations en levant les bras, c'est assez flippant !

Quant au collègue de Ben et sa femme, très bizarre, je ne sais vraiment pas en penser. "Ouvre-lui les yeux", de qui parlait l'appel ? On pensait que c'était de la femme... et d'ailleurs je me suis dit qu'elle devait être battue par son mari. Mais a priori, c'est plus complexe que ça...

stephe  (11.11.2020 à 13:02)

ah contente que Saanvi est découvert la vérité ! j'ai eu peur un moment ! et ça va la rapprocher de Ben ;)

par contre le groupe dans lequel est Olive est un peu flippant! 

un peu simple pour la sortie de Zeke qd même...

Supersympa  (10.11.2020 à 23:39)

La façon dont les membres s'expriment, le symbole en forme d'avion... appelons un chat un chat : ce "groupe de soutien" EST une secte.

Bon, on a découvert ce que signifie la gargouille et le Major est grillé.

sanct08  (22.01.2020 à 13:21)

Erika et son mari sont vraiment spéciaux... Ils ne me plaisent pas du tout ! A mon avis, les Stone ont intérêt de se méfier d'eux et vite !

Oui je me pose la même question que toi mnondaco à propos du lien entre la vision de Grace et le boulot de Ben.

Zeke est dehors. Voilà qui risque de faciliter le boulot de Michaela et Cal pour lui venir en aide.

Olive file du mauvais coton. Ca fait vraiment secte les réunions auxquelles elle assiste ^^

mnoandco  (22.01.2020 à 08:00)
Message édité : 22.01.2020 à 08:02

Encore un excellent épisode plein de rebondissements. Je me demande la relation entre le nouveau poste de Ben et la vision de Grace...à part que les principaux impliqués sont mari et femme? Pour le reste je rejoins les autres avis postés précédemment.

PS / Je ne comprends pas pourquoi les chiffres d'audiences sont sur la pente descendente, la série est pour moi toujours au top et sucite toujours autant mon intêret.

ptitebones  (21.01.2020 à 23:10)

Top cet épisode !

J'aime beaucoup Zeke et Michaela, vraiment trop mignon. Par contre Jared wtf, l'année dernière Grace me sortait par les trous de nez mais là celui ci...

Je me demande bien quelle va être l'histoire avec Erika, quelle garçe comme tu dis Sey.

Trop bien pour Saanvi, elle est hyper maligne !

SeySey  (21.01.2020 à 09:49)

Quelle garce cette Erica, franchement, comment peut-on dire ça à une femme enceinte? 

J'ai adoré la scène de début entre Michaela, Ben & Olive mdrrr

Saanvi, bravo, ils savent enfin qui est le Major, que la chasse commence!

Zeke & Michaela....YEAH! Bordel, il était temps qu'il sorte de prison!


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